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  • Thomas Coates

    Thank you Rev. Kearns!
    Fellow Christians, no person is an “it”, that’s degrading and in opposition to seeing each person as in the image of God. God planted the seed in Trans* people who discover their true identity later in life, they transition and receive new names (not unlike many people in the Bible).
    Scientifically, all major medical associations consider transitioning the best response to a recognition that gender identity does not match the body. It’s as natural as eye color, and similar to people who, due to being born with physical characteristics of male and female bodies (intersex) don’t fit neatly in binary “man” and “woman” categories.
    Beautiful diversity in creation, transcending our understandings of God!

    Trans* people are some of the most stigmatized, persecuted, and marginalized, with NO legal protections, and crimes against them are rarely classified as Hate Crimes. A community that suffers with extreme harassment, arrest, and great poverty. With Transgender Day of Remembrance coming up, my heart is heavy and goes out to you, Rev. Kearns, and all Trans* persons.


  • Susan

    Thank you for this beautiful piece. Historically, Jesus brought his message to people on the margins, and he is still with us there today. Understanding that God loves us as we are, and wants us to be whole, opens up new worlds and allows us to use the talents God has given us. Congratulations on your transition and on being called in an open and affirming church. Wish I could come worship with you!

  • Anne elizabeth

    All of what has been said here is fine and I understand it but trying to fully live it is one of the most difficult things l have tried to do. I wish I could say I am living it now. But, I have to admit I am not only scared to continue but also maybe not trusting enough in God as to the out come, or even trusting enough in myself.

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  • Jess

    A hug to my brother in Christ from a loving Rev Deacon brother.