When thin-skinned Zoroastrians sue Snoop Dogg, we all lose

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Snoop Dogg

Photo by Jason Persse via Flickr

Photo by Jason Persse via Flickr

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Members of India’s Parsi community are suing Snoop Dogg and others for featuring a Zoroastrian symbol in a new music video they’ve deemed “insensitive” to their faith. Whatever comes of this baseless lawsuit, free speech will suffer.

  • Soup Dawg

    To Snoop Dogg- why not replace the Faravahar with the rainbow flag, it’s supposedly the in thing these days and is likely to get more attention.

  • Bill

    Why not? That looks like a good music video that the LGBT will also enjoy.

  • This is just another example of religion ruining everything.
    The only reason this awful video is getting attention is because Zoroastrians are upset about it.

    First – religion rains on everyone’s parade.
    Second, religion replaces it with their own ugly parade.

    The world must abandon all these religious claims for what they are – primitive hogwash.

  • Hamous

    Kinda like your religion. It certainly rains on everyone’s parade. Your religious rite is to hang around other religious websites and troll under the guise of being non-religious when in fact you’re a zealot along the lines of the Westboro nuts.

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