How Pope Francis makes Bernie Sanders look as “Catholic” as John Boehner

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WASHINGTON (RNS) How will U.S. political leaders welcome Pope Francis when he makes his first visit to the U.S., and the nation’s capital? Part of the answer may have emerged when House Speaker John Boehner and Sen. Bernie Sanders appeared on “Face the Nation” earlier this month.

  • Barbara Dayan

    Bernie Sanders and Pope Francis share much of the same world view about our responsibility to care for impoverished people and that money cannot be the God of life. It is shameful that we have greedy billionaires who would rather hoard their money in the Cayman Islands than help solve so many unmet needs here in America. Bernie Sanders says that their selfishness is very costly, he says “If people don’t have access to health care, if they don’t have access to education, if they don’t have access to jobs and affordable housing then we end up paying not only in terms of human suffering and the shortening of life expectancy but in actual dollars.”

    Sanders’ subcommittee examined disparities in life expectancy and found that:
    • Life expectancy for women has declined over the past 20 years in 313 U.S. counties.
    • People in the highest income group can expect to live, on average, at least 6.5 years longer than those in the lowest income group.
    • Almost as many people die from poverty…

  • Betty Clermont

    The media has completely misreported Bergoglio’s background. For two decades, just like his American confreres, he opposed progressive gov’ts seeking to alleviate the causes of poverty. The media has completely failed to report that not one man appointed or promoted by this pope supports such a government and, in fact, many acted to support right-wing movements, parties, gov’ts and military dictatorships, just as Bergoglio did.

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