• rjb

    Interesting idea for a graphic, but the percentages don’t add up. Germany’s numbers aren’t even close to 100%, and Argentina’s numbers are greater than 100%.

  • Sarah Pulliam Bailey

    Here are the numbers from Pew that were the basis of the chart: http://www.pewforum.org/2012/12/18/table-religious-composition-by-country-in-percentages/

    “Figures may not add exactly due to rounding,” according to the page. Also, as the numbers weren’t broken down by kinds of Christians (Protestant, Catholic, etc.), we used a different source for those numbers, which is probably why they aren’t reconciled.

  • Matt

    Yeah, you have to fix those numbers. They’re not even coherent. I may not be an expert, but I’m sure that there’s some Protestants in Germany…some guy named Luther had something to do there….

  • Sarah Pulliam Bailey

    Thanks for reading, Matt. They won’t add up to 100% as stated above. Also, total Christians has been added with Catholics listed as a subset.

  • Ramone

    I think you meant to say “spewing” in the first line of the second paragraph rather than “skewing.”