• BrandyB

    Before Christians and other start using 50 Shades of Grey as inspiration or background for more open and safe discussion about sex, maybe they should read this review of the book.


  • John McGrrath

    The church’s basic sex problem: adhering to a sexual code developed when people married at the onset of physical sexual maturity, 14-16. This “moral” code leads to all sorts of bad things. We need a sexual ethics, not an absolutist sexual morality, that is realistic and ethical for complex societies in which marriage, for many good reasons, is often delayed into the late twenties and thirties.

    Mary the mother of Jesus married at 14-16. That is no example for today.

  • Frank

    Nor is having sex outside of marriage.

  • Fran

    No, but teaching the truth from God’s Word, the Bible, would help when it comes to spiritual matters.

    The Bible gives us the principles, guidance and instructions concerning everything in life, including sexual matters, which are most beneficial, since God made us and knows what is best for us.

  • Fran
    It is not ‘teaching from God’s word’, BUT
    teaching the Truth of God’s word.

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  • Sex is amazing!

  • Amy K

    There’s a Christian fiction version that mirrors the original that’s really pretty awesome! http://amzn.to/1Ac2x9c
    It just totally goes head to head with the original book about what real love is and writes in a really freesh and engaging way about faith in the 21st century and about what it feels like to have a day to day relationship with Christ. I loved it and really think that more Christians should read it just so they can truly engage with the issue from a relevant point. Talks alot about the doulos (bondslave) concept and John’s gospel in particular.