• Eliyahu

    Reverend, as an observant Jew, I want to thank you for your beautiful column. The mitzvot (commandments given to the Jewish people) are a beautiful thing to do in community, and unfortunately I have met a few Christians who have very negative views of Judaism, and the impression that we are all miserable. Hopefully more Christians can be as understanding and kind as you have been in this piece.

  • Susan

    The idea that Judaism is a religion of law and Christinity is a religion of love is a classic anti-Jewish trope. Jews believe that the commandments were given to us with love. Thank you Reverend for not buying into that. Christians read what they call the Old Testament without the centuries of Midrash, commentaries and Talmud that have evolved over the centuries. If you think you understand Judaism because you have read what Christians call the Old Testament, you are wrong.

    Speaking only for myself, when I read the New Testament, it seems hateful to Jews and Judaism. Reading the New Testament makes me feel sick to my stomach. So the idea that Christianity is a religion of love seems wrong too.