• Frank

    Is there a point here?

    The bad thing about the Internet is it gives terrible writers a public voice.

  • Detroit_RC

    The point is everybody wants to focus on the happy parts of their religion, and ignore the horribly bad parts.

  • Anonymous

    The point is that the God of the bible is a maniac.

  • Invigilator

    There’s a lovely 16th or 17th century painting of this story in the Gemaeldegalerie in Berlin — don’t recall the artist. Not too gory; most of the kids are still trying to run away, and the bears have caught only a couple of them. Presumably the painting had a devotional purpose, which is the part I don’t quite get.

  • Jack

    Well, shazzam, golly, gee whiz, Little Red Riding Hood Laura Turner has just read the big, bad, scawee Old Testament written by those stwange Jooooos and has discovered a few challenging narratives that don’t fit with her sing-song white bread upbringing.

    “Daddy, why didn’t you tell me about this?” she asked, with big wide eyes.

    “I tried to shield you from that crazy Old Testament and its vengeful god,” answered Pastor Dad.

    “I scawd,” Laura replies. “I even met a Jooo last week. Scawy!”

  • Hamilton Geyser