Hobby Lobby irony: Now EVERYONE will pay for contraceptive coverage

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U.S. Supreme Court building.

U.S. Supreme Court building.

Hobby Lobby Stores won a victory. Its owners will no longer be required to pay for contraceptive coverage that they find objectionable. Here’s the ironic implication: Now EVERYONE will pay for it instead.

The reason Hobby Lobby won its case was that the government failed to show that the “contraceptive mandate” was the “least restrictive means” to provide contraceptive coverage.

What other options can the government use?  The answer, according to the Court, is simple: have the government pay for it. This solution would no longer require groups to pay for converge they find objectionable. Instead, they and everyone else can pay taxes. Those taxes can then be used to pay for the coverage.

So, in the end, Hobby Lobby and other groups are free to not pay for something that violates their religious convictions except through their taxes, which will be used, in part, to pay for the same thing. Their freedom will now be subsidized by everyone else, too, including those who find the same coverage objectionable.

Do nuns need to pay for contraception coverage? Nope. All Catholics will help out instead.

Will Hobby Lobby pay for Plan B? No worries. All religious conservatives will pay up.

Religious liberty wins!

  • Tom Downs

    It would have been much easier to start with a single payer health insurance program, than back into it one court case at a time. I suspect that the right will insure that they get exactly what they say they don’t want. What a crazy way to run a country.

  • Lles Nats

    America is purely a socialist society for anyone without disposable income.

  • Frank

    Our tax dollars are spent in many ways that are immoral. At least the sin will be on the government if what you say actually happens.

    Well done SCOTUS! You made the correct decision.

  • Against Obamacare

    You hit the nail on the head, there!

  • And the chances of Congress allowing that to happen is….?

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  • Bill

    All of us (taxpayers) are already paying for contraception, not because of the Supreme Court, but because of the Affordable Care Act and its mandates — through individual subsidies, medicaid and other state programs, and the loss coverage our taxes will eventually be paying to insurance companies.
    This is a headline in search of a story – and you didn’t find it.

  • Larry

    This is what you get for opposing single payer government based insurance. Profits to insurers for delivering lousy service, employer nosybodies and public health hazards which should not exist in developed nations.

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  • No way I can afford that.