On International Blasphemy Rights Day, I stand with Raif Badawi and against Saudi Arabia

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Last year a Saudi court convicted Raif Badawi of “insulting Islam” for setting up a website to foster open discussion of religion. He now faces 10 years in prison and 1,000 lashes. Badawi is one of many victims of victimless thought crimes who need our support.

  • mike

    it amazes me that this story and the other ‘blasphemy’ cases don’t get more attention. until american and other western, or so called moderate muslims begin speaking out, i’m not buying that they are for freedom of expression.

  • gilhcan

    This is an example of the evil of religion. Such rules and behavior prove that Islam remains an evil, royal religion. This evil Islamic behavior at least matches the pedophilia, ephebophilia, and other sex scandals of the Catholic Church worldwide. Both evil religions dare to dictate the specifics of what people must believe and how they must act to confirm those evil beliefs.

    What force has brought greater suffering to humanity than the hypocrisy of religion that claims to be a force for good and is nothing but a cover for royal, dominionist evil?

  • gilhcan

    Are such stories as these any different than the economic terror practiced in this nation by Republicans who deceive any money power or any religious power to join their ranks so they can increase their selfish, greedy wealth while destroying the economy of the whole nation–and preventing the function of all government while they do so?

  • Doc Anthony

    I have never lived in Saudi Arabia. But it’s already clear that neither Republicans or Democrats should be painted with **their** brush at this time.

    For example, neither congressional Republicans nor congressional Democrats will ever give you or me 600 rounds of public lashings, or even one lash. No Democrat judge, and no Republican judge, will slam us 10 years, merely for apostasy. Freedom lives here.

    Now obviously, I can’t quite vouch for ALL you Democrats, seeing as you viciously tried to remove the word “God” from your own National Platform in 2012.

    And since you Dems evolved into Gestapo Cultists on gay marriage, that means you do NOT really support constitutional religious liberties, as Christian families and businesses are finding out even today.

    But even though Democrats are essentially no-good, you’re still 2000 times better than the Saudis. So I give you credit where credit is due.

    How about you, Gilhcan? You ever live in Saudi Arabia?

  • Larry

    Christian conservatives are so jealous of the power Middle Eastern autocrats wield to defend their religion.

  • Larry

    “And since you Dems evolved into Gestapo Cultists on gay marriage, that means you do NOT really support constitutional religious liberties, as Christian families and businesses are finding out even today. ”

    Doc, nobody has a right to discriminate in open commerce. Be that posting signs that say “whites only” or ones that say “no gays allowed”. 🙂

  • Larry M

    Thank you for this article. I just sent the letter to the ambassador.

  • Makes me hate religion even more than I already do.

    Everybody must agree that Purple is everybody’s favorite color. If you like a different color or if you don’t know how to pick a color, you get killed.

    That is blasphemy. Rejection of some fancy person’s favorite color.

    Stupid religion.

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  • Free Thinker

    According to any reasonable standards, Raif is an innocent man. To punish him for what would be considered fair comment in any free-minded society is inhumane.
    He should be freed immediately and allowed to return to his family.
    However, there is an element in Saudi Arabian society that sincerely believes he should be punished. In which case, the jail term he has already served and the fifty lashes he has taken are surely enough. The point has been made and an example has been set to any other young men audacious enough to have minds of their own.
    Raif Badawi has suffered imprisonment, humiliation and excruciating pain. That should be enough to satisfy the most vindictive of people. Further lashes and more jail time will achieve nothing, other than to sully the name of Saudi Arabia still further.

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