Name radical Islamic ideology for what it is, but give reformers a chance (COMMENTARY)

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(RNS) A woman comforts another woman after a terrorist attack on the 117th Boston Marathon in Boston, Massachusetts April 15, 2013. For use with RNS-HOOVER-COLUMN, transmitted Jan. 30, 2015. Photo by Dominick Reuter/Reuters.  *Eds: This photo can be used ONLY with RNS-HOOVER-COLUMN.

(RNS) A woman comforts another woman after a terrorist attack on the 117th Boston Marathon in Boston, Massachusetts April 15, 2013. For use with RNS-HOOVER-COLUMN, transmitted Jan. 30, 2015. Photo by Dominick Reuter/Reuters. *Eds: This photo can be used ONLY with RNS-HOOVER-COLUMN.

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(RNS) Here at last is bipartisanship -- on the question of Islam being part of the problem. But the critique is not being paired with serious acknowledgement, much less practical encouragement, of those working to make Islam part of the solution.

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  • The Great God Pan

    So, uh…are there specific things that reformist Muslims are actually doing, aside from a lot of blogging and tweeting about how unfair it is that everyone paints Islam with a broad brush? It would be nice to read about all these sweeping reforms they are pulling off.

    Same goes for the “Christian Left” in America, by the way. I know they’d like to be acknowledged alongside the Christian Right, or actually instead of it. I just don’t know what they’ve actually done that would merit that kind of recognition.

  • Again I ask the intellectual community to stop giving evil religions a pass on morality when it is obvious to everyone that they are responsible for creating murder and mayhem in our world community.

    There are three religions acting together to create religious war continually. These are Judaism with its racist core tenants being reenacted on innocent Palestinians by European Jewish convert descendants lying through their teeth claiming to be “Semites” with a “Right of Return” to a land none of their forebears ever saw and I know this as fact as I had my own Ashkenazim genetic ancestry traced which comes from all over Europe but goes only as far in the direction of Palestine as Uzbekistan, in the heart of the old Khazar kingdom that converted to Judaism in the 7th Century to avoid wars with Christians and Muhammadans. Zionist Judaism has to be condemned worldwide as a terrible idea without any moral or historical basis for existing in our times. Palestinians cannot be made to be scapegoats for European genocidal acts against my people forever and that’s just what Zionist racists want to do, in order to fool the West, especially Christian America, so they can take Palestine away completely from Palestinians, that is the goal of Zionist “Eretz Yisrael”. the Jewish version of “Manifest Destiny” that slaughtered so many Native Americans so Europeans could steal their land. This European racist colonial mindset is fully in operation in Israel treating Pals like “no good injuns” to be removed at all costs to their sovereignty and human rights being trashed in the process. And Americans support this horror story that continues to destroy Palestinian society and lives because our media never tells us anything other than what Zionists want Americans to hear.

    Until Zionism is destroyed in Jewish communities there will be no peace in the Middle East.

    Now as for Muhammadism, and I do make a huge difference between the spiritual goal of “Islam” and Muhammad’s distortion of this goal as he never comprehended the spiritual root of “Islam” which is good: It means “Surrender to God as Peace”. Muhammad left the “God as Peace” part out and the world sees the result as absolute totalitarian religious fascism that must never be allowed in the West to seize political control. Muhammadans are idol worshipers in the worst way, they worship utterly worship their idols, a man and his book. You can tell this plainly by the emotional way Muhammadans react to perceived insults to their idols. Just like primitive villagers going berserk with rage after the “civilized” Europeans accidently knock over the villager’s wooden idol, so too do Muhammad idol worships so react. These people are BRAINWASHED to the max as Muhammad told them to repeat his words into their brains five times daily. This is extreme brainwashing technique and it successfully destroys Muhammadan people’s ability to reason. They are taught that they cannot use their own reasoning as it is against the Idol’s wishes for any Muhammadan to think for themselves. Only Muhammad’s words are allowed social power. We in the West cannot tolerate a return to religious fascism as it is in reality no different from the fascism of Nazis or Communists, all of them wanting to promote a religious fascist monoculture over the whole world with themselves in total control of everything.

    I applaud the effort to reform Muhammad’s religion of war but really it can’t be done, the fundamentalist Muhammad idolators will never allow it as they can always point to their idol’s words that back them up and the idol cannot be criticized. ever. The best thing in the Muhammad idol worship world has happened in Pakistan with the advent of the Ahmadiyyah Muslims who are true Muslims, following a religion of peace. They can read Muhammad’s words but these are filtered through their Messiah who simply tells them to ignore the violent instructions of Muhammad or any of Muhammad’s ideas of violent treatment of non-believers, and it works for them. Making them of course automatic targets to Muhammadan idolators who cannot stand any real Muslims countering their idol’s ideas.

    We cannot tolerate Muhammad’s religion of war as is. It must go through its Reformation period and it will. Muslim women will lead the Reformation of Islam to mellow it out and make it a real religion of peace. But again, warning here from a Celestial Torah Christian that ALL the Abrahamic religions face their End Times in coming years as their basis of believability has already been destroyed to the intellectual community following the archeological record being blazed by Finkelstein and Silberman. The Bible stories are only Jewish myths of origin yet billions believe they are true history. This is bound to cause trouble in a modern science based technological world. And it has.

  • ben in oakland

    “Name radical Islamic ideology for what it is, but give reformers a chance.”

    can we do the same with radical Christian theology? What, you say there are Not all Like That (NALT) Christians? I’m sure the fundelibangelists will be listening intently.

  • ben in oakland

    You were doing SO well in your first paragraph, and then went to Cray-Cray Valley by the second sentence of your second. and for some reason, you actually left out Christianity even though you promised to take it on.

  • Laurence Charles Ringo

    I didn’t want to use the cutesy phrase”cray-cray”, but…Seriously”Celestial Torah Christian”dude?

  • ben in oakland

    Cray-cray is Aramaic for “celestial torah Christian and virulently anti-Semite”– that is, if he’s the same guy the went long into how the Jews aren’t really semitic and, I think, not really jews.

    If not, my apologies.

  • I did leave out Pauline Christianity in my post, so here’s some thoughts why it too must go before there will ever be any peace on earth, good will to all. Paul single-handedly ruined Christianity by turning Christians to Judaism as “the vine” Christianity is a branch of when Christianity is its own form of Jewish religious belief quite apart from Judaism as those who study ancient Hebrew religion have discovered (see Prof. Margaret Barker’s books for example like The Great Angel showing how Yahweh was first worshiped as a great angel of God, that role reestablished by Jesus Christ). Paul’s reattachment of Pauline Christianity back to Judaism destroyed Christianity’s credibility now because Judaism’s credibility has been destroyed by archeological evidence showing the Hebrew writers of the Bible stories fabricated all their early history with tall tales and miraculous events typical of ethnic myths of origin. Only Jewish myths of origin were taken seriously and still are which of course makes religionists vulnerable to logic and historical facts. Paul’s other great ruination of Christianity was his commandment to Christians to obey their established (Roman Empire) rulers or face God’s condemnation to hell. That’s all rulers, emperors, Popes, kings, queens, presidents have ever needed to tell Christians to break all of Jesus’ teachings on non-violence and go to war to kill for the ruler’s whims. This Pauline item was what the Bushes counted on mining in the Evangelical community to get Americans to go off to kill Muhammadan Arabs for his money boys in the oil, arms and security business. Evangelical Christianity makes Christians stupid fall guys for whatever Mammon purposes prove most lucrative for Big Oil, Big Money, that puts these presidents into office.

    Only Gnostic Christianity holds spiritual truth now as Pauline Christianity was never anything but God using Paul and Rome to spread basic Christian doctrines around the world, which worked. So who am I to complain as I doubt I would be a Christian today without Paul’s evangelism. Plus Paul did write and nobody can take it away from him, the world’s best words about love. Still we must move on from Paul and Pauline Christianity.

    As for you atheists and others lack of knowledge about the real historical roots of Christianity in ancient Near Eastern astro-theology, well, that’s just you people not being up to date in historical knowledge. The mythicists know what I am using for background references while you are stuck in Pauline Christian dogmas mesmerizing even scholars for centuries as they miss the ancient Egyptian connection to the development of foundational Christian doctrines.

  • And please, all of you who have been bamboozled by Zionist propaganda, please you too do your homework and discover why genetic science has proven European “Jews” are European Jewish convert descended as are even most of the Sephardic Jews around the world. Israeli historian Schlomo Sand tells the historical truth about how the Jewish Diaspora was mostly myth and the descendants of the ancient Hebrews are still in Palestine as Palestinians, genes don’t lie like men do. Do you research before going off half-cocked to support political Zionism vs. ethical responsibility and spiritual truth.

  • @Stephen:

    “discover why genetic science has proven European “Jews” are European Jewish convert descended as….”

    Racism against Jews is a form of mental illness. And I’m not kidding.
    You have lost all credibility with this nonsense.

    We are all Africans. That is the genetic data – and we are all one species; homo sapeins – to say anything beyond that would be baseless garbage.

  • “We have no business ruling the Muslim reformist project out. And we have every reason to actively work for regimes of religious and political liberty in which the reformist project has a chance to succeed over the long run.”


    But I’m glad I’m not living in a Muslim country where ideas are beheaded as fast as the people are. Nobody can say a word against Islam without having their lives threatened – yet many words must be said against Islamic law before anything will get better.

    And unfortunately this crisis will land on Muslims as they argue and kill each other brutally over the claims about a ridiculous prophet who might not even have existed.

    I hate religion.

    For Peace, Culture and The Separation of Church and State

  • Oh can your atheist attack blather, Maxwell. I am Jewish and I can and will criticize the hell out of my people if it’s necessary. You don’t know what you’re talking about as usual as you don’t seem familiar at all with genetic science and it’s ability to show distribution of ethnic groups through time and space. Get some “larnin'” before shooting your mouth off (or getting beheaded in certain areas of the globe..).

  • Fran

    There will be no peace worldwide on planet earth UNTIL God’s kingdom or heavenly government puts an end to ALL wicked ones on the planet, whether they are “religious” (and evidently false!) or not.

    But how will this be accomplished? By the King of that kingdom, Christ Jesus, who is able to read human hearts to ascertain if they are “wicked” or not (Isaiah 11:4). What man can make the proper judgment of who is really “wicked” by just looking at that person??

    Jesus, the Prince of Peace, will finally bring “true peace and security” to all meek ones on our planet, because ALL wicked ones will simply not exist!!
    (Psalm 37:10,11). Don’t count on that from any man or any of his governments.

  • Michael Glass

    The trouble with organised religion is its followers: Muslims slaughtering other Muslims and anybody else – all in the name of Allah the compassionate and merciful; Jews oppressing Palestinians; Buddhists oppressing their Muslim minority; Christians doing what Christians have been doing for the past two thousand years (remember the crusades, the religious wars, the persecution of heretics, women accused of witchcraft child sexual abuse, and so on).

    it is therefore no wonder that religion is on the nose. Perhaps it is time to cut the tax breaks from all the religions and treat them like any other money-making concern.

  • Stephen Lewis

    Well, there you go. I do hope RNS comment readers are not mistaking my Celestial Torah Christian beliefs with promoting any organized religion. I am not doing that because as a prophesy bearer I can assure you that what happens with spiritual visions and revelations we Jewish prophesy bearers have had in the ancient past get thoroughly politicized and made to serve tribal secular interests so that from our perspective now its extremely hard to tell the original vision from the scribal or priesthood renditions. This inability to discern the true spiritual path because of tremendous tribal interference with delivery of the spiritual Messages is the reason why God is dumping the organized religions now in favor of Celestial Torah recognition is that nobody can mess with the stars and planets that compose God’s Sign Language. Priests of Judah could write their own earthly Torah any way they wanted to but they can’t reach the stars to do anything about them. That’s why astrology was forbidden to learn for Jews and Pauline Christians following Jews. So the Celestial Torah was lost long ago. Now its recovered and available to anyone on earth simply by stepping outside at night and looking up at the sky. Unlike organized religions peddling their “Word of God” religious warfare ideologies, astrology has quietly spread all around the world so that it is actually astrology that is the universal spiritual system in use daily–world newspapers carrying astrological forecasts tell that story but religious leaders never pay attention.

    “Spiritual, not religious”, that is the new worldwide paradigm for people who are sick and tired of all the violent crap that has been spawned over the centuries by organized religions. They are all man-made territorial enterprises to make money and control societies by using fear of God for the Abrahamics and fear of normal human emotions interfering with higher consciousness in Eastern religions.

  • According to your genetics you are African. Like all the rest of us.
    There are no genetic differences which make Jews a different species.
    Your fake science is worthless.

  • ben in oakland

    With a name like Stephen Lewis, how can you be Jewish? How is jewish a race?

  • Re: “But the critique is not being paired with serious acknowledgement, much less practical encouragement, of those working to make Islam part of the solution.”

    OK, I’ll bite. Who are these reformers? Where are they? What, exactly, are they doing to reform Islam. How, exactly, do they intend to convey their reforms to other Muslims? In what way, exactly, will they convince those other Muslims to go along with their reforms? Do they possess the courage they’ll need to deal with the inevitable confrontations they’ll face with those who refuse to go along with their reforms?

    It’s really great to talk about reforming Islam so that it can’t provide a haven for primitive barbarity. It’s wonderful. More power to these reformers. The problem is, there is an ENORMOUS difference between discussing these putative reformers, and actually identifying them. There’s also an ENORMOUS difference between discussing reforms of Islam, and actually REFORMING Islam.

    In other words … don’t just talk about it. Start doing it already. The civilized world can’t afford to wait any longer for these putative “reforms” to materialize and become substantive rather than abstract.

  • Re: “Do you research before going off half-cocked to support political Zionism vs. ethical responsibility and spiritual truth.”

    Maybe you should take your own advice first. For instance, there’s this:

    Just something to think about between your bouts of spewing anti-Semitic rants.

  • It will be Muslim women who lead the coming Islamic Reformation because they have been the most abused by Muhammad’s edicts claimed to be Allah’s. It’s going to very hard for Muslim women to pull the Reformation off as fundamentalist male Muhammadan idolators will not let any Muslim reinterpret Muhammad’s clear words urging murder of anyone who doesn’t agree with Muhammad’s ideas and his religious totalitarian dictatorship of believers. But only women can buck male violence in today’s world. Violence towards men is still being accepted but you wait, if Muhammadan killers go after women and children they destroy Muhammadism all that much faster..which needs to be done as Muhammad idolatry can never become real Islam, a religion of peace.

    There are real Muslims practicing real Islam, Ahmadiyyah Muslims, and they are highly persecuted for this by Muhammadan idolators, the Sunnis and Shiites. But the Ahmadiyyahs do show the good peaceful inner core potential of Islam so there is hope for the future for all Muslims. But first they must grow up spiritually and morally to learn how to tell right from wrong which is not the same thing as telling believers from infidels as they are beginning to learn..

  • Matthew Posner

    Yes, and the KKK are all good Christians, as were the Nazis.

  • Jack

    Pan, some of them are risking their life in standing up to radical Islamism.

    Are you risking your life for anything?

  • Jack

    More Khazar nonsense and other anti-Semitic garbage from a deeply confused heart and mind. I suppose this is what happens when Jewish interaction with the left goes beyond the usual flirtation and becomes a full-blown embrace — it twists the soul into bizarre forms of self-hatred.

    FYI, the Khazars’ conversion came long after the 7th century. Moreover they were a tiny tribe — and to claim that all or even most Ashkenazi Jews descended from them would make them the most prolific reproducers in history.

    Finally, your depiction of the Jews in Israel as western imperialists ignores the entire history of the relationship between the Jewish people and their land, including the history of the past century.

  • Jack

    Funny, I guessed you were a Gnostic but wanted to read a few more posts of yours to be sure.

    Gnosticism in all of its forms, from Marcion to Nazism, has always been anti-Semitic, as well as anti-Christian.

  • Jack

    Wrong, Stephen. Genetic studies suggest that Ashkenazic Jews have more in common with their Sephardic brethren than they have with Eastern European Gentiles. If the Khazar theory fits, this would not be the case.

  • Jack

    Oh, he’s Jewish alright….by descent. His parents or grandparents were probably old Stalinists who believed that both religion and nationalism were twin evils that had to be eradicated — hence his hatred of both Jewish religion and Zionism.

  • @Jack,

    Your idea of ‘standing up’ is to promote an alternative fantasy:

    “Zombies walked for Jesus to show support and to scare the holy crap out of the Roman soldiers” – (Matthew 27:52)

    Your idea of ‘standing up’ involves drippy flesh and melting eye sockets.

    What the world desperately needs is sanity and secularism.

  • Jack

    Stephen, there is no Christianity without Judaism — and Paul didn’t reattach anything. He simply was part of the first generation of Christians, who were nearly all Jews who believed that the Jews’ long-awaited Messiah had come in the person of Jesus. In those days, these people were considered a new sect within the ferment of first-century Israel. It was later on that Christianity emerged as a completely separate religion and we could then speak of two separate religions — Christianity and Judaism.

    Gnosticism came later — after the first century. It believed that matter was illusory or evil, and, if evil, created by a wicked demigod, not the good God of the Hebrew Bible, who declared matter “good.” It painted the Jews as an evil people of matter who opposed the “spirit.” (Nazi ideology picked up on that 18 centuries later) While subsequent councils of Christendom wisely decreed Gnosticism a heresy, subgroups still embraced bits and pieces of its unhealthy attitudes toward the human body as well as toward the Jews…..leading to the extremes of asceticism on the one hand and debauchery on the other.

  • Jack

    ************************Non Sequitur Alert*************************************

    Max, you are now first in the running in the Non Sequitur Post of the Week……

    The question is whether old stalwarts like Larry can best you this time.

  • And Robespiere, Stalin, Mao, and Pot Pol, were angelic atheists promoting good will to all.

  • Robespiere, Stalin, Mao, and Pot Pol, were enforcing RELIGIOUS Claims.
    That is not Atheism.

    Atheism is Disbelief in religious claims, not the enforcement of them!

    The enemy you properly fear is anyone who would dismantle the separation of church and state. Yet you seem bent on dismantling it at your soonest opportunity.

    Blind allegiance and unthinking loyalty to a bad idea (religion) will do that.

  • Jack

    Max, don’t be ridiculous. Marxism was and is self-consciously and specifically atheistic, as was Karl Marx himself. Marx believed that Communism could not stand without atheism.

    That doesn’t mean that all or most atheists are Communists. What it does mean is that Communists are atheists….to the core.

  • Jack,

    You are being tiresome.

    The statement, “There is NO God”
    Is a Hard Atheist Religious Claim.

    Enforcement of any religious claim is fascist and criminal.

    I have repeatedly explained to you that ENFORCEMENT of religious claims – even Hard Atheism – is the enemy of humanity.
    It is a religious position and it is wrong twice:

    1. It is wrong to claim that God’s existence is IMPOSSIBLE
    unless one has proof of that claim. But such a belief is harmless in the same way that saying Leprechauns are impossible is a harmless belief.

    2. The enemy of humanity is to ENFORCE the religious claim on others.

    Your ONLY protection from such enforcement is the Separation of Church and State.

    For Peace, Culture and the Separation of Church and State

  • Jack,

    You have such a problem.
    You don’t understand the words you throw around. And you blame me for your lack of understanding.

    ATHEISM = Non belief in a God or gods. It is a rejection of religious claims until further notice.
    Simple Atheism is Agnostic it is only about belief and does not claim to know anything about existence of gods.

    HARD ATHEISM = claims that God DOES NOT EXIST.
    FASCISM = the enforcement of a religious claim.

    Marxism embodied the Hard Atheistic claim that God “does not exist”. Marxism was a religious claim enforced by the state.

    Without Separation of Church and State
    the power of the state can enforce dogmatic claims – such as “There is no God”.

    “Congress shall make no law establishing a religion or prevent the free exercise thereof.” – US Constitution

    Hard Atheism is not a danger to anyone
    unless it is enforced as a religious claim.

    Simple Atheism – NON Belief – is the healthiest way to approach all claims of all religions. Skepticism until further notice!

    But to enforce this on others is inhuman.
    People must be completely free to accept or reject any religious claim without dictators.

    I believe in eating Healthy food. (Atheism)
    But I do not believe that people who eat junk food should be slaughtered! (Fascism)

    If you can’t tell the difference you are not worth talking to.

  • Karyn Wilson (another atheist)

    Atheist Max,
    “I believe in eating Healthy food. (Atheism)
    But I do not believe that people who eat junk food should be slaughtered! (Fascism)”

    I’m using this whenever people throw the stalin arguments at me. Your comment here is great, you simplify complicated things to the essentials. I appreciate the thought you have given to these things. I did not know hard atheism was a thing.

  • Stephen:

    You cannot draw a line from Hard Atheism (a religious claim that insists there is no god) to Mass Genocide unless you include Enforcement under Law.

    Stalinism, Pol Pot and Mao – these were Agrarian Religious Cults which claimed ManGods, miracles and Hard Atheism.

    Those are not examples of common agnostic Atheism.
    This is Agnostic Atheism:
    “Congress shall make no law establishing a religion….” – US Constitution

    The Separation of Church and State is your only protection from the enforcement of ANY religious claims: HARD ATHEISM, ISLAM, CHRISTIANITY – whatever.

    The enemy of human freedom
    is anyone who says: “You MUST believe this, or else.”

    Atheism is merely the lack of belief in a god.
    It is not a religious claim. It is completely benign. It does not threaten your religion or your right to your religion.

    I advocate that religion be freely abandoned. Not outlawed.
    You can always go back to your religion if you want to.

    But if you lose Separation of Church and State you will not be able to go back to anything you ever had. All religions will be banned except whatever claim wins the dictator’s lottery.

    Your reading assignment is ANIMAL FARM by George Orwell.

    For Peace, Liberty and The Separation of Church and State

  • Jack

    Sure, enforcement of religious claims is wrong…..and how does it follow that when atheists get control and shove their ideas down people’s throats, it is somehow the fault of theists? When theists do it, it’s their own fault and likewise with atheists.

    You’re not making any sense at all.

  • Jack

    Read your second-to-last paragraph… is nonsensical. To give you the benefit of the doubt, perhaps there’s a typo there or a missing word. But the way it reads now, it is gibberish.

    Retype with the missing word or start again.

  • A.Max, don’t be so silly in your reasoning. You are an atheist. Not an agnostic but an atheist which means you’ve made up your mind about spiritual phenomena that it does not exist and there is no God. Well, that line of reasoning isn’t logical because you don’t know what you’re talking about because of never experiencing spiritual phenomena. Without experience, no knowledge, and certainly no way at all to make any rational judgment calls other than you just plain don’t know, i.e. agnostic position. But atheists are much too egotistical to be rational thinkers and say to themselves and the world, We KNOW everything about this phenomena, spiritual consciousness, none of us has ever experienced. Because WE haven’t been able to have spiritual consciousness WE know it doesn’t exist because WE can’t do it, therefore, nobody else can either because WE know everything about it even though we haven’t a clue what it is and must rely on fellow WE Atheists ideas about it.

    Like I always tell you now, come back when you have something intelligent to say, but posting trite and very wrong atheist delusions about God and spirituality is just you being an atheist troll filling another religious discussion with off-topic atheist nonsense. It just makes you dumb about theists, like continually mistaking my Christian beliefs for Pauline Christian ones and like assuming I would be against Church and State Separation. If you were able to read my posts without your atheist goggles on fogging everything up, you’d see that I am fiercely anti-organized religion and count on Separation of Church and State to hold back theocracy and let individual freedom be left alone.

  • Jack,

    “how does it follow that when atheists get control and shove their ideas down people’s throats, it is somehow the fault of theists?”

    Theism promotes surrender to authority.
    Atheism doesn’t.

    It is not an accident that Czarist Russia – a very religious country – fell deeply into fascism. Religion is Authoritarianism, top down command structure.

    Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia – all are deeply religious and simultaneously deeply Authoritarian. There is practically no hope for these societies to ever find a wall of separation between church and state to enable freedom. Because religion is too strong.

    Islam means ‘surrender’.
    “Faith” also means to surrender despite evidence to the contrary.

    Freedom’s enemy is religion. Not Atheism.
    The Separation of Church and State is the best invention Humanity has created so far to keep Dictatorial power out of America.

  • Steven,

    “you are an atheist which means you’ve made up your mind…”

    NONSENSE!! You need an education about Atheism.

    ATHEISM = “I see no reason to believe in your god.”

    Show me a convincing reason and I will believe – I PROMISE – Go!
    Go ahead – FIX ME!

    SHOW ME YOUR EVIDENCE! I’m not closed minded. I’M READY!!!!!

    But don’t bore me with your personal anecdotes and testimonies. I already explained to accept them from you would mean I have to accept them from everybody else and I’m not prepared to accept someone’s personal testimony of Sasquatch!! Not unless they can do better than personal testimony – that is just cheating.

    You show evidence of a god or forget it.
    But don’t say I’ve made up my mind – I haven’t.

    Not if you have proof of god. Go ahead an show me your real, solid evidence.

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