Ted Olson: ‘Point of no return’ on gay marriage passed

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Theodore Olson speaks during the Civil Rights Summit in Austin, Tex. Photo by Marsha Miller.

Photo courtesy of LBJ Foundation via Flickr

Theodore Olson speaks during the Civil Rights Summit in Austin, Tex. Photo by Marsha Miller.

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WASHINGON (RNS) "I do not believe that the United States Supreme Court could rule that all of those laws prohibiting marriage are suddenly constitutional after all these individuals have gotten married and their rights have changed," Ted Olson said.

  • Frank

    This experiment with gender will self destruct all on its own. Sadly the public falls for groupthink and will have caused a lot of unnecessary suffering in the process.

  • People seem to forget that the Court could have left those seven marriage cases in limbo — and the stays in place. Only four justices are required to hear a case. Therefore, at least six of the justices essentially decided to allow for same-sex marriage to be recognized in a number of states (yeah, I’m losing track of the actual numbers, but it was a bunch).

    That should send a strong signal to the other appeals courts where cases are pending.

  • This experiment with gender …

    Huh? Do you think that we just invented same-sex relationships? I was with my late partner for over 30 years. And stop saying “groupthink.” It accurately describes some religious adherents which is how it came into use. Moreover, exactly what “suffering” has taken place in Massachusetts? It seems that the only people who suffer are religious conservatives who don’t seem to understand our secular society.

  • rob

    think about since the democrats could manipulate our form of government and constitution to fit there whims .. It must not have been good enough in the first place to protect our rights.. Now we might get a chance to undue the damage the democrat party caused..

    it just takes the right people in the same positions the democrats held ..

  • rob

    think about this if you were a young black man in Prison and you thought Christianity indorsed being queer would you not want to be a Muslim instead? especially when that’s the main message whacko church’s that only call them selves Christian give out..

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  • Larry

    Might makes right hardly makes for a compelling argument for the moral strength of your position.

  • Larry

    See Bob’s comment on October 27, 2014 at 11:27 pm

  • Frank

    Of course not, same sex relationships and even “marriages” have existed since the ancient world. We are now trying to normalize the abnormal and this experiment will fail miserably.

  • Frank

    Bob you calling me an idiot only suggests I am a genius.

  • rob

    yes Larry both Christians and non Christians seem to recognize that OLD idiot in all of us .. THAT CAN NEVER BE CONVERTED TO CHRISTIANITY..

  • UNTRUE. That was said about ABORTION and see what is happening now?

    Why not have a public dialogue on the medical safety of Sodomy, gay and straight, and ask these two simple medical questions?

    That is, Doesn’t the medical community recommend that you, “Wash your hands after you go to the bathroom.”?

    Yet, now there are some in the medical community that now say it’s OK to “Sleep with the waste that gets flushed down in the toilet?” and that it’s possible to live a perfectly normal life.

    Additional, the same can be said that there are some in the medical community that now say it’s OK to “Lick the toilet bowl” and that it’s also possible to live a perfectly normal life.

  • Dave V

    Satan showed Jesus all the kingdoms of the world and said “all this is mine.”

    And Jesus didn’t disagree with that.

    Homosexual marriage? Jesus never said a word about that either.

    Of course. Here we Sodom and Gomorrah again!