Ontario Sikhs ‘deeply disappointed’ with new helmet law

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TORONTO (RNS) The open road is now closed for devout Sikh men who can't fit a turban under a motorcycle helmet.

  • Grahog

    This same issue was addressed in England a few decades ago. A British officer was called to testify that in battle he had seen the turbans stop bullets.
    Perhaps the Sikhs should look up the law in England. Always thought it an interesting bit of trivia.

  • Trudy

    Instead of working for years to get a religious exemption to a public safety rule, how about working to get helmet makers to design a helmet that can work with a turban?

  • The Great God Pan

    Alternate headline:

    Canadian taxpayers “deeply disappointed” with paying for major head injuries incurred by idiots who won’t wear helmets while riding on deathtraps at high speeds

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  • Larry M


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  • Except the riders are taxpayers too, and if you followed that argument to its logical conclusion you would have to ban all potentially dangerous activities including most sports.

    Better idea would be for government to butt out and mind its own business. Laws like helmet-wearing or seatbelts are examples of victimless crimes where nobody is harmed but the person taking the risk.

    If I want to risk putting my head through my windscreen that ought to be my business & nobody else’s!

  • Theophilus

    Yes, but then the paperwork gets really messy. The health insurance companies have to send out special consent forms for you to sign in which you agree that you will get no medical benefits if you were not wearing a helmet. The emergency room needs to check with the police to see if you were wearing a helmet, and if not, you have to prove that you have the means to pay out of pocket.

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  • Larry

    Think of the market for Kevlar turbans!

  • Laura H

    Not wearing seat belts is only a victim-less crime if A) there were no other passengers in the car and B) it was a single car collision (ie. it did not hit another vehicle) and C) driving on a road with no other cars and nothing else could hit it if the driver is unconscious, Sometimes the driver has a responsibility to be conscious even after slipping, spinning, or colliding if at all possible. Driving is a cooperative sport.

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  • Jack Jones

    Turban is a body part for Sikh.A man can’t go anywhere leaving head at home. How can a Sikh walk in a street without turban. After reading http://bit.ly/1vfYK99 article, I am getting know that the Sikh Community in Ontario Canda is upset about being denied a religious exemtion from the new Motorcycle helmet law. If a sikh choose to wear turban over helmet, then its his choice, helmet does not guarantee 100% safety, dat u will never die wearing helmets.So I think like other modern thinking countries, ontario should also allow the same.

  • GG