• Larry

    If the Japanese had broken through Burma to take over weakly defended India in WWII, they would have made short work of Gandhi and his followers.

    Non-violent resistance only works against developed nations (usually democratic) as foes. Governments dependent on public opinion or who are unwilling to murder people en masse to maintain power.

    Buber is correct here. Islamic State has no such qualms. As perpetrators of genocide and mass murder, it is entirely ridiculous to expect them to care about non-violent resistance.

    Kristof is correct. Despite the inflammatory rhetoric by Palestinian supporters, Israel is a democratic nation whose government is unwilling to engage in genocide (unlike all of their neighbors). They would be capable of being swayed by such approaches.

  • Larry M

    Thank you for raising this question about nonviolent resistance. I am so happy that somebody is bringing it up. It needs to have much much more consideration in today’s world. And I agree completely that Palestine would Have a loud voice and a huge following if they used nonviolence.

  • Fran

    God’s kingdom or heavenly government (Daniel 2:44) is the ONLY solution to the world’s conflicts and all its other problems (Micah 4:1-5). 😀

  • The Great God Pan

    Gandhi on the Holocaust:

    “The Jews should have offered themselves to the butcher’s knife. They should have thrown themselves into the sea from the cliffs.”

    Personally, I find it hard to escape the conclusion that maybe his commitment to nonviolence wasn’t quite the only motivation there. His phrasing makes him sound a bit gleeful at the prospect…

  • rob

    @larry now your right,, two times..
    its almost frightening..i suggest you keep this new psychiatrist of yours..

  • Joe

    hello, an anthology of Israel today, best wishes .

  • Jack

    One possible explanation is that Larry is Jewish, which, if true, compels him, if he is loyal to his people, to lay aside his hard-left ideology and embrace ideological sanity when it comes to Israel. Being a hard lefty is an unaffordable luxury for anyone who cares about the continued existence of the Jewish state, the only real democracy in the region.

    Either way, you’re right that Larry sounds unusually sane politically on the Israel issue. Good for him.

  • Jack

    True, Fran, but even Jesus will not ultimately bring peace on earth without first physically routing a totalitarian dictatorial enemy. (See Revelation 19)

  • Jack

    Wow….first Larry and now Pan…..two ideologically extremist lefties who suddenly sound sane and sensible when the subject concerns Israel and the Jewish people.

    Good….there’s hope for them yet.

  • Jack

    Larry M, Israel really isn’t the problem, unlike the Brits with India in Gandhi’s time. The problem is that the Palestinians keep refusing to accept an Israel of any size, no matter how small. The day they truly accept its right to exist is the day that lasting peace has arrived.

  • Jack

    Of course, it’s proof positive that Larry’s brain is no stranger to moral clarity and intellectual sanity and can operate accordingly when he allows it to….

  • Abdul Wahab

    Can you kindly provide a reference to this quote of Gandhi that you shared. Thanks

  • Abdul Wahab

    The converse is equally true. Israel never declared it borders, for the negotiation to begin.