• Greg

    “We’re repeating our past.” Indeed, Eliel. We are becoming Pagan Rome again.

  • Bob

    I don’t think we will ever rid the world of religious fundamentalists, we can only hope that its power to still influence the masses will rightly diminish and at some point be relegated to the backwaters. The greater problem by far is that the more myopic our view of God / world / Bible the more convinced we are of its utter rightness. Motives rarely seem to be taken into consideration and as such these same ancient, antiquated, out-dated, primitive views become almost untouchable, its still makes me shudder.

  • Mark

    Bob, there is some reason to object to some forms of religion, but the term fundamentalism is much abused. Christianity does not dictate how other people should live. That urge is a human trait not limited to any religion.

    Your irrational fear (“its still makes me shudder”) is where the urge to control comes from. Your first sentence actually came across as extremist and intolerant, while your post is probably against the intolerance of christians to homosexuality. You actually used the expression “rid the world of religious fundamentalists”.

    So, let’s be the change we want to see.

  • Larry

    The anti gay idiots still haven’t learned their lesson from Scott Lively’s foibles. Promoting the imprisonment and murder of gays in Africa DOES come back to bite you guys in the behind in the US. Everyone knows they are doing it.

    Plausible deniability is long gone.

  • Bob

    Hi Mark,

    Yes! you make a very good point thank you for picking up all my own significant intolerances as equally as intolerant and those “others” that I have demonized.

  • Larry

    In the grand scheme of things, you are being a ridiculously defensive here. Nobody is seriously considering forcibly ridding the world of religious fundamentalists. However religious fundamentalists are serious about ridding the world of others.

    In this case American Christian fundamentalists are promoting the imprisonment and execution of people based on their sexual orientation. That is a far cry from their opposition. A sane person should be intolerant of the promotion of such nasty-minded and harmful goals

  • Doc Anthony

    But now Larry, you have left yourself wide open for the rational response, “Exactly HOW is Pastor Rick Warren promoting imprisonment and murder of African gays?”

    After all, back in 2012, Pastor Warren (and honestly, he’s a REAL pastor!) explicitly stated about the infamous Uganda law, “An unjust law in Uganda is back in the news. I opposed it 3 years ago and I still do.” Bet you didn’t even know he said it, dude.

    (What? Are you relying on these TFAM gay activists to tell you the real truth about these things? Seriously?)

    And TFAM’s soggy “spiritual neo-colonialism” rhetoric sounds utterly fake and retro, like it’s “the Second Coming of H. Rap Brown” or something. It’s just not working.

    Honestly, this new TFAM gig seems like such a waste of time. TFAM doesn’t like the Bible’s very clear and permanent opposition to homosexual behavior and gay marriage.
    THAT is the real issue. They should just own up to it, and save the Africans some time.

  • Larry

    As I said, plausible deniability is long gone. Rick Warren only said the remarks when his involvement was becoming far too apparent. Nobody is fooled.

    In 2008 he was traveling to Uganda to provide justification for that very same law.


    All you have shown me is that well known pastors know how disavow their prior actions.

  • Indeed, shedding homophobia in Africa is part of that continent de-colonizing itself -removing the vestiges of white colonialism.

    author, Kissing Fish: christianity for people who don’t like christianity.

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