• Frank

    Great! More and more people pretending to be something they are not.

  • Larry

    Troll says what?

  • Frank

    Poor Larry, reduced to this.

  • The Great God Pan

    As opposed to pretending to be straight and entering loveless marriages with people they aren’t attracted to in order to keep up appearances, which is apparently Frank’s idea of authenticity.

  • Frank

    Authenticity as a Christian would require celibacy if that’s the case. Or a member of the opposite sex that knows and is willing to accept SSA.

  • Greg

    Indeed. It is interesting how Obama’s appointees to these courts are all overturning the Will of the People in the various States. This is bizarre. If I were a governor of one of these States, I’d just not follow the supposed laws that these Judges have flipped time and again. These days, who cares what the laws say, nobody follows them anyway, starting with our president. He ignores any law he doesn’t agree with. So, States, stop being the only fools to follow these criminal laws.

  • bqrq

    Anyone who supports gay marriage must necessarily support the vile and dangerous practice of sodomy among young men (but not necessarily young ladies who can be gay without practicing sodomy), Gay marriage is intended to promote, legitimize and advocate this evil and immoral lifestyle.

    From the perspective of most Christian parents, gay marriage is an indefensible form of state-sponsored, organized child-molesting which harms families, children, young people, Churches, schools, and our Nation.

  • Larry

    You know what is really stupid about your statement?

    The fact that EVERY DISCRIMINATORY LAW EVER PUT ON THE BOOKS was passed by a majority vote.

    We have a judiciary with the power to strike down laws to keep majority voters from taking away the basic liberties of the minority. 200+ years of keeping “the will of the people” from violating the Constitution.

  • Neon Genesis

    If you hate living in America so much, you should go move to Russia or Uganda. I’m sure they’d be happy to have you.

  • Greg

    Last time I checked this was supposedly a “religion news” website. So why would a person who–at least from implicitly made statements–doesn’t seem to even believe in God, waste time on this site? I myself am not as shocked at your statements, than what I read coming from the minds and hearts of those who claim to be people of Faith in these articles. But just to answer your question, the moral laws that are on the books in this country, are for the common good, not the individual’s good. Things like gay marriage are destructive because it not only gives them marriage rights, like men & women who marry and continue the human race for the next generation in a normal and healthy way, but it also gives these so-called “married couples” adoption rights, as well as other rights that are destructive to a society. I can immediately tell children raised by a gay couple as opposed to a normal marital situation; the boys lack fortitude, their dress is odd, and they come across as overly emotional. Clearly, at least to me, their familial situation is affecting proper growth in their formative years.

  • Larry

    I dunno, why are people who believe in God causing so much mayhem in the world today?

    So according to your statement, if gay marriage were legal, everyone will become gay and get married and there won’t be a next generation. Yep, the arguments against marriage equality are pretty ridiculous.

  • Billysees

    What can do a pretty good job of explaining same sex marriage?

    Man’s ways are of the Lord, so how can we understand our own ways?…..Proverbs 20:24

  • Ben in oakland

    Never let facts get in the way of an uninformed opinion. A great many of the judges were appointed by Regan and the Bushes. I think it might possibly be a majority.

  • Ben in oakland

    in other word, gay male sex is disgusting, but lezzzzzzzzbians be HAWT!

    As for the rest of it, nonsense. But I’m sure it makes you happy and shivery all over to think so.

  • Ben in oakland

    nonsense. Homohatred and nothing but homohatred, and a few outright lies. with a healthy dollop of a complete lack of concern for anybody or anything but homohatred. Certainly not the children.

    So very “Christian” of you.

    Gay people already were adopting the cast off, unwanted products of irresponsible heterosexual reproduction long before marriage equality was an issue. There are far more children available for adoption than there are people to take them in. Your idea is that there jus aren’t enough children in the orphanages.

    as for your observation about the children of gay parents being different, I suspect its very similar to the antigay bigots who prattle on about all of their gay friends. They don’t have any; they just have gay people who are too polite to tell them they are flaming bigots.

    well, but I guess that settles the matter, and decades of research showing quite the opposite must be wrong.

  • Truth

    It certainly should’ve been Illegal to begin with.