• Melissa Thompson

    Bigotry under the guise of religion is still just plain old bigotry and until more people in positions of authority state firmly (like in this case) that “homophobia” is not, and will not be treated as a protected religious belief we cannot hope to end these attacks on LGBTQ people. The best argument against their claim that their homophobia is their religious belief is to remind them of two things, the fist being, they can “believe” whatever they want but when they seek to impose “their belief” on others is where it becomes a problem. Secondly there is provision within the constitution that prohibits government from advancing or prohibiting religion, or for showing preference of one over others. Since this “religious based homophobia” seems unique to only select groups, while many other religions are accepting it would appear that there is a definite preference being shown to the group that is homophobic and as I understand it that would be unconstitutional.

  • Brian

    Religious bigotry is still bigotry and a violation of civil & human rights. The mayor is a bigot and deserves his rebuke. America is filled with people who don’t agree with one another. RNS is free to publish the hyperventilating of Al Mohler and the bigoted hate-speech of Cruz in response. Give the chief his job back and let’s go on as a free country.

  • Larry

    That would be true, if you ignored various relevant facts.

    The fire chief not only made his religious bigotry public with the book, but also by handing it out in the workplace in an inappropriate manner. Unsolicited to various city officials and within his department.

    Even to a man being prepped for a promotion interview, hence giving the appearance his “private” religious views were endorsed by the department,

    He made his very public views into a political liability, an embarrassment to the city and the fire department. Worse still, his actions (not just his writings) easily gave a faint whiff of possible discriminatory conduct, or at least some plausible grounds for a lawsuit against the fire department. As a political appointee, any kind of embarrassment can easily be used as a pretext to being fired.

    It could have been a book about conspiracy theories, anti-vaccination tract or about how Obama was a reptilian clone from the Vega system, and it would have been sufficient pretext for being fired from the position.

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  • Alison

    It was TOTALLY about religious freedom.

  • James Carr

    What do his personal beliefs have to do with the Fire Department?

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