Deadly rampages: We have seen this before

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A man reacts while talking to police officer near the scene of shooting at the Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina, on June 17, 2015. A gunman opened fire on Wednesday evening at the historic African-American church in downtown Charleston, South Carolina. Photo courtesy of REUTERS/Randall Hill *Editors: This photo may only be republished with RNS-DEADLY-RAMPAGE, originally transmitted on June 18, 2015.

A man reacts while talking to police officer near the scene of shooting at the Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina, on June 17, 2015. A gunman opened fire on Wednesday evening at the historic African-American church in downtown Charleston, South Carolina. Photo courtesy of REUTERS/Randall Hill *Editors: This photo may only be republished with RNS-DEADLY-RAMPAGE, originally transmitted on June 18, 2015.

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Another mass shooting. This time it was a humble church, the oldest AME church in the South, where people had gathered for a prayer meeting.

  • Fran

    This very malicious event, as well as the others mentioned concerning the taking of precious human lives, only confirm that the entire world is in the last days of a wicked era when the “love of many shall wax cold” (Matthew 24:12). Hate, prejudice and racism has become the “norm” in our world.

    Thankfully, God’s kingdom or heavenly government (Daniel 2:44) will soon intervene in man’s affairs and put an end to all the terrible conditions we now face on a daily basis (Isaiah 11:1-9; Micah 4:3,4).

    That government will bring true peace and security to all meek persons, no matter what race or culture, of all nations, and wicked ones will no longer exist on earth (Psalm 37:10,11). There ARE many things we can look forward to, but they will only come from God, and not man.

  • Garson Abuita

    Fran, how do Jehovah’s Witnesses respond when it’s pointed out that you’ve been saying the same thing about the “last days” literally for 100 years?

  • Greg1

    The JW’s refuse to acknowledge that the Kingdom of God is already here in principle (Luke 22:29), and is known as the Catholic Church, but only needs to be finalized into its perfected form (1Thess 4:16-18). It will never be destroyed, (Luke 1:32, Dan 2:44, Matt 16:18), and will last forever (2Peter 1:11). But yes, this man is a lunatic, and should be put away for life. As for the article attempting to blame this on guns, well, the problem is not enough people carry guns. If those in that Church were armed, then we would have had a very different outcome to this crime. Sadly, it is not the guns which do the killing, but the maniacs who choose to kill. And we all need protection from these fools.

  • Donald Kosloff

    Why did “Deadly Rampages” omit the most significant deadly rampage: the destruct of the World Trade Center Towers, the Oklahoma City bombing and the New York City Happyland mass murder?

  • Michael Glass

    The problem of gun violence in the US is not a matter of the last days. It’s a matter of your Second Amendment and the interpretation that has been put on it.

    Other countries don’t have the problem of gun massacres that the United States has because they don’t have the gun culture or an equivalent to your second amendment in their constitutions.

    If America wants to stop the massacres it will have to tackle the gun culture. Until that happens, there will continue to be reports about “the latest massacre”.

  • Donald Kosloff

    The only people who pretend to “interpret” the clearly understood Second Amendment are the people who are continuing their process of stripping the people of their inherent right to self defenses. The recent massacre in SC is another example of what happens when people surrender that essential right. It happens as well in other developed nations, even though some like to pretend otherwise. The unarmed multitude murdered in Norway are still a silent testament to that reality. When our President tells a lie, that doesn’t change the truth

  • Michael Glass

    Of course, other countries have had terrible gun massacres. However, the response has been different. After gun massacres in Scotland and Tasmania, the UK and Australia tightened their gun laws. The changes in the law seemed to work in Australia. Before 1996 and the Port Arthur massacre, there were a number of mass shootings. These stopped after the gun laws were tightened.

    American gun culture has made your country the butt of satire. See and

    Gun control looks a lot different when you live outside the United States.

  • Donald Kosloff

    Satire can easily be used by liars and those who are ignorant about what the are satirizing. That is why satire is not a reliable source of information or understanding. As someone who actively supported “gun control” for 30 years I aware of the abject failure of “gun control”. Gun control had no impact on the Boston Marathon or Oklahoma City bombers, the World Trade Center terrorists or those who bombed the American Embassies in Africa. Most mass shootings are enabled by “gun controls” that strip potential victims of self defense. The mass gun murders in Norway and Paris provided further violence proof of by hat. That is why almost all reporting of “gun violence” is dishonest. It is always reported as though death from other violence has a better outcome. That is why the more deadly mass murders, committed without firearms, are seldom included in summaries of “mass killings”.

  • Fran


    I gladly reply that Jehovah’s Witnesses have diligently and consistently preached the “good news of God’s kingdom” for the past 100 years! What other “group” has been doing this this for that duration? If it had not been blessed by Yahweh or Jehovah God back then, nor until now, it certainly would have failed!

    We have done this despite persecution in Nazi concentration camps, in the U.S. during the two world wars, other countries, and presently in Russia and Korea.

    That little group in 1914 has grown to over 8 million in over 200 lands and hundreds of languages. Last year, 275,581 were baptized…more Kingdom proclaimers worldwide!
    We have added a marvelous tool to our ministry,, available in more than 540 languages!

    We will continue this preaching work UNTIL God’s kingdom intervenes in man’s affairs, puts an end to all human governments, and replaces them (Daniel 2:44). Then Jesus’ peaceful millennial rule will begin (Isaiah 11:1-9; 9:6,7).

  • Michael Glass

    You can’t expect gun control to control bombs. However, when you state that most mass shootings are enabled by gun controls “that strip potential victims of self defense” I think you have the facts upside down. When guns were restricted in Australia following the Port Arthur massacre (there was a huge buyback of guns that were then destroyed) the number of suicides fell. But please don’t take my word for it. Read this article in the Washington Post:

    You believe that guns protect, and I’m sure they can, but at least one study shows that homes without guns are actually safer than those with guns. It’s cold comfort to say you are better protected from strangers, when the greatest danger to an individual may be from within his or her own family.

  • Donald Kosloff

    Suicice does not involve self-defense and is not primarily influenced by “gun control”. That is most easily seen by looking at the suicide rates for Japan. Anti-Human rights (anti-gun) activists like to showcase Japan as a paragon of “gun control”. Yet the combined homocide-suicide rates in Japan are consistently much higher than the homicide-suicide rates in the U.S. So the anti-gun arguments related to suicide is another dishonest argument. Such arguments are common and easy for anti-gunners because they have been talking out of both sides of their mouth for decades. Experienced liars can be quite skilled, especially when they are supported by so-called journalists.

  • Donald Kosloff

    The Washington Post is an excellent example of a biased newspaper that is all in for the destruction of the inherent human right of self defense and the Second Amendment. Nobody at the WaPo would ever let truth stand in the way of any argument in favor of “gun control”.

  • Michael Glass

    Where is your evidence that the Washington Post is so biased? Just saying that a paper is “biased” proves nothing.

  • Michael Glass

    Yes, Japan does have a high suicide rate, but it’s quite a different society than that of the United States. According to the list in Wikipedia, the intentional death rate in the United States is higher than the rate in Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and many European countries. The United States came in at number 62 out of the 107 countries listed. See

    Another study in a medical journal concluded: “The United States has far higher rates of firearm deaths-firearm homicides, firearm suicides, and unintentional firearm deaths compared with other high-income countries. The US overall suicide rate is not out of line with these countries, but the United States is an outlier in terms of our overall homicide rate.”