• Jack

    I’m not a Yazidi and their beliefs are deeply at odds with my own.

    But I despise bullies….and if I had the power, I would rescue them, especially the enslaved women, and I would hang the perpetrators from lampposts so their friends would get the message never to harm another woman again.

    May God help the Yazidis and bring their tormenters to justice. Nobody deserves the treatment they are receiving — except the ones responsible for it.

  • Sister Geraldine Marie, OP, RN

    On December 23rd, in a letter to persecuted Christians, Pope Francis said the worldwide community of Muslims should condemn violence. In the Middle Ages, the Islamic scholars translated Greek texts, that had been hidden for centuries, and had excelled in medicine and all the arts. Jews and Christians were still regarded as second-class citizens “(infidels”) but they were tolerated. With the defeat of the Ottoman Turks and other upheavals in the Holy Land, Islamic fundamentalism came to the fore, and thus began the downward spiral we are experiencing today. Muslims should educate their children in the way of peace and not teach them hatred. Otherwise, they will never be happy.