June 20, 2014

COMMENTARY: Why I’m retracing the Rev. Sun Myung Moon’s cross-country road trip

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Sun Myung Moon, left, in 1965 during his first trip to the United States.

RNS photo courtesy Holy Spirit Assembly Unification of World Christianity

Sun Myung Moon, left, in 1965 during his first trip to the United States.

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(RNS) This summer, I’m taking to the road with 50 fellow Unificationists to follow -- literally -- in the Rev. Moon’s first footsteps, driving the same roads and finding out for myself how his movement is doing.

  • The Great God Pan

    Will you be able to make a detour to visit the prison where the good reverend served time for tax evasion, or would that take you too far off course?

  • Jack U

    actually, if you read the facts it was widely known to be politically motivated. not to mention that he could have avoided everything by not voluntarily returning to the US for what he believed would be a fair trial. anyone can read the facts for yourself. start below on wiki, and if that’s not enough, read the book on this very topic, ‘inquisition’ by pulitzer prize winning reporter Carlton Sherwood – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_v._Sun_Myung_Moon | http://www.amazon.com/Inquisition-Persecution-Prosecution-Reverend-Myung/dp/089526532X

  • It’s a good idea. I’ve always wanted to but I’m not sure how much lead time is needed. I’ll let you know!

    Join me along the road at

  • Francis Famliy Fellowship

    What a wonderful theme; Remembering, Reviving, Reimagining – God’s Hope –
    Looking forward to your posts.

  • Dale Garratt

    I just have to weigh in on Rev. Moon’s 13 month sentence for failing to report $7,500 in interest income. Seriously, who goes to jail for 13 months for $7,500 in unreported income? This was obviously a set-up by anti-Rev. Moon politicians who feared his success in reaching many young people in the 1970s. BTW, the mistake was made by his Asian bookkeepers who were somewhat new to US tax laws..

  • Mike

    This comes from the man who denies knowledge of Moon’s sexual rituals and adultery… why is this supposed to be taken seriously? Your messiah was blatantly a fraud.

  • Ambrose

    Folks who made up the idea of sex rituals had an ax to grind with Rev. Moon (and I cannot say for sure, perhaps some perverted minds). It is amazing that folks still attempt to push such ideas as if they were given by G-d!! The accusations were from Humans who were emotionally involved! Both the accusations and the folks who made them need to be examined with a Parental Heart objectively to be able to judge just how real or not they are…
    One book written about it was basically written for financial gain and a main author repented publicly later… but why worry about facts?
    This trip and movement is laying down a foundation for the realization of the goals of religions throughout the ages… Heaven on Earth. Of course, there Will be mistakes made, and miss-understandings, but it IS time for all of us in the world to LOVE each and every person with the love of Parents!

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