• Larry M

    With so much ignorance about dogs imagine how they must be treated. On second thought, don’t.

  • socialjusticeNOW!

    This event sounds like a provocation organized by Islamophobic New Atheists seeking to offend the sensibilities of devout Muslims. I wonder if Bill Maher was involved…

    This article makes them sound like bad guys (and gals) but the Muslims who sent death threats are merely sticking up for their traditional beliefs against the Western hegemonic ideology of dog-loving colonialists. Hopefully the authorities there will know what to do with him. FIGHT THE KYRIARCHY!

  • Larry

    I have to admit, my attention towards reading the article left me at the pictures daschund and corgi puppies. I was overcome by “awwwww they are so cute”.

  • PieDude

    Really? Get a grip before you become totally untethered ftom reality.

  • Larry

    He fighting against brutal neotenic canine supremacy. 🙂

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  • Joshua Abdool

    By your logic if my sensibilities are offended by your comment I would be entitled to send you death threats, since I’m just sticking up for my traditional beliefs.
    @socialjusticeNOW! for president!

  • socialjusticeNOW!

    I suspect you are a white het cisman, therefore the structural privileges you benefit from mean that you are never entitled to send me death threats.

  • socialjusticeNOW!

    “Reality” is a social construct that privileges white het atheist cismen.

  • Michael P

    You are neither funny nor clever.

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  • Jack

    He’s kidding…..I hope….

  • Jack

    This is the one time Larry and I agree on something.

  • Marc Mielke

    White het atheist chicken?
    Chicken have religious beliefs?
    I might be a racist, but I think the fluffy black chickens are cuter.

  • samuel Johnston

    This is the sort of nonsense concept that is preserved by ancient religions, based on their primitive, obsolete notions about reality.

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  • Student GM

    It is simply outrageous to issue death threats over such a small infringement of religious tradition. Of all the things to get worked up over in this world and especially in this particular religious sect, puppies? Really? Acts of violence, terrorism, racial and sexist injustice appear in our society every day– throw around some death threats to those who commit these wrong doings. But meeting for the first time what western culture considers “mans best friend,” is that such a crime? Clearly the dogs were a thing of curiosity since over 1,000 people attended the event. And to top to off, a Muslim educated in proper cleansing techniques was on site to sooth any anxieties!! I understand that some people are devout in their faith and beliefs, but this is just a little too extreme to coincide along Islam, a religion supposedly founded from principles of peace.