The Earth is becoming a ‘garbage dump’ and other unofficial quotes from environmental encyclical

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Pope Francis gestures as he arrives to lead his Wednesday general audience in Saint Peter's square at the Vatican May 20, 2015.


Pope Francis gestures as he arrives to lead his Wednesday general audience in Saint Peter's square at the Vatican May 20, 2015. Photo courtesy of REUTERS/Tony Gentile

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(RNS) Pope Francis states clearly that global warming is a fact and mankind has contributed to it. Above all, he stresses that everyone has a moral duty to work to mitigate the effects of climate change to avert a worldwide disaster.

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  • Doc Anthony

    So a prominent climate change researcher with multiple science awards and over 220 publications, such as Dr. Lennart Bengtsson, didn’t even get the slightest fair hearing, the slightest acknowledgment, from Pope Francis?

    Was it because Bengtsson publicly expressed a few reservations, about how the United Nations IPCC global-warming gang were doing some things?

    Has Pope Francis turned a blind eye to professional climate-change scientists and meteorologists who offer various dissents or doubts?

    Just this year, a global-warming **supporter** — Prof. David Pielke Jr, of the University of Colorado — was hit with a congressional investigation merely for disagreeing with Obama’s position on greenhouse gases. Does Pope Francis care at all?

    Apparently he doesn’t, based on this article. And that would mean, despite some good quotations, that Pope Francis has merely written a $ales-Pitch, uncritical and unbalanced, to help $ell the global-warming religion.

  • Kale

    He’s a trained, sophisticated religious charlatan and religious leader, but one with enough scientific training to be dangerous. Reset your expectations downward accordingly.

  • Dr. Haas

    Here’s a good link for the climate change deniers to fume about.

  • Be Brave

    Climate change is just evolution ridding the planet of the virus known as human life.

    So what?

    Let’s just keep using all of those poisonous products brought to us by scientist after scientist making all that corporate money inventing more and more polluting thing.

    You know, the scientists that teach us about climate change.

    It’s over for mankind. Just deal with the evolution and get out of the way of the new higher species. The insects.

    What? You evolution-believing secularists don’t like that reality?

    Too bad. A few more plastic products and you won’t be around anyway. None of us will.

  • Doc H

    Something that Francis et al. can light up a cigarette about and fume away as they ponder:

  • ciao

    The climate change fanatics who are 100% de-populationists, make strange bedfellows with the Catholic Church. The UN, who actively promotes abortion, contraception and sterilization to poor 3rd world countries under the code words women’s reproductive rights and sustainable development, seems to need the moral ground support from the Pope not only to boost its lagging popularity, but to shut the mouths of its critics so that they can go ahead with their radical policies with the blessing of what amounts to God himself.

  • James Nemec

    Let’s definitely not reserve judgment until the actual encyclical comes out and we should definitely make assumptions as to what “research” the Pope has done.

    Pope Francis comes from a left of center political environment and his approach to this matter is consistent with that. Not that different from John Paul II, but in this hypersensitive and penchant for hyperbole environment, the media/people are making more of this letter than should be made of it.

    And from what I’ve read, Roger A. Pielke, Jr was asked for his sources of research funding and got his britches in a bunch. I would think if there were any conflicts of interest, it would be beneficial to the public to know of them, if policy is going to be derived from said scientific opinion. This should be across the board.

  • Vicar Dave

    I believe in God, not in climate change. Climate Change is a fact that is scientifically open to proof and cross examination.
    The Pope has it right!

  • mark

    In my opinion the real reason we have “climate change” is because god being the creator, and the one that keeps order of the universe, has been excluded of late from schools and from governments, and even in churches. With things like gay marriage abortion and the culture of death we are seeing everywhere, and the way we have trashed the planet { we are all guilty of trashing the planet } I can’t help but think we may have overstepped the mark by a fair bit and God is very disappointed with this generation. so maybe just maybe he is sending us a stern warning, that it is he alone that holds order in everything and can change things if he feels like it. We havn’t learnt anything from all the other chastisements that happened and were predicted at Fatima,(wars) so maybe we need this to remind us of who is watching over us. The scientists are always going to tell everyone what they like so they keep the funds flowing for more research, and to keep them in a prestigious occupation.

  • James

    Desposable culture. Don’t have time and resources for a baby…..just throw it in the dumpster. Don’t like the woman (or husband) you’re married to……just strike up an adulterous relationship with the hottie at work…..and dump the wife (or husband) and kids. It’s a so simple……and so quick. Hey, no fault divorces for a no fault generation.

  • william neu

    It may be a whole lot simpler than we are willing to entertain, see: