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  • David Frensley

    We all have to be so careful when deciding what we are being fed in media and politics. The Attorney General is a politically bent as any other kind of adherent to a cause.

    While it is easy to dismiss Roof as a “terrorist” or crazy, he was neither. He was a young man attached to the bad guys in a war. White Supremacists act and speak like members of an army. Why deny that? Nazi soldiers were not terrorists. They were soldiers dedicated to a cause. They were also the bad guys as they went too far.

    So those of us that haven’t been swayed to be a left-winger, or a right-winger or in any Army versus our neighbors, we should strive to have a voice in the deciding of matters. We are afterall the majority.

    Roof needs to be executed. Not because “I” believe in capital punishment or not, but, to answer his cause they way he demands it to be answered. If they hung combatants after the Nuremberg trials, this 21-year old murderer deserves the same outcome.