• Erik

    Congratulations to Kevin!!! I would imagine that this is a huge weight lifted off his shoulders. I love the photo of Kevin and Grant and the boys.

  • Larry

    I have to be brutally honest here. I find Kevin’s story and actions make a helluva lot more sense than those who still beg and plead to be accepted in sects which actively seek to diminish and discriminate against people based on sexual orientation.

    Kevin was willing to search the vast world of religious beliefs and sects to find one which allowed him to live in an honest, sane manner. In many ways it may seem like a cop-out and many hold out the hope that their less “affirming” sect members will have a change of heart (as well as their leadership). But there is a quixotic nature to such efforts.

    Many of the more conservative sects use such prejudices as a unifying principle. A collective scapegoat to lay blames upon. To expect humanity out of those willing to do that can seem fruitless.

    In many ways it must be far less stressful and positive to simply seek out those who do not need to be cajoled and won over into accepting you as a human being.

  • Ben in oakland

    Well, uh-oh.

    “He just didn’t want his sexuality to somehow reflect how people viewed the work of RNS as a whole.

    This is certainly going to add fuel to the fire for those who think that the Homosexual Menace (TM) has taken over RNS and a number of churches in order to force poor Christians to bow down to the Golden Militant Homosexual Agenda (TM). But then, they can think that without any evidence at all. In fact, that’s what they usually do on any issues having to do with homosexuality.

    So, congratulations, Kevin. I’m glad you finally found the spiritual and religious peace you needed to have in order to have a happy husband and family.

  • Doc Anthony

    I first saw the news about Kevin Eckstrom five days ago, on Greg Kandra’s blog “The Deacons Bench”. (Curiously, Kandra’s article “A Religion Journalist Comes Out” is no longer there. Error 404, you know.)

    But until now, RNS has been more than a little reticent about the Eckstrom issue. Very curious situation.

    Some posters have noticed, as I did, that RNS is really heavy on the pro-gay-marriage stories and op-eds. So let’s be honest: Was that emphasis (or bias!) a partial result of Editor-In-Chief Kevin Eckstrom’s own “family” situation?

    One additional issue that has “come out of the closet” lately, is the relationship between RNS and the gay lobby called Arcus Foundation. The Catholic News Agency offered a food-for-thought headline: Is RNS really “An Arcus News Service?” (4-6-2015). Consider well:


    So, what sayest thou, readers?

  • Dave

    amen RNS! God bless America and the Gay Christians!

    Doc, get a life and do something good. Stop being such a negative troll.

  • Doc Anthony

    Typo correction: the date on the Catholic News Agency article is 4-1-2015).

    By the way, according to Breitbart News (4-8-2015), the Arcus Foundation was among the top bundlers for Barack Obama’s 2012 campaign.

    Plus, if you see the group “Faithful America” being mentioned in any news stories, remember that they received a $75,000 grant from Arcus Foundation this year. (Source: Breitbart News).

    Simply stated, the money is intended to help “Faithful America” do “greater media visibility” for “Christians” who promote gay marriage. Just so’s ya knows.

  • Eliel Cruz

    I’m sure this will be the first, and last time, i’ll feature your comment as it directly affirms the argument in this post. Thanks Doc!

  • etseq

    If anything, this explains why RNS seems to bend over backwards to “balance” anything that seems pro-LGBT by hiring Sarah Pulliam Bailey as not just an opinion columnist but also for so-called “straight” reporting. SPB is a well known conservative evangelical who was editor at Christianity Today and also worked for getreligion.com, a rightwing media “criticism” blog funded by the Ahmanson (http://www.patheos.com/blogs/getreligion/sarah-pulliam-bailey/ http://religiondispatches.org/does-conservative-watchdog-actually-get-religion/). Her anti-gay bias is unmistakeable in her articles about “religious freedom” (http://religionnews.com/2013/09/06/gay-rights-vs-religious-rights-7-issues-to-watch/) or promoting celibacy as the new ex-gay (http://religionnews.com/2014/08/04/gay-christian-celibate-changing-face-homosexuality-debate/)
    Too bad Kevin never responded to the many criticisms of SPB and now we know why – didn’t want to blow open that closet door. Better late…

  • Deacon John M. Bresnahan

    For a lot of people who were wondering why RNS –in its choice of headlines and stories to run and feature-seemed to be a gay propaganda news outlet now understand. And being financed to run gay news stories by Arcus only adds to proving what a lie RNS is as a so-called mainstream news service. One wonders how much of this behind the scenes manipulation is going on in other news outlets.

  • Eliel Cruz

    But actually we each individually get to decide what stories to run. I decide what stories and what headlines completely on my own. Second, a small grant is hardly financing.