• Xnihilo

    Here’s the thing. Black street criminals know exactly how far they can go. They’re not stupid. And they like doing it. Takes some smarts. Get as close to the line as you can. Make whitey take notice. Pull his chain. Call it underclass passive aggression. It’s like going into a Korean grocer’s and demanding a fifty cent item for 45 cents. Calm down Korean grocer, it’s just a nickle, right? Problem is that whitey can’t tell the difference between the “pull your chain” game and real “take ’em down” crime. And that’s the best part of the game. For his own life’s sake, whitey’s gotta assume it’s a “take ’em down” scene. And the black street thugs like that too. What a rush! Stupid whitey, it’s just for a nickle. It’s just for a “loosey.” But then the street criminals get killed when they misjudge whitey. Cause it’s their game, not whitey’s. It’s a sad game.

  • Deacon John M. Bresnahan

    Three points–in virtually every street arrest the perp claims anything that will get him released (“The handcuffs are cutting me”—You’re breaking my ribs, etc. etc.) And 9 times out of 10 it is a lie.
    Second–the media covers these incidents like they were well planned TV scripts that can be safely handled instead of the near total chaos that is the street reality.
    Third, when I was a teen-ager my father told me that once you cross the line and are breaking the law, you have no gripe about the fall-out you initiated .

  • Deacon John M Bresnahan

    Certainly work needs to be done to guarantee fair police work. And work needs to be done to bring Black communities and police to a common understanding..
    But it seems some people are purposely inciting hatred for their own activist purposes. Also, why can’t the media give fuller, fairer coverage? Why almost no coverage that the merchants in this New York.neighborhood–mostly minority–were asking for the law to be enforced in the face of a man who was scaring customers away? Why no mention that the cop in charge at the scene was a Black female officer?? Why no mention that the majority of cops in NY City are now minority???
    Leaving out data like this only helps those who aren’t really interested in justice, but in promoting chaos.