• Larry

    I would rather see Roberto Clemente become canonized before John Paul II. John Paul couldn’t hit a curve ball.

  • Atheist Max

    SAINT!!!?? Roberto Clemente was great human being!
    Why should he be DEMOTED to something so low as sainthood?

    The saints are mostly a clutch of hysterical, superstitious virgins
    venerated mostly for their cowardly and slavish obedience
    to Catholicism and its offensive, repressive psychological, eschatological and geographical tactics; in some cases for the pagans they conquered. (St. George)

    ROBERTO CLEMENTE was a Great Man.
    But No primate should worship another primate – The best we can do with such wonderful people is to tell the story and hold high the example of moral courage.
    Why besmirch his greatness by lumping him in with the inhumanity of this pantheon? :

    St. Louis IX (marauding crusader, Inquisition terrorist)

    St. Aquinas (Kill “non-believers”)

    Saint Junipero Serra (a member of the Spanish Inquisition)

    St Maria Maddalena De’ Pazzi (self-abuse to the point of death)

    Saints Robert Bellarmine (“burn the heretics alive”)

    Saint Thomas More (“burn heretics alive”)

    Saint Ambrose of Milan (Jews are the worst creatures on earth)

    Saint John Chrysostom (Jews are demons, synagogues are caverns of devils)

    Enough with religion and its claims.

    To be a great human should be enough!
    Don’t shame Clemente by putting him in with these evil jerks!

  • I saw the guy play back in the day and you can make a pretty good case. As long as you include Stan Musial with him. 😉

  • jack ferguson

    Having looked at Richard Rossi on the web it seems as through he has a dubious past….

  • Victoria Evans

    I support the film “Baseball’s Last Hero: 21 Clemente Stories” and Director Richard Rossi’s upcoming conclave with Pope Francis regarding Clemente’s canonization. As a big fan of Clemente, I’ve watched prior documentaries on his life and read every book I could get my hands on. Other biographies missed the boat, however. Richard Rossi’s movie is the first film to capture Clemente’s Christlike essence and the spiritual theme of his life, the Bible verse John 15:13. The film was a godsend to me, reaching me at a time of despondency in my life and showing me what life is about, loving our neighbor and giving and making a difference by meeting the real needs of disadvantaged people, the way Roberto did.

  • Jack Shapiro

    I’m not a religious person, but I agree 100% with this fine article that if anyone is deserving of this honor, it is Roberto Clemente. He was not cloistered as a celibate priest, he shone his light on the world’s stage as an elite athlete, and lived a good and godly life as a fine human being. The timing is ordained. Pope Francis, as the article states, is Latin American like Clemente, and also seems to possess the ability to break the stained glass barrier and think unconventionally. Yes, the idea may seem out of left field to some, but for those of us who love Roberto Clemente and Mr. Rossi’s beautiful film, canonizing this great right fielder is the right thing for Pope Francis to do.

  • Loren Haas
  • FatherBob

    Thank you, Heather Adams for your coverage. For readers interested in additional info, check out new articles in Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, Salt Lake Tribune, Charisma, Washington Times, and Tribune Review about Richard meeting with Pope Francis regarding his film “Baseball’s Last Hero: 21 Clemente Stories” and the Clemente canonization. The merits of this movie and Mr. Rossi’s campaign will stand the test of time, regardless of ad hominem attacks, jokes, or efforts to impugn him. I know him to be a man of grace and that much of what is written online about him to be untrue. For the sins he has committed, he has repented and received God’s forgiveness. He has sought after God and lives peacefully with his wife of 30 years and 2 children in Hollywood, CA. where he has ministered to the real needs of people with compassion. Judge him for the work’s sake and take a look at “Baseball’s Last Hero” and open your heart to the message: “Greater love hat no man than this, to lay down his life for his friends…”

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  • As reported in Religion News Service, Los Angeles Times, and Washington Post, the campaign for Clemente’s canonization is collecting letters of support and stories of miracles related to Roberto Clemente. E-mail to ClementeCanonization@gmail.com with your contact information. E-mailing your letter of support and stories grants permission to share publicly.