COMMENTARY: Anti-Muslim bigotry taints Florida ban on foreign laws

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(RNS) Although Florida’s foreign law ban bucks the trend of overexpansive bans in other states, the motivation to pass such a law is rooted in the same xenophobic sentiment.

  • Larry

    “While Florida’s new law sidesteps most of these problems, it remains completely unnecessary. ”

    There is no better description to Rick Scott’s entire governorship of Florida. The man has done nothing but waste taxpayer money and enrich his own wallet. One of the few politicians who was already a known thief before he was elected.

  • Atheist Max

    I agree with you again, Larry.
    I wish I could also say that Rick Scott owes his election to some disgusting religious pandering… I don’t know enough about how this criminal made it to office.

  • Atheist Max

    Florida is a state full of republican Christian right wingers, gated communities and no appreciation for the commonwealth. Nobody who lives there seems to care about the future of the state.

    Thanks to the Antarctic Ice melt most of the Florida will be submerged in sea water within 40 years anyway.

    Don’t buy property there until people
    start caring more about science and less about religion; civilization’s imminent threat.

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