• Larry

    The plethora of shows in the “home flipping” reality TV genre make the potential ratings on these programs microscopic. Which means these shows are not only eminently replaceable but also there is a low tolerance for controversy.

    If there is anything which could potentially scare advertisers away, the programmers would be doing their business a disservice by not green-lighting a given program.

    One must bear in mind the show was in the pilot stage, there is no contract to produce the show and it is always at the discretion of programming to pick it up. As with all pilots, if some other channel wants it at this stage, nobody is stopping them. Plenty of shows get passed on by the original channel producing them and get picked up by others.

  • The Great God Pan

    From the teaser on the homepage:

    “What does [the pre-emptive cancellation of the umpteenth reality show about house flippers] mean for the future of television?”

    RNS isn’t afraid to ask the hard-hitting questions that matter most.

  • I am not saying that the show would have gotten a lot of ratings, but it’s a shame if HGTV cancelled the show just because the brothers are Christians. But then again, when you are a Christian, you have to be willing to give it all up for God.

  • Larry

    The show did not get picked up simply because the brothers were “Christians” that is pure bullcrap.

    The show didn’t get picked up because the brothers have a history of obnoxious and uncivil public behavior which they try to excuse as religious belief.

    Why do Christians have to lie so badly?

  • RobertX

    Nice sign. They forgot “Divorce is Adultery” and “Cheeseburgers are an Abomination”.