• mike

    With regard to Fact 5, today’s great movement is the rise of the Nones, and that’s very great indeed.

  • Samuel Johnston

    Look at this man’s face. Would you buy a used ca from him?

  • Atheist Max

    As Freud said, religion is an infantile desire to find your daddy.
    The human infant is prepared by evolution
    to seek its parents the moment it wakes up at birth!
    This is science!

    But religious people never learned this.
    They do not realize that they already found their daddy and mommy
    because there is an entire industry of RELIGION which cashes in
    and is fully devoted to the never ending search to find a bigger DADDY!


    You outgrow your baby hair and your baby teeth. Even your skin changes as you go through puberty. Your search for Daddy is something YOU MUST stop doing when you grow up.

    We simply must stop this childish search (and surrender) to sky daddy figures!

  • Doc Anthony

    So what grade did your Psych 101 teacher give you when you wrote this little sermonette on your midterm exam? Sheesh!!

  • MC

    It would be refreshing to see Atheist Max actually comment on the article at hand with something containing original thought. Rehearsing Freud’s arguments without any awareness of how much of his work has been discredited, including the understandings of religion, shows a lack of real understanding of modern critical atheistic thought. Rather it seems a bit like atheism-lite, which is about as convincing as any sort of theism-lite. It is easy to spout such nonsense and come off as a dilettante atheist, into it because it makes one appear trendy and sophisticated. A true atheist wouldn’t much care about the internal doings of the SBC or what these folks believed, because simply mocking beliefs accomplishes nothing. Only at the point where actions are taken, to impose belief for example, would a true atheist get involved. And the arguments and actions at that point would be about fundamental political freedoms, not just telling people to grow up.

  • Louis

    Let’s be nice to Max. He’s obviously struggling with some psychological issues and has a huge inner need to feel justified in what he believes. Sure, he comes off as a secular fundamentalist troll who is incapable of creative thought, and resorts to cut-and-pasting from infidels.org for everything he says. And, sure, as an Agnostic he makes me face-palm constantly because of the horrible example he sets for secular thought. And sure, he could benefit from some quality psychotherapy with a nice, secular counselor. But perhaps stalking the comment boards at RNS is his therapy for whatever real or perceived wounds he has received from “organized religion”. So let’s just be nice to him. Let him rant. And ignore.

  • samuel Johnston

    @Doc, Louis, and MC,
    Let us consider your objection to Max and his ravings:
    You are offended that somebody shows up uninvited and launches out on their passionate testimony, despite the fact that it is unwanted, unneeded and irrelevant to the cause at hand- if any?
    ***********************Can you say evangelical?***************************
    or even hypocrite?

  • Jon

    Thanks for the good post, Max.

    The dead/dad iteration was quite the original thought.

    It’s surprising how obvious that is when pointed out. After all, how many prayers do they have to “God the father”?

    Freud was wrong (or incomplete) on many things, but on many others, he was way ahead of his time.


  • samuel Johnston

    Re: God=dad
    One does not need Freud to conclude that it’s a child/Dad relationship. The Priest is called father, and he addresses believers as my son/daughter/child. The Pope is Papa. Jesus referred to God always as our father.
    Really folks, this is not a stretch, just an accurate description.

  • Chaplain Martin

    Goodness Max don’t you have anything else to do but watch for something “religious” you can comment on? From all your railing against religion and various “gods” it is obvious you are struggling with your atheism. It just doesn’t seem to be working, though you do get attention if that’s all of which you will settle. As a person of faith which is not a faith in “church or religion” but a faith in a power outside of myself which to me is God, I pray for the healing of your pain.

  • samuel Johnston

    Here you are the armchair amateur psychiatrist again!
    ….”beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?”
    Ain’t it funny that it’s wonderful for guys like you to waste their lives promoting speculative theology, but poor Max is not allowed the same privilege.

  • Atheist Max


    My comment was completely relevant. I’m rejecting Ronnie Floydds claim that America needs another God movement.

    Instead, we need an education campaign starting with the science which is solid, which shows religious beliefs to be rooted in infantile development.

    I have never seen America more desperately in need of a strong secular movement to rid itself of the overweening influence of religion.

    It is my strong feeling that we are losing the ability to find practical solutions because too many Americans are surrendering to religious nonsense rather than apply critical thought.

  • Atheist Max

    I don’t mind people being mean if they are being honest.
    It is never a waste of time to challenge religious claims.

  • Atheist Max

    I’m in no pain.
    It is a joy to call attention to the wrongness of religion.
    It is never a waste of time to speak up against such evil.

  • Atheist Max

    So true, Samuel.
    The religious can’t take what they dish out.

    Ronnie Floyd calls for a “god movement” directly aimed against secularism and they are baffled why a secularist would vigorously object!

    So delusional.

  • Atheist Max


    I need, “quality psychotherapy”?

    Ronnie Floyd is leading the SBC toward an activist program.
    He wants to spread this bible message far and wide to children
    and their parents everywhere:

    “I beat up, tortured and shot up my son
    and made sure his flesh was ripped up.
    And that was my plan all along – just to save you humans
    from MY eternal condemnation to Hell.
    But if you don’t believe this I’ll make you regret it
    and I’ll do to YOU what I did to HIM except worse because JUST FOR YOU IT will be eternal torture!”
    – Yahweh God (The Bible)

    Yeah. I need some counseling because I’m calling BS on that scam.

  • Atheist Max

    Hi Jon, Thanks!
    Yes, there is a lot of debate about Freud but on religion it appears he has been proven correct by the science of belief.
    It has been shown that newborn babies do look for their parents and have many tricks to get a parent’s attention and to maintain it so they can get proper nurturing.

    As we grow older we still have inklings of that search for a parent.
    In normal maturity we lose it naturally and become independent of our parents.

    But it is absolutely clear that religion ‘nurtures’ the part of us that ‘seeks nurturing’! And indeed it is AN INDUSTRY built on this evolutionary tic.
    Religion keeps us babied and in an infantile state of mind. Michael Shermer and Daniel Dennett’s books on ‘why we believe’ deal with the biology of this.

    This is relevant to Ronnie Floyd because the SBC is struggling with notions of how to ‘lead’ itself and all the parenting tricks are coming out in Floyd’s conversations. Even if he is not conscious of what he is doing the ‘authoritarian father’ figure is what always fits in these situations all too well!

    Painful to watch adults doing this once you understand it is all baby talk.

  • Atheist Max

    @Chaplain Martin,

    You said, “a faith in a power outside of myself which to me is God”

    That kind of claim is what I was referring to
    when I said the claims religion only make sense if you reject thinking.

    Why does the existence of the ‘outside’ power make sense to you?
    What indicates that it is ‘outside’ of you?
    How does it change you from the outside without coming in to you somehow?
    How do YOU control the power and bring it into yourself?
    And why do you insist that it is NOT YOU doing the changing by yourself – SINCE YOU ARE THE ONE CALLING THE POWER FORTH to ask it to act on yourself?

    How is this different from just deciding to act on something by yourself?
    Where is god in this?
    Where is the outside power you speak of if you orchestrated the whole thing from the inside of your head?

  • Atheist Max

    @Chaplain Martin,

    You asked,
    “Don’t you have anything else to do but watch for something religious?”

    Excuse me, but…
    As a ‘Chaplain’ it is your daily JOB to co-opt unbelievers like me,
    to confront us, to disable and confound our efforts to secularize society and to convert us when possible.
    In other words, you are paid something to build walls against me and my movement because I not only do not believe in a god but I reject religion as an immoral artifice which needs to be shown for what it is; a delusion.

    If I spend a few UNPAID hours a week confronting your herculean institution it is my humble way of fighting goliath.

  • Hypatia

    Rather than engage in the one-upmanship game, I’d like to discuss a matter of some consequence for freedom of religion in America today.
    If I, as an American citizen, am to claim my constitutional right to freedom of religion, I MUST acknowledge that same right for ALL Americans, and I certainly do. But unfortunately, not all Americans are willing to do likewise.
    The fanatical faction of American Christianity, while complaining that their religion is being persecuted, are simultaneously fighting tooth and nail to remake America as a Christian theocracy. Their goal is nothing less than to eviscerate the first amendment to our constitution and create a nation where every American must live in accordance with their brand of Christian dogma.
    I fully understand that a great many American Christians do not agree with this very vocal minority, but yet they do not speak out on behalf of freedom of religion. This is a matter of concern for Americans of all faiths and of no faith. If we truly value our religious freedom, it is in our own best interest to put our individual differences aside and come together as freedom loving Americans to stand against the tyranny of the few.

  • Atheist Max


    Religion is a threat to us all.

  • Shawnie5

    Very true. Well, as Max likes to say about certain universally unattractive atheists whom he likes to restyle as theists because they’re too embarrassing to have in his camp: “That is not atheism.” LOL! Right Max?

  • Atheist Max


    Of course Frank S is a Theist – he believes in a god.
    He is just pissed that the Bible is so mean spirited and he can’t reconcile his belief in a loving God with his rejection of scripture.

    He is waking up to the BS of religion – but he isn’t ready to stop his own BS.

  • Shawnie5

    You didn’t get it. Never mind.

  • Atheist Max

    Oh, I get it now. 🙂