Can Cardinal Timothy Dolan be Gotham’s peacemaker?

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Cardinal Timothy M. Dolan of New York presides at a St. Patrick's Day Mass at St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York March 17, 2014. Religion News Service photo by Gregory A. Shemitz

Cardinal Timothy M. Dolan of New York presides at a St. Patrick's Day Mass at St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York March 17, 2014. Religion News Service photo by Gregory A. Shemitz

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NEW YORK (RNS) In an evocative homily in St. Patrick’s Cathedral the day after two NYPD officers were shot dead, Cardinal Timothy Dolan spoke powerfully of his own anguish and his “worry about a city tempted to tension and division.”

  • Edward Koch and David Dinkins were born in 1924 and 1927, respectively. They both came from good families, had military service during the 2d World War, had serious educations, and were imbued with the civility of the times in which they were raised and a time when liberals were a collection of people with a political viewpoint and not an identity group suffused with malice.

    Cdl. O’Connor was born in 1920, went through his formation during the Depression and the War, was ordained under the ancien regime in 1945, had served as the bishop supervising military chaplains, and was a loyal son of the Church, given to teaching, sanctification, and governance. Cdl. Dolan had his formation during some of the worst years of the post-Vatican II Church and has proven himself the Vicar of Bray of the Francine Church.

    The quality of human being among the interlocutors has declined precipitatedly in a generation.

  • Cardinal Dolan:
    An old white guy who believes in mediaeval magic and gets tax breaks for wearing a silly hat.

    That is as useless a job as anything our culture ever invented.
    Unless he can get god to magic away the disgustingly unfair grand jury system he will be as useless as his forebears were in ridding England of the plague by burning witches.

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  • Let’s not forget that when Dolan was archbishop of Milwaukee, he managed to “manipulate” the archdiocese’s finances in such a way as to shield the church’s vast wealth from being used to compensate victims of clergy sexual abuse.

  • charlie sitzes

    The RC religion counts on its survival the same way all religions do; by the indoctrination of children. That fact alone should be enough to turn people away from religion.

    Indoctrinating an innocent child’s mind before it has developed enough for critical thinking and reason should be prohibited by law.

    Sandra Aamodt, neuroscientist and co-author of the book Welcome to Your Child’s Brain, has clearly shown that our brains are not fully developed until we reach the age of 25, and in some cases 27.

    Childhood indoctrination should be prohibited by law. Were it so, we could turn our weapons into plowshares and the Twin Towers would still be standing, while the victims from that disaster, including the millions of lives lost on Bush’s trillion dollar wars, would still be alive

  • The Cardinal did not write Wisconsin corporation law, your fantasies to the contrary.

  • Childhood indoctrination should be prohibited by law.

    In other words, people’s franchise to teach their own children shall be transferred to the legal profession, the mental health trade, and cretins such as yourself.

  • Charlie,

    I agree with you – but Indoctrination probably cannot be stopped with laws.

    We need to disparage and laugh at religion until people realize that their children will look like fools whenever they sputter Jesus nonsense in public.

    “And MANY ZOMBIES raised from the dead and walked around the city and visited with many people” – (Matthew 27:51-53)

    Grow up folks!

  • Hi Art,

    Tell me again how many ZOMBIES visited with Thomas as they walked around Jerusalem (Matthew 27:51)
    and tell me why Thomas forgot all about those ZOMBIES the following week (John 20:25) ??


  • Paul C

    Do you have children? Surely you recognize that parents have the responsibility to teach their children everything they think is important. This should not be limited to walking, talking, feeding themselves and toilet training. It should extend to the bigger questions concerning life like why we exist and how we should act to maximize our human potential. These important questions are the province of religion not law or politics. Would you prefer others to teach your children what to believe? What if you lived in Nazi Germany, Stalinist Russia, North Korea or Iran? Would you still feel the same way?

  • Paul C

    Atheist Max,

    Do you really think disparagement is a viable strategy to get people to believe as you do? Wouldn’t a more effective strategy be to show how living according to your beliefs leads people to maximize their potential. For instance, Christianity grew from a persecuted sect from an unimportant corner of the Roman empire to a worldwide religion of well over 1Billion adherents today (and still growing) because it showed people the value of loving one another (which is its core message).

    Atheism will never grow beyond a small minority if all it does is ridicule aspects of religion that they don’t understand. This is because at its core it has nothing to offer mankind in terms of meaning and truth. Consider the Soviet Union, where atheism was the state religion for two generations. What happened when it stopped persecuting religion? It came back.

    So Max, I ask you. What is the positive message of atheism? What answers to it offer to someone searching for the meaning of his or her life? What does it teach that will allow people to reach their full potential? In fact, in your world view, do you even have a measure for this?

    I will give you the Catholic teaching for these same questions for your consideration so that you can compare. God made each of us specifically to love and serve him through loving and serving our neighbors. Each of us has our own unique talents and interests that lead us to serve in a specific way. We reach our fullest potential when we use our talents and gifts to their fullest in this service. The Church was founded to help people learn how to love and to strengthen them through the sacraments so they can reach that potential. All of its teachings are focused on that goal.

    think about how you as an atheist can counter these teachings by offering a better, more positive view of life. This is a challenge that has yet to be met in 2000 years so good luck to you.

  • Dear Max
    Can you please tells why you have such a hatred against religion. Do you realise atheism is also a form of religion which you try to push down our throat. Please look at you own first and critize that religion. Where has the atheism brought us sofar. We have reached such decadence is appalling.
    Max, Inwill pray for you that you will have more inner peace, you comments tell me otherwise.

  • @Paul C,

    I realize I sound harsh – Cardinal Dolan and others like him bring out my ugly side.

    “So Max, I ask you. What is the positive message of atheism? What answers to it offer to someone searching for the meaning of his or her life? What does it teach that will allow people to reach their full potential? In fact, in your world view, do you even have a measure for this?”

    To begin with, when I hear the word ‘Religion’ I hear ‘Faith-based programs’ like:

    Beheadings by ISIS
    9/11 by Al Queda
    Executions of Gays by Christians
    Honor Killings by Muslims
    Creationist nonsense replacing Science in classrooms
    Destruction of Women’s Rights
    Destruction of Gay Rights
    Catholic Apologists defending Pedophile Priests
    Rwandan Genocide of 900,000 people by Catholics with Machetes

    So why am I against religion?
    You better look at that list again.

    Atheism offers no dogma, no orders to kill. That is one thing I like about it. I don’t believe in a god – it is that simple.

    Paul Newman was an Atheist. He started Newman’s Own and donated $370 million to charity.
    Oscar Schindler was an Atheist. He saved thousands of Jews from Hitler’s Catholic Aryan Socialism
    Warren Buffett is Atheist and he donates billions to save people worldwide

    Atheism is better because it isn’t religion.
    I don’t believe in a god. I just try to be nice.

    That alone makes me a better citizen and and a more trustworthy person than a Muslim extremist, a Christian extremist or a Jewish extremist who are all called by God to do things against other human beings!

    Life is much better than death.
    That is about the only thing Atheism recommends.

    I hope you agree that this a positive preachment!
    If not, I can’t help you.

  • @Therese,

    “Max, Can you please tell why you have such a hatred against religion…”

    I don’t hate believers of religion. I was a Christian for decades. I understand fully how comforting religion is when you are a believer.

    I hate religion because I have come to discover it to be immoral and dangerous. And it is intruding on the rest of us in America.

    Jesus is dangerous.
    “Bring to me those enemies of mine and execute them in front of me” – JESUS (Luke 19:27)

    Allah is dangerous:
    “Slay them wherever you find them” – Surah (Q’uran)

    Yahweh is dangerous:
    “Kill the unbelievers in the daylight” – Deuteronomy (Torah)

    Religion is a nightmare of tribalism and division.
    You are welcome to it. You are free to have it.

    IF people could keep their religions out of our laws people like myself would be much happier. Christians are breaking the law by inserting their religion into our public life where it does not belong:

    “Congress shall make no law establishing a religion…” (US Constitution)

    I’m bothered that Christians keep breaking this law. I’m fed up that the Supreme Court is determined to force Jesus on all of us whether we like it or not.

    For Peace, Culture and The Separation of Church and State

  • “Do you really think disparagement is a viable strategy…”

    I have no strategy.

    I am interested in speaking the truth.
    If you want your kids to laugh at you, tell them about the zombies in the bible and how you really believe in them.

    You don’t need Atheists to disparage the bible. The smart kids of today are doing a fine job on their own.