Rainbow jihad * Sex church * iSwap: April’s Religious Freedom Recap

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Same-sex marriage heads back to SCOTUS. A Tennessee sex club becomes a church to skirt zoning restrictions. And Boko Haram rebrands as iSwap, aligning not with Apple but with the Islamic State. All this and more in April’s global religious freedom recap.

  • Not an Atheist

    I couldn’t find even ONE positive mention of Christians or Christianity in this entire propaganda piece. Even the Pope got the rainbow slam.

    Religion News Service is having a bad sheep’s clothing day. It’s becoming easier to see the wolf under its supposed journalistic disguise.

  • Richard

    Rainbow jihad? What about ‘love jihad’?

  • Larry

    Totally irrelevant point on my part, but when I read the term “Rainbow jihad”, Ronnie James Dio popped into my head.

    Of course when affriming churches are involved its more appropriately a “Rainbow Crusade”. But Fundamentalist Christians like to think they own that word. 🙂

  • Greg

    Hey, since the left is attempting to redefine “marriage,” maybe they can redefine “religion” while they are at it. Hey, the sky’s the limit these days (Isaiah 5:20).

  • Larry

    Maybe you can tell me why “definitions” are more important than reasons and purposes behind something.

    Hey, why discuss a subject on its facts and merits when you can dance around definitions and vague pronouncements? 🙂