Update: Charles Stanley declines award after Jews question his views on gays

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Dr. Charles Stanley, senior pastor of First Baptist Church, and founder of In Touch Ministries, thanks U.S. Soldiers and their families for their service to the nation during his speech at the All American Chapel of Fort Bragg, N.C., on Nov. 6, 2013.

Photo courtesy of Staff Sgt. Nancy Lugo [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Dr. Charles Stanley, senior pastor of First Baptist Church, and founder of In Touch Ministries, thanks U.S. Soldiers and their families for their service to the nation during his speech at the All American Chapel of Fort Bragg, N.C., on Nov. 6, 2013.

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(RNS) A giant of the Southern Baptist Convention declines an award from a Jewish group after his history of anti-gay remarks stokes controversy.

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  • ben in oakland

    Probably a good idea, Mr. Stanley. It is amazing to me the contortions that some antigay people will go through to justify their social prejudices as the Word o’ God.

    Homosexuality is an act disobedience to god. but denying that god ever had a son–much less the thought that by “believing” in this son, whatever that means, you are washed free of sin– is not.

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  • Joel

    Of course the gays were more than glad to have Stanley decline the award and quietly exit the scene. That is their intent. But this incident might for out good. Hopefully Evangelicals will begin to wake up and realize that modern Israel with its gross apostacy and moral reprobation is no more God’s People than any other nation who’s god is Baal including the U.S. Showing God’s love through the offer of the Gospel to fallen Jews does not require, and in fact is hindered by, a blind patriotism to this modern national Israel. Modern Zionist Jews view Zionist Christians as fools; useful idiots. It’s time to wake up.

  • Joel

    …”our” good…

  • Larry

    It was so much more honest when Evangelicals were frothing at the mouth anti-Semites, out in the open. Instead you have the backhanded tone deaf hosannas underlying a complete lack of respect for the Jews and Israelis they allegedly support.

  • ben in oakland

    and thank you for proving my point.

  • ben in oakland

    “GAWD Almighty does not hear the prayer of a Jew!”

    F. Bailey Smith, President of the southern Baptist convention, circa 1978.

    Well, I might have misspelled the GAWD part.

  • Charles Stanley is a colossal bigot.
    Thanks to these scoundrels religion is dying off.

    These stories of bigoted pastors are suddenly so common, so repulsive and so transparently disgusting nobody wants to have anything to do with these scoundrels.

    “Kill Homosexuals” – Yahweh (Leviticus 20:13)
    Charles Stanley is only following orders.

    If someone published a book saying “Kill all Christians” how long would it take for Christians to screech about persecution?
    Atheists have no such book.

    But Muslims do:

    “Kill the infidels wherever you find them (Surah 2:191)…..Infidels are those who declare: “God is the Christ, the son of Mary.” (Sura 5:17)

    Abandon these primitive ideas while you still have time left in your life to do real good – instead of following this primitive bigoted barbarism.

  • opheliart

    A. M.

    you might want to look in on your bishops once in a while … they play their cards coolly … but do know they are just as much in league with the bigotry stated here, and … remember, ALWAYS remember … who does anything and everything, including lie, deceive and allow children to be used and abused … to appear “chaste” … and never wrong (theologically speaking, which of course, rules all).

    I think you are missing the bigger bateau.

  • Jaco

    I agree with your point of view.

  • Nonsense. I have no ‘bishops’. It is you who are missing the boat.

    I reject and renounce all bigotry of every conceivable kind.

    If your LIFE MANUAL says,”KILL THEM” you are a bigot.
    If your Life Manual also says killing “THEM” will bring a better world – you are a bigot promoting a bigoted religion.

    Humanists like me do not make claims about ‘THEM’.

  • James Carr

    What a Christian thing to do, even though it was a Jewish group offering him this award. Looks like the gay Gestapo has its Jewish recruits raising hell again to silence any voice against them.

  • Doc Anthony

    The Rev. Charles Stanley has just proved why his name ranks squarely among the too tier of Southern Baptist pastoral leadership.

    I’m not putting him on any pedastals, but THAT guy, is indeed a Down Home Top Drawer Christian Preacher With A Backbone. Quite a refreshing sight, these days!

    No fake, no shake-n-bake. Just a 100 percent, USDA Prime Cut, Bible-believing Pastor. He’s the **genuine** article, the kind you can’t buy at Wal-Mart.

    Accept NO substitutes, baby !!!

  • Doc Anthony

    Typo correction: “TOP TIER.” Period !!!!!!!!!

  • opheliart

    THEM? Who is ‘THEM’?

  • James Carr

    Owing to the fact that God gave the admonishment on homosexual acts to the Jews first, these hypocritical Jews denounce an advocate for God’s Will and make themselves theological cave-ins to Society.

    There is no courage in pleasing man at God’s expense. Heretics……….

  • Ben in oakland

    Mr. Carr, Mr. Carr…

    Really!!! Now we’ve taken over Judaism? And Stanley has been “silenced”? Nope. He’s free to yack and rant– like you, to an ever decreasing audience..

    Can’t you just realize that the tide is turning against you? There is no gay gestapo, no conspiracy, bullying, no nothing. It is simply this. THE TIDE IS TURNING.

    And you don’t like it one bit. It frightens you, and so you invent the conspiracies, silencing, and bullying. It’s the only explanation that can possibly make sense, because the world must simply despise, and hate gay people as much as you do.

    unfortunately for you, they don’t.

    You just don’t get it. We have friends, families, churches, ministers, entire denominations, neighbors, and colleagues, that have seen the ugly face of hatred and bigotry, one which you so proudly wear.

    They know who YOU are. They know who WE are. you and your ilk– and there is a lot of ilk there– have been weighed in the balance, and found wanting…

  • Ben in oakland

    Oh, now you’re going all old testament on us. Jimmy, you are not a prophet of god, just a very angry, fearful man.

    oh, wait. Heretics! That’s really far more New testament, isn’t it? Christianity was a Jewish heresy back in the day. and when your holy catholic church had a chance at the heretics– well, you might want to do a little research on the Albigensians and cathars.

    Just remember: the tide is turning. Today’s heretics are tomorrows heroes.

  • Gregory Peterson

    Civil Rights movements are always such dreadful liberal conspiracies, right Mr. Carr?

  • Ben in oakland

    Wasn’t it the Southern Baptists that were formed out of their differences with their other Baptist brethren over whether god wanted them to own other human beings of the duskier sort? Wasn’t it the SBC that finally apologized for that, Jim Crow, and segregation in 1995? And wasn’t it the Baptists that used god’s word to justify all three?

    You’re right. true men of god, true Christians, every man jack of them.

  • Doc Anthony

    That’s just it, Ben — the Southern Baptists DID apologize, they DID publicly acknowledge that they got God’s Word wrong.

    (Of course, I’m still waiting on the UCC denomination (and the MCC denomination as well) to do the exact same apology and acknowledgment — regarding some *other* issues.)

    But meanwhile, it’s totally clear that Dr. Charles Stanley has nothing to apologize for today. HE is the only party in this little dustup who walked away with a totally clean and honorable slate, not to mention kudos from ALL sides.

  • Doc Anthony

    So you hate Christianity, Messianic Judaism, and any Christians who support the state of Israel against Iran, ISIS, Terrorism, etc. No surprises there !!

  • Ben in oakland

    I guess irony is not one of your strong points.

    They were wrong to hate on blacks, citing the word of God, but they are right when they hate on gay people, citing the word of God.

    And please spare me “you just can’t compare black people and gay people.” We’re not talking about the Oppression Olympics of your imagination, we are talking about using the overs of God to harm other people.

  • Ben in oakland

    Sorry, not overs. word.

  • Actually, the Torah only contains condemnation of male homosexual acts. Female homosexual acts are un-mentioned.

  • ben in oakland

    Actually, no it doesn’t. It might forbid anal sex. Might. But after that, it doesn’t.

    that was the opinion of three conservative rabbis who studied the matter. That’s why gay people can be ordained as conservative rabbis.

  • Shawnie5

    My thoughts exactly, Doc. Dr. Stanley walked away from this circus with the dignity of a true disciple. All the world’s accolades are worth zippo if the Master finds you wanting.

  • There is no such thing is THEM.

    I don’t believe in ‘Them’ – do you?

  • Larry

    Nope. Just find Christian Zionists to be phonies and ignorant in general. They don’t know squat about Israel besides what the ultra-right wing tells them. They are delusional enough to think disagreement with them is somehow support of Iran, ISIS and terrorism, despite the fact that they don’t do jack about any of them besides talk a great game. Their support of Israel is enthusiastic but ridiculously quixotic. They want to fight to the very last Israeli.

    it was far more honest when those Christians were just frothing at the mouth anti-semites. The Christian zionists still don’t respect or bother to learn much about jews or Israel beyond their personal agendas.

  • Diogenes

    With reference to Ben in Oakland, Atheist Max, Larry, and their regular assertions that Christianity is dying…that soon there will be few of us left. In North America and western Europe that may be true, but N.A. and the E.U. are not the whole world. In many places globally, people who are truly oppressed, both by so called ‘rationalistic’ states, and true religious extremists, there are thousands of people placing their faith in Christ daily; because they know best the capability of human evil. As to the so called ‘oppressed’ in America, by whatever classification, try and get a clue.

  • Greg

    Ben, the “Plan of Salvation” has been in progress since the beginning of time. The Jews are Spiritual Fathers to the Christians; in fact, Christianity is effectively “fulfilled Judaism” (Romans 11:17). So the Old Testament applies when it comes to the underlying principles of morality. Yes they had other rituals, and expressions, but the moral law continues to be the moral law. And just so you know, God IS Mercy, God IS Justice, God IS Love. He is the embodiment of those attributes; they flow from Him. One sin from man would be enough to send a person to Hell for all eternity; however, Jesus, who is God the Son, took on a human body, and was ultimately “sacrificed” for something he did not do. And within the Plan of God, sacrifice atones for sin, and since Jesus is God, then His Sacrifice is limitless in its value. So, once we are baptized into the Body of Christ, then his Sacrifice can be applied to us if we ask for forgiveness, and repent (turn away) from sin.

  • Greg

    Ben, don’t broad brush. The Catholic Church vehemently denounced chattel slavery of the indigenous peoples in 1537 AD. Slavery in our day is becoming an outdated thing, but many forms of ancient slavery were a way of life, as way to pay off debt, to pay for land, etc. In effect you provided services to the person in charge for a period of years, and once the time was up, you were free to go. In our day, we look to jobs to pay for debts, etc., but millennia ago, labor was used to pay for things. At present, we tend to equate the horrors of the aboriginal chattel slavery as the one and only definition, but it is not. In our day, the biggest form of abusive slavery is that of sex slavery, and many turn a blind eye to it. I never did like the Gospel of Charles Stanley, though, as it only highlighted the easy-way-to-heaven gospel.

  • James Carr

    Civil rights? Oh, so sinners are now an identified group suffering discrimination? Well, I’ll be.

  • opheliart

    “There is no such thing is THEM.”
    Language varies. Were you born reading? Were you born reading Koine Greek, Hebrew, Aramaic, French, Armenian? How about English? Language varies just as TRANSLATIONS have varied. To some, “is them” means something—somewhere. Also, LANGUAGE evolves just as people do. One can never say there is no such thing as ____, because somewhere it exists. Just because it does not sit with YOUR VERSION, does not mean it does not exist.

    Now, you might want to think about your own hatred, and if not hatred then think about your use of the English Language.


  • Larry

    Way to miss the point Greg. The Southern Baptists formed specifically in support of slavery and then explicitly supported segregation. This is not some aspersions being cast but acknowledged history of the sect.

    BTW you are weasel wording. The church only opposed slavery of native Americans, but dully supported or looked the other way to the use of African slaves. You lie through blatant omission.

    Honest citation to history is not your strong suit.

  • Be Brave

    Pastor Stanley was persecuted for the faith. Which is always the case when Christian truth and homosexual power and control meet.

    He did what was right to shake off the dust and move on. Per Jesus.

    He is loved eternally by The Church.

    He did well.

  • opheliart

    Also, you might learn something by looking into the “language” of The Essenes.


  • opheliart

    Just so that people reading these comments at RNS understand … THE CHURCH you refer to, Bb, and “my church” spoken in Matthew are not of the same “language” … as God shows no favoritism. Peace is of the ESSENCE of the Spirituality of Christ. Yours is of a Patriarchal domination.

  • There is no “Them” when it comes to humanity.
    We are all one species – one race.

    Chimps are “Them”
    Gorillas are “Them”

    Humans are “us”.

  • Larry

    And this is why theocratic states are the pinnacle of freedom, peace and stability. The most religious governments rule in the most moral fashion.

    Oh wait, no they don’t. They are all autocratic crapholes.

  • opheliart

    Ah, I see your flat bed thinking. You were reared in a flat bed grid of thought which says that all must think one dimensionally—Patriarchal—and is why I suggested the “Essenes Language”, which is about upward movement. As gnostic, I do not think all as Human, as there is disparity in thought. I am not of the mindset of ISIL … nor am I of the mindset of Roman Catholicism, or Islam … I believe “we” are in a continuance of growth. We are evolving and not yet where “we” need to be in health, well being and soundness of mind. You may think you have arrived, and have no reason to grow beyond what you are at present, but gnosis teaches within the Paradox on Love. But, of course, all of this is lost ON “you”.

  • So bigotry is okay with you?
    I don’t want whatever it is you’re selling.

  • Ben in oakland

    I’ve never once stated that christianity is dying. Not my style, and I couldn’t not care about it any less than I already don’t.

    My only concern with Christianity, or any other religion, is the propensity of SOME Christians to be theocratic, and insist that the rest of us have to governed in CIVIL law by their purely theological concerns.

    As for your concern that gay people are not truly oppressed, not compared to others in the rest of the world, I would just say…


    But you’re still trying.

  • Ben in oakland

    I was t talking about the Catholic Church, was I?

    But, if you are interested in slavery and the RCC, you might want to read about the current controversies over Junipero Serra.

  • Ben in oakland

    Slimy mess? Only to theocrats.

    The rest of your rant? It IS a civil right when your religious beliefs in a secular republic are used to harm, derogate, and slander people who don’t share your theological beliefs.

    the civil right is the right to live free of your poison.

  • Ben in oakland


    How about you do as Jesus bade you, and worry about your own sins before you turn your laser like attention on mine?

    I don’t care about your belief about some plan of salvation, except when you insist that it must be mine. Live your life according to your beliefs, and stay the hell–word chosen carefully– out of mine.

    I’m sorry– well no I’m not– that my existence offends you, I’m going to keep on existing. Perhaps you could just find something better to do with your time.

    We’ll both be happier. Then you could put your attention on, oh, I don’t know, feeding the hungry and working for world peace.

    BTW, if Jesus was God, it was God who allowed sin into the world. In which case, he did indeed DO it.

  • Garson Abuita

    Ben in Oakland, the Conservative Jewish majority view that you cite does still forbid anal sex between males, as the plain meaning of the Torah prohibition. Other same-sex relations are viewed the same as heterosexual ones, ie permissible within a committed relationship.

  • Southern Bella

    Some folks really need to get a life. Pretty soon no one will be deemed fit to be awarded anything. Pete Rose not getting into the Hall of Fame has proven to be the handwriting on the wall. I sure hope that my dislike of cats won’t deem me ineligible for winning “Employee of the Year” at the hospital!

  • James Carr

    Wrong again, Benihaha. Christian theology causes no harm, nor teaches that any harm be brought on the weak willed of humanity. It guides and teaches what is moral and of service to the greater good. It sets boundaries of morality that are for the welfare of all, and would never agree to a chaotic plethora of degrading personal acts. You disagree, of course, but you are a participant in this chaos and would hate to see it reined in. It is not a matter of civil rights, though……it is a matter of man satisfying his most base instincts.

  • Living Water

    Dr. Stanley is among the most trusted Pastors in the United States. I have heard his comments regarding homosexuality and gay marriage. They are never bigoted or hate-filled as indicated by some of these posts. What these liberal militant Jewish organizations enjoy doing is attacking anyone who holds to biblical principles since they reject Yahweh and refuse to obey what God has revealed to them in their own Torah. These Jewish groups are really angry with what God has said and thus prefer to live in their own sin. Their ultimate goal is to rid God’s word from public discourse because it convicts and reminds people of their sin.

  • Larry

    Hey Living Water, you are not Jewish. It is the height of sectarian arrogance for you to expect your take on “biblical principles” to be the same as those adopted by the Jewish faith.

    Then again, virtually all of you Christian Bible thumpers are latent anti-semites anyway. You may support Jews and Israel in public, but will never respect them or their beliefs. Especially if they are not aligned with yours. In the end Jews are just doomed heathens who reject your savior and will never be given real consideration.

  • ben in oakland

    “He “has publicly called AIDS God’s punishment for America’s acceptance of homosexuality and called homosexuality ‘destructive behavior,’’

    I know it’s impossible for you to see this comment as full of hate, but since a) world wide, AIDS is a heterosexual problem and b) his comment about destructive is an absolute lie about people whom he doesn’t know anything about, and c) all kinds of people, approximately 2/3 of the world, in fact, think that Christianity is quaint but untrue story, and he has no problem with THEIR disobedience…

    I’d say, “Yes. Hate is a good description of his attitude.”

  • James Carr

    Hating sin is good. Endorsing sin cripples the world.

  • ben in oakland

    Well, you are sort of right. Christian theology causes no harm, but put it in the hands of Dominionists like you, slaveholders like a good portion of the Christian south, slaveholders like those who colonized the new world, fascists like Adolph hitler, genocidal maniacs like the conquistadors, witch-burners like Cotton Mather, segregationists like the Southern Baptists, would be conquerors like the crusaders, and and and and and and…

    And it becomes deadly.

  • Ben in oakland

    But it’s a sin not to believe that Jesus died for your sins, so endorsing religious freedom is endorsing sin.

    So you’re against religious freedom right? unless it’s religious freedom for you and your fellow travelers.

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