• Atheist Max

    Environmentalism has no ‘god’ and can be practiced without one without it being a matter of religion.
    Supernatural nonsense only ruins its effectiveness.

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  • My faith is not in religion per se. Religion or evolution are not, to me, something you place your faith in. My faith in God, to me, is a spiritual experience that has sustain me in times of doubt and fear as well as the good times. To me religion can drive a fragile person away from an ill informed view of God. Belief is not in accepting particular view of religion.
    Evolution is, to me, not something you necessary believe in for it is ever changing and building in knowledge and discovery. In other words my faith is is in an awaking experience and life long study seeking an even greater truth, and my accepting of evolution is also learning and experiencing the truth I find in it.
    The Bible has much information which teaches the need for protecting the environment. To me, the discussion on Noah seems to back up what I believe. Sure you don’t have to be religious to be for the environment, it does help to not see yourself as the highest authority on how you live and chose to live in the future.

  • Larry

    If it makes you feel any better, Evolution is not something which is believed or requires faith. It just is.

    It is accepted for what it is. A scientific theory which is considered true to the best of our current knowledge and evidence in support. Whether you believe in it or have faith in it is immaterial to it being accepted. It speaks for itself and is supported rationally. Denying it would be an act of foolishness because it would entail ignoring rational and objective evidence available.

    As Pope John Paul II said, “truth cannot displace truth”. The truth of what we observe in the universe through scientific discovery cannot be supplanted by articles of religious faith. Science does not address the truths of articles of religious faith either.

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  • Andrew

    What does eating organic food have to do with environmentalism?

  • william300

    The message of the story of Noah was not environmentalism, it had nothing to do with the environment, in fact it mentions that people had multiplied abundantly, with hints at a very good environment. The flood happened because the majority of mankind had turned to barbarism, they had turned against each other and against God. Aronofsky took the story of Noah and twisted in order to fit his views and make it by his standards more “entertaining.” What’s the point of adapting a biblical story if you twist it’s important lesson.

  • Tony

    A waste of my money and time… Next time you want to make a religious film why don’t you contact me… People are hungry for Religious films… Not this nonsense… I would be willing to bet that more than 75% of the people that watch this film would want a refund (me too)… By the way Mel Gibson got it right with the passion of the Christ… Do you want to make some money? Call me!

  • Darrick

    Clearly this movie was for Hollywood based on your movie i see you haven’t read Genesis for 1all Noah children had wives second you made it seem like GOD more concerned about animals and the environment and not about human life. Please stop letting Hollywood destort the minds of people with there half truth!