• Larry

    How many times do you have to be reminded that your sect would rather have homeless and dying gay children than live ones?

    The reason why gay children make up such a large proportion of the teen homeless population is because of alleged Christian parents abandoning them. Kicking their children out of the homes for being gay. Why would such people want to acknowledge and ameliorate the effects of such behavior?

  • I am deeply sorry to hear this. I don’t understand the level of hate.

  • Nicely done, Eliel! Not a trace of anger or bitterness. I appreciate the way you’re handling this in spite of the University painting you as impossible to work with and just running to the media. Keep up the good work!

  • “For whatever you did for these least of my brothers, you did for me.”

    “Even the gay ones?”

    “Nah, screw them!”

  • Mr. Cruz, your passion to reach out to homeless LBGTQ youth is inspiring. Well done, sir. As a Christian, I would think an effort would be made to seek for ways to minister financially and spiritually from a faith based perspective, If there are no such organizations, then why not start one? The same miracle that brought abundantly more than you could ever have made selling cupcakes is there to embrace by faith to find homes, feed, clothe and offer the life transforming message of Christ’s unconditional love, forgiveness and acceptance to every homeless LGBTQ young person out there. OK, Andrews misses out on the blessing of giving. We get it, but putting so much of the focus on Andrews draws attention away from these kids. So they dropped the ball. Pick it up and run for the goal for the glory of God!

  • Paul

    I’m sorry to tell you that the Seventh day Adventist Organization is far far away from the promotion of the gospel of our lord Jesus Christ.

    Please SDA members: open your eyes, the SDA organization does not support our Lord Jesus Christ commandments.

    The SDA organization is a cultic group. It looks like a christian church but there’s a huge difference, their doctrines are FALSE, their “prophet” E. White is FALSE. The way E.White interpret multiple verses is twisted, out of context, is FALSE.

    Please SDA members FOLLOW CHRIST! Follow the teachings of Christ! study the writings of Christ’s disciples, the writings of Paul the apostle.

    It’s time to stop believing in human created doctrines ( E. White as inspired by God, the 1844 doctrine, old mosaic laws-, vegetarian diet law, dominical law, etc)

    It’s time to place all our faith in Jesus and be born again from the SPIRIT.

    Our commandment as christians is to love our neighbors as ourselves!!

    Is that the focus of the SDA church? it is not!! their focus is teaching and following old covenant laws and teaching false doctrines by E. White and enriching themselves (tithes) from the poverty of their members, it’s a deceptive organization.

    Where is our faith in Christ? SDA member please read the bible by yourselves!

    Galatians chapter 3, chapter 4
    2nd Corinthians 3
    Hebrews 8
    Colossians 2
    Romans 7

  • Dennis

    Not one voice here supporting the church. How sad. Put me down as one supporting the calling of sin by its rightful name. Love the sinner HATE the sin. I look at this as endorsing the sin and the church should never be a part of that.

  • James Carr

    I don’t understand the homing in on helping the LGBT homeless in particular, rather than the homeless in general. Again, this type of selective “help” seems intentionally set up to stir controversy. Why does the Gay community continue to taunt the Religious institutions…….knowing that it places them in a position of being called discriminatory or hateful ? Sell the cupcakes in the public square, gay bars, or LGBT events.

  • Larry

    Because the church is acting badly here.

    “Hating the sin” in this case is a morally indefensible excuse for a greater sin, indifference to the suffering of others, approval of willfully abandoning one’s children.

    If you you look upon trying to help homeless teens as something sinful and to be avoided, it does not speak well for your religious beliefs in any way.

  • Eric

    Dennis, when you get to the judgement seat and Christ is there, do you think he will ask, hey did make sure to support the church and its every tenent or did you love and help people on the fringes of society, dying, lonely, in need? Oh wait, I know the answer it’s in Matthew 25, the latter question.

  • ben in oakland


    no true Christian…

    strikes again!

  • Erin

    Just because a person is in sin we should not help them? I don’t see the logic in that. We show god’s love by helping everyone even if we do not agree with their beliefs. It is by our love and service to others (regardless of their sins) that we show them God’s love for them. All of us are sinners and nobody is less deserving than another person. The homeless population all have different needs. The LGBT community just has different needs than the rest of the homeless population and many times those needs are neglected. What this group of student is doing is admirable. I don’t think we should stop helping those in need because we don’t believe or think similar to them. Im a student in international development and we are taught that we always need to remain neutral in our service to others. We need to focus on meeting a person’s need and not focus on what they believe as a prerequisite for getting help. I really don’t see the different in this situation.

  • Lynnette,

    “I don’t understand the level of hate”

    Christians must follow cold-hearted instructions if they are to remain in their faith.
    “Avoid Them” (Romans 16:17)
    “For whoever greets him takes part in his wicked works.” (2 John 1:11)

    Cherry picking around the evil parts of Christianity is hard (pointless) work.
    Better to just be nice and not look for Christ or Yahweh for a reason to do so.

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  • Jan Peterson

    Well, can you imagine there is one posting by a “church follower” surprised that there wasn’t even one voice supporting the church?? No, I wasn’t either. Dennis, yours will be in the very large minority. Anyone that HAS read a bible, without needing someone to translate WHAT it means, will see that Jesus, aka “the Christ” found in the word Christian, never once questioned what sins a person committed or did not commit before he fed them, clothed them or healed them. I chose to point out this very thing, not because I believe it is a sin to be GLBT, but because the bible has clearly shown that it doesn’t matter whether being GLBT is a sin or NOT! This makes me so sick to my stomach that these supposed “followers of Christ” have decided it’s their job to make this determination before helping people!

  • Ben in Oakland

    Of course! Helping kids made homeless by their homo-hating parents and their particular, peculiar version of god is just like endorsing sin. That’s why we should Never help homeless people, because they are probably homeless due to sin, and we simply don’t want to endorse it.

    Apparently, you have a bible where most people have a heart.

  • chikexyz

    LGBT student leaders perceived the intent was to make the fundraiser broader and not as LGBT specific.
    The intent of the church was for them to support LGBT people not LGBT. The Seventh Day Adventist does not condone LGBT. They are willing to help homeless people but they do not want to support LGBT. LGBT is a sin and people of Christian faith do not condone such behavior. Remember Jesus Christ overturned the tables of the money changers and the benches of those who were selling in His temple. Jesus Loves but He does not condone sin. Condoning sin is not love. Anyone who says he loves you and knows that you are behaving in a way that is harmful to yourself and others but says and does nothing about it does not really love you. Anyone who knows that what you are doing is wrong but will not tell you does not love you. Jesus loves you and will tell you that what you are doing is wrong just like He told the woman caught in adultery to go in peace, AND leave your life of sin.

  • chikexyz

    It is sad when people make full effort to crucify the church over homosexuality. Homosexuality is a sin, being a christian is not. And anyone who wants to call a Christian a “bigot” or a “hater” should read the Bible and know that God detests man on man sex. But like many have said before if one confesses his sins to Jesus and repents of his sin Jesus is willing and able to forgive him of his sins. Everybody read the Scriptures or go to a God – fearing church and have someone teach you. These online authors do not know the Scripture or they do and intentionally decide to mislead people. Christ is coming. This is too important to waste away a perfect opportunity.

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  • Doug

    I don’t recall Jesus or Paul teaching us to worry about matters of theological debate. We were taught to serve and help people first. Paul in Romans 12 (14?) specifically instructed us not to judge our fellow servants of Christ. Do not presume that you asked to take on the job of Holy Spirit and convict people’s hearts. We must love God, love each other, and help those in need.

    As an Alumni of Andrews, I think the University’s stance is wrong. I find it fascinating that Dennis’ comment put the word hate in all-caps, not the word love. That is not my gospel. My gospel emphasizes love over hate.

  • That was exactly my reaction. While conservative Christianity isn’t the only cause of homophobia, it’s certainly done a lot to promote and spread it. When conservative Christian parents believe what their pastors say, life gets hard for their LGBT kids. LGBT teens are asked to forgo love and dating, to go to “therapy” that stuffs them into a straight and gender-typical mold, to shut up and seethe while people who claim to love them unknowingly say hateful things about them. This leads to teens either getting kicked out or being put in such an untenable situation that the only option they can see is to run.

    Sometimes LGBT teens get into the foster system or become homeless for unrelated reasons, too, and have less access to resources than straight teens. Sometimes they are bullied, have anti-LGBT foster parents object to them, etc. Trans and gender-atypical kids are hard to place in sex-segregated housing, too.

    My wife’s parents were Russian Orthodox, which has slightly different issues, but they still add up to homophobia. They threw her out when a friend couldn’t keep her being lesbian a secret. She spent her senior year of high school couch-surfing, occasionally riding buses or the subway for a few days at a stretch for something shelter-like. Miraculously, she had help, graduated, and went to college. A lot of teens weren’t and still aren’t that lucky. They fall through the cracks.

    The fact is, if it weren’t for homophobia, charities like Fierce, NYC’s Ali Forney Center, etc. wouldn’t be needed. The LGBT kids could use the same resources every other runaway, homeless, or foster teen uses, and fewer would be throwaways or runaways. So if you don’t like these organizations? We don’t like seeing young lives treated like garbage, and I vaguely remember that Jesus didn’t, either. Stop being homophobic, treat LGBT lives like they matter (because they DO), and Cruz won’t feel any need to sell cupcakes for these groups.

  • Please believe me when I say we understand the hate part just fine, and so do the LGBT kids who run away or are thrown away.

  • Ben in oakland

    God hates all kinds of things– apparently the very same things that a certain class of his followers also hate, obsess over, and slander and revile about.

    Interesting that you said “God hates man-on-man sex”. Is that because lesbians are HAWT, or is it because that’s what seems to get your homohatred going the most? Because the rest of the isns of the world don’ty seem to matter much.

  • Ben in oakland

    “Anyone who says he loves you and knows that you are behaving in a way that is harmful to yourself and others but says and does nothing about it does not really love you.”

    Well thank you. I love you, tpoo, but I hate your sins of slander and reviling, judgment of others before you have achieved spiritual and moral perfection yourself. So I will tell you that your hatred of gay people, whether disguised as sincere religious belief or admitted for what it is, is harmful to you, to any gay person you know, and to all gay people

  • Karla

    Eric-Preaching against sin is not judging. John 7:24 says don’t judge by
    mere appearance but make a right judgment so that means don’t judge
    by what someone says but by their actions because many can seem like
    a Christian but that doesn’t mean they are and we are not to judge in a
    hypocritcal way but to judge between right and wrong. We are to pull the
    plank out of our own eye so we can preach against sin which isn’t judging.
    That’s why we all need to Repent/not be a hypocrite so we can preach the
    Truth which many today do not or if they do preach they only talk about a
    homosexual or a/the abortion people because they still get drunk,be mean,
    gossip,gamble,have premarital sex so preaching against sin is not judging.
    We are known by our fruit and that fruit is of a Repentance not good works
    because many,many non-believers do good works so we all must Repent!
    Bible says Repent and believe the Gospel to be saved! We must Repent!
    Read 1 Corinthians 5 and 6 whole chapters/Luke 13 plus Romans 1:18-32.

  • Ben in oakland

    We most definitely are. The problem is, you don’t want to know about it, because it disturbs the narrative you tell yourself to justify the hatred you so blatantly display while you are being “silenced.”

    Ali Forney Center, Gay and Lesbian National hotline, Trevor project, gay-straight alliance, Horizon Foundation, Lyric, GLSEN, and a host of other agencies I support financially are help homeless gay youth. Those are just poff the top of my head.

    Next time you read Corinthians, be sure to read the part about slander and reviling and who isn’t going to heaven.

  • Ben in oakland

    Not reality at all– just the hate and despite you extend towards gay people daily as you post here.

  • Ben in oakland

    It’s Seventh Day Adventists, not Mormons.

    not that that makes it any better.

  • Karla

    Dana-Christianity is Truth/not a cult. God is real. Read Romans 1:18-32
    plus read Psalm 22:16-18 and also Isaiah 53:3-7 which are both specific
    prophecy about Jesus proving Jesus is the Messiah/only way to heaven!

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  • Telling somebody that a behavior is a sin is not judging them. You are simply telling them that God does not condone such behavior. That is like telling somebody that he is judging you because he told you that it is wrong to lie or steal. God wants us to tell people that such behavior is wrong. Wouldn’t you want your coworker, mom, or dad to tell you when you are behaving badly or acting in error?
    Please read the Bible well or allow someone to teach you. Judging someone is when you go to that person and tell him flatly that he is evil, wicked based on your own words, thoughts, and revelations. No human has the authority to do that. The Word, the Bible does have the authority though to Judge so it is important that you read up on it so that you know what you are going to be held accountable for.

  • The Great God Pan

    “Why isn’t the wealthy and affluent “Gay Community” doing anything to shelter and protect “Gay Youth?””

    Try to keep up. It was two gay organizations that were partnering to do the fundraiser: AULL4One and Project Fierce in Chicago. The school was apparently being asked to allow a bake sale to take place on its campus, not to “send finances.”

  • James Carr

    The Church has no interest in the gay agenda, except to repel it’s encroachment into areas that define the Catholic Faith. Feeding the homeless and poor is a hallmark of Catholic Charity since 33 AD, and it does not dole out charity exclusiveley to one group. To highlight “LGBT” homeless is an obnoxious and unecessary distinction.

  • James Carr

    Then just “do it” and promote your grand atheistic gesture as you see fit. Do atheists need to proclaim that they are just like Christians……for we have no desire to be like atheists. Stay in your own neighborhood.

  • I want to add that the Point Foundation assists LGBT college students whose parents refuse to help them. The Point Foundation provides scholarships, guidance, places to go for holidays, etc. Again, none of these organizations would have to exist if it weren’t for parental and institutional homophobia. We don’t *want* special organizations; we *need* them.

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  • Ben in Oakland

    “To highlight “LGBT” homeless is an obnoxious and unnecessary distinction

    Only to you, and only because your hatred and despite directed at gay people informs every thought you have on the subject.

    Only to a certain class of so-called Christian can helping the helpless be a pretext for condemning the helpers.

  • Billysees

    The NT has all the important stuff, but even then its applicability and importance towards every person is different.

    Keep these in mind as you read any Bible —

    1. Man’s ways are of the Lord, …….Proverbs 20:24

    2. All things are allowable, all things are lawful, all things are permissible…..1 Corinthians 6:12…..1 Corinthians 10:23

    Paul, the majority contributor to the NT, says this about his own writings and it may apply to other scriptures as well —
    1. …our knowledge is partial and incomplete…
    2. …we see things imperfectly…
    3. All that I know now is partial and incomplete…
    (1 Corinthians 13:9,12)

    Those three points are exactly the reason it is necessary to judge and evaluate a matter or people based on all reasonable, ‘current’ attitudes, experiences and knowledge.

    The above is also the evidence needed to show that in Paul’s words, he reveals that there is no infallibility or accuracy or approval. Even inspired opinions are up for interpretation.

    There isn’t always much that convinces that Jesus and scripture are clear about many things. Clarity in scripture is not evident to the casual reader. The Christian life simply cannot be full of difficult to understand or remember concepts using all kinds of wording.

    There is a tremendous simplicity about the Christian experience and that it is the work of the ‘Spirit’ in us. That spiritual work does not need to be academic, intellectual, ecclesiastical, theological or any other activity for only the few.

    Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and he will give you everything you need. So don’t be afraid, little flock, for it gives your Father great happiness to give you the Kingdom………Luke 12:31,32

    That thing called the ‘Kingdom of God’ is the simple situation of us striving to do good works and striving to live in peace and joy in the Holy Spirit in us.

    That is also said in the following way —

    “The Kingdom of God is not in ‘word’ (scripture verses), but ‘power’ (Spirit of God in us)……it’s not food and drink but ‘righteousness’ (good works and deeds) and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit”….1 Cor 4:20 plus Rom 14:17

    Work out ‘your own’ understanding or salvation as Paul would write.

    Do your own thing. The ‘Spirit’ will help us do that.

    1. … behold, the kingdom of God is within us……….Luke 17 21

    2. …the ‘Spirit of Truth’…will guide us into all the truth…he will declare to us the things that are to come…….John 16:13

    Here’s a good example of ‘the things that are to come’ —
    We can now see and give recognition of the ‘positives’ and ‘greatness’ that LGBT’s bring into God’s creation.


  • Larry

    Ken you are a liar.what else is new. “demanding parents accept their lifestyle” is a bullcrap euphemism for asking to be treated like human beings.

    You have already shown yourself to be a person of low character and prone to making crap up in favor of your brand of Christian bigotry. Parents don’t waive their obligligations to care for their children if their children are. “disrespectful”. You are under the insane impression that being in the presence of gay people is a license for Christians to act as maliciously as humanly possible.

    Please don’t ever lecture me about, the morality of your little cult. You have no concept of the word. You want to see dead children on the streets.

  • Larry

    “Do atheists need to proclaim that they are just like Christians”

    Of course not. If they are obviously BETTER than many of the Christians expressing their opinions here.

    I would hope atheists are not like Christians similar to yourself. You would condemn people who help homeless children due to religious bigotry. Atheists being unencumbered by such official types to hate would not be expected to do the same.

    You have no desire to be like atheists because you want a socially sanctioned reason to attack others and act maliciously. Religion provides that for you. The fact that you consider yourself as representative of Christian belief speaks badly of that faith.

  • Cramer

    The hateful don’t represent all Christians. There are many GLBTQ people of faith living the gospel and serving Jesus Christ. You don’t represent all Christians.

  • Eliel Cruz

    I just don’t personally have the time to start that type or organization. But also, i’m not interested in starting an organization that doesn’t fully affirm LGBT people.

  • Eliel Cruz

    Hi, what do you mean by “LGBT”? Cause it read’s “does not condone lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender.”

    LGBT is an adjective and you seem to be missing the noun.

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  • Doc Anthony

    Cruz is welcome to sell the cupcakes “for these groups.” Nobody is trying to stop him on that issue. He could begin baking and selling, and raising the $$$$, even today.

    But if he insists on **Andrews University** or the **Seventh Day Adventists** raising that money, if he insists that THEY provide financial support for those groups, then what those groups preach and teach is automatically an issue that has to be considered. That aspect is NOT going to go away.

    Remember, the Andrews admins even went halfway on this thing, and came up with a sincere alternative, an interdenominational ministry to the homeless called “Night Ministry”.

    Granted, as Cruz points out, they apparently suggested this ministry without fully checking it out (and kudos to Cruz for indeed checking it out and finding out some real problems therewith.) But the fact remains that the Andrews admins at least tried to come up with something. So they’re not “homophobic”, (whatever that fake political buzzword means).

    So what’s the solution? There isn’t one, because Andrews has no business giving money to charities whose preaching and teaching openly contradicts Andrews’ mission statement and biblical position. You just have to do your own efforts, or join forces with those who already agree with your position.

    Christians have an obligation to reach out to youth in trouble (ALL of them, not just one preferred flavor or another), and to reach out to the homeless of any flavor, but they HAVE to do it without compromising with or condoning sin. And the Bible gets the last word on what is sin.

  • Mary

    What an awesome reply!!! How about making cupcakes for homeless? Why does it have to be just one group? I am so sick of groups attacking religious groups because they perceive the religious groups as non- tolerant! REALLY, I find liberals and people with causes such as these as the most non- tolerant people going.

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