Thanks for the pope!

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Pope Francis rides in to town

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Pope Francis rides in to town

Pope Francis rides in to town

Pope Francis rides in to town

This Thanksgiving, besides a loving family and great friends, good health and a cool line of work, I’m giving thanks for Pope Francis.

A couple of days ago, on the plane back from lecturing the Eurocrats in Strassbourg on their responsibilities to workers and migrants, he was asked by a reporter from French television whether he hadn’t given voice “to a social-democratic sentiment.” He replied:

My dear, this is reductionism! I felt there that I was in a collection of insects: “This is a social-democratic insect …” No, I would say no: I don’t know if there is a social-democratic Pope or not … I don’t dare qualify myself on one side or the other. I dare to say that this comes from the Gospel: This is the message of the Gospel, a matter of the Social Doctrine of the Church. In this, concretely, and in other things – social or political – which I said, I did not detach myself from the Social Doctrine of the Church. The Social Doctrine of the Church comes from the Gospel and from the Christian Tradition. What I said – the identity of peoples – is an evangelical value, no? I say it in this sense. But you have made me laugh, thank you!

In the insectarium of world leadership, the presence of so blithe and benignant a spirit seems little short of a miracle. So to the College of Cardinals, or to the Holy Spirit, or to the Goddess Fortuna, I say: Thanks!

  • Chaplain Martin

    May you be doubly blessed with family, friends and food on this Thanking Day (and maybe a little football).
    I don’t much about the Goddess Fortuna, unless you are referring to good fortune, however, I join with you in giving thanks for the Pope. It is good to see that Pope Francis is keeping to the foundation of scripture which informs the social doctrine of the church catholic (universal).

  • just where does the bit about raping children fit in with your
    “foundation of scripture which informs the social doctrine of the church catholic”

    I’ll pass on supporting those who approve of known and proven child rapist.

  • Chaplain Martin

    Suzy Spellcheck,
    At first I thought how hateful and a little ignorant can a person be, and here I am accused of supporting those who have sheltered child abusers. Then, maybe you are hurting and need to vent. In my work as chaplain and licensed counselor I have fought against child abuse for most of my life. To be accused of supporting child rapist is sickening to me.

    I was just responding to Mark Silk’s blog for goodness sake, in context with his blog. I am not even Catholic, I was using catholic to refer the church universal.

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  • Proteios1

    Suzy, you highlight the need for the love of the Gospel. I think the pain you must feel. The need for venomous comments must mask some kind of pain. I don’t recommend defining any group of people by its worst elements or we will be left with nothing but everyone hating everything. The saddest part of your comment is that the saddest part of something is where you migrate to. I assume that is a reflection of something deeper in you – to migrate towards negativity. I hope you will get out of that mindset one day as it ends up as an anchor on yourself. Good luck!