• Mark Moore

    Atheists – they are everywhere. In the streets, in the churches, even in the NFL. Has to be a sign of the end times. But then isn’t everything we don’t like a sign of the end times? Maybe it is the end times of Christianity.

  • bqrq

    “…..His wife filed for divorce in July–they are the parents of two young children–and he settled a lawsuit out of court last year with Brittany Norwood, a woman who claimed Foster tried to pressure her into having an abortion after he cheated on his wife with her…..”

    Sounds like a typical God hating atheist; divorce, adultery, abortions, tattoos, children are hurt, many lies, lots of grief.

  • steve

    Says a lot about American society when it’s a big deal for a professional athlete to admit he’s atheist. I don’t think it’s newsworthy. I’d be surprised if there weren’t many more public figures (talking to you…politicians) who are closet atheists. Maybe you can make em all wear the scarlet letter A when they “come out”.

  • steve

    oh, Christians don’t do those sort of things now do they?

  • Greg1

    To finish up his tattooed body, he should get that letter “A” on his forehead (Atheist). What is it with tattoos these days??? They look so horrible, and you’re stuck with them for life. In 25 years they will just be distorted blobs of ink.

  • Big Tex

    Christianity, like all religions, is man made B.S.

  • dmj76

    You have studied all religions?

  • Doc Anthony

    Remember all the media hoopla over Michael Sam “coming out” as gay?

    People tried to point out that the only thing that mattered was whether Sam could play well enough to make it in the NFL. Messed-Up Boudoir-Business doesn’t earn you a spot on any NFL roster. Showing the coaches that you got what they want, is the ONLY way to get in the door.

    But no, the libbie media was determined to make Sam their little gay NFL poster boy, putting pressure on owners. That mess ended when everybody saw that Sam simply could NOT make it under the extreme heavy requirements demanded by every NFL team. Buh-Bye Sam, no more poster boy.

    But now the messed-up libbie media wants to do it again. They’re focussing on one player’s chosen religion of atheism, which has NOTHING to do with whether he can actually cut the mustard on the gridiron. Predictable and pitiful.

    If Mr. Foster has got the football goods, he’s IN. Otherwise, his atheist fanny is kicked OUT !!

  • Greg1

    Yes, in Football, you either have the talent, or you don’t. And that is all there is to it, whether Tim Tebow, or this guy. But to come out as an Atheist, tells me more about his IQ, than anything else. So we’ll have to see how he does on the field.

  • Daniel Berry, NYC

    oh yeh? In the last number of years I’ve heard plenty of stories that were even raunchier than that involving Christian evangelists who make a very public show of how christian they are. Where have you been hiding? And how do you live with the cognitive dissonance?

  • Be Brave

    Interesting that the hate comments here are directed at Christians and Christianity.

    Of course.

    Man the insanity that is the USA is fascinating to watch go on and on. Like Clowns on a Merry-Go-Round.

    Christianity is not an American invention. And “The Church” is not dependent on what licentious (and especially lascivious) Americans demand. He’s the product of a one-sided academic propaganda. Who cares what this guy believes as long as he doesn’t harm others.

    I’d rather this very powerful man be an atheist and not a Muslim. Makes for the lives of Christians to be a bit safer.

  • Be Brave


    By their fruit you will know them. E-hem, Scott Walker anyone? Hilary Clinton? Barack Obomination?

    It’s about reality pal.

    Anyone that truly, truly, thinks that nothing can create anything, let alone EVERYTHING, is some hapless idiot – with or without education – that you just humor, pat ’em on the head, and let move through life as you would any other weird person. It’s just that SO MANY atheists – scientists, eastern European sex slave traders – create so many things that harm us. From plastics to WMD, it’s too bad atheists don’t live what they say the believe. That this is the only life we live, so we got to extend it as long as possible and make it better for everyone.
    But alas . . . hypocrites do what hypocrites do.

  • Be Brave

    Another post of mine censored I see. Or rather don’t see it.

    Of course. Atheists and Christian-bashers can’t take their own medicine.

    Bullies rarely can.

  • Larry

    So when was the last time an atheist spokesperson was caught in a scandal having non-consensual relations with another? Because we see it among clergy and people who proclaim their self-styled moral superiority as Christians on a regular basis. So often that we even have a columnist on this site to deal with the issues of its aftermath.

  • Greg1

    Larry you are well aware that only so called “Christian” leaders will get the headlines when those awful incidents occur. If the news media were to report all the crimes of the atheists, there would be no room left for any other type of reporting.

  • Bqrq,

    “Sounds like a typical God hating atheist; divorce, adultery, abortions, tattoos, children are hurt, many lies, lots of grief.”

    Most Christian marriages end in divorce: Newt Gingrich, Rush Limbaugh, etc
    Atheist marriages last longer (pew).
    The vast majority of abortions are being done by Christian women.
    Most adultery is between Christians.
    Most tattoos are on Christians.
    Most pedophiles are Christians.

    What explains it?
    Atheists take personal responsibility. This appears to be a problem for you?

    Paul Newman was an Atheist.
    As was:
    Gene Roddenberry, Jonas Salk, Linus Pauling, Dan Dennett, Charles Shulz, Jacques Cousteau, Rod Serling, Mark Twain….
    None of these people are known for the evils which afflict the religious. Scapegoating, Vicarious redemption, shunning…all evil.

    Why don’t you just do the religious thing and call for beheading?

  • Larry

    Please give examples of athiest leader scandals or moral turpitude. You have this pressing need to defame people and lie in service of your faith. Your remark lacks any kind of credibility. Please clarify what you mean here.

  • Greg1

    Just read the back pages of your newspaper. How many child abusing public school teachers are just shuffled from school to school instead of being fired, and banned from teaching? The only time these things are reported is when the press finds out that one of these abusers is a Christian. Let’s face it, conservative Christianity, and especially the Catholic Church, are getting in the way of the Progressive Agenda, so whenever the Press has the opportunity to put a chink in that armor, they do so gleefully.

  • steve

    way to not answer the question. Bet you can’t give a real answer.

  • steve

    On average, atheists have much higher IQs than religionists, and especially, higher than evangelicals.

  • steve

    The bulk of our national insanity is Christian, so put that up your pipe and smoke it.

  • The Great God Pan

    “Is it possible that Christians are making America a better, more tolerant place for pluralism?”


  • The Great God Pan

    Anything to the left of World Net Daily is atheist as far as BeBrave & Co. are concerned.

  • Greg1

    Steve, uh … Oh, that’s right, I was supposed to give an example…uh…uh, man I am just plain stupid sometimes. I guess I had better try, try, try to give an example. This one was, ah… very hard, it was the first one that came up.

  • Greg1

    I was wondering what that was in the mirror.

  • Greg1

    You are correct; once a certain level of intelligence is reached, there is a trading off of common sense, for pure knowledge. So I would agree. That is why I stopped after getting my Bachelor’s. But I do love my Chemistry.

  • Anne

    Atheists don’t hate God.. you can’t hate something that doesn’t exist.. duh.

  • Greg1

    Carol, you are correct; my dense brain had to go to the second listing in Google for the next write up. I really wish I had your wit.

  • Rod

    Greg you were mistaken on your first post. You don’t get to rewrite that history and you got walloped for it just like you should have been.

  • Thomas Mack

    Actually, Christians are more likely than atheists to get divorced, have unwanted pregnancies, and to even be arrested and participate in pornography. Maybe you should not do your religion a disservice by spouting lies and misinformation in an attempt to stigmatize and marginalized a group that I am certain that you hope to “save”. By stigmatizing and marginalizing, you are only putting up a wall to prevent any atheists from ever taking you and/or your beliefs seriously.

  • Greg1

    Rod, my simple Google queries of supposed non-news from the mainstream media, shows how biased they are. When they have a chance to knock down the Catholic Church, they readily do so; when they see the same thing going on in Public Schools, they bury that news. And not just the pedophilia issue, but nearly every issue, unless, of course, it has become big news in a smaller market for one reason or another. They only report the news that fits their agenda. You, Carol, and Steve are chumps. You are playing right into their hands, and the hands of the Devil. I would feel used if I were you.

  • Larry

    So you are defaming atheists for no good reasons and without factual support.

    You are just flinging accusations to support your own faith. Lying for the Lord. Lying in service of your personal pi.

  • steve

    LOL you’re hilarious! You should really write a book. “My version of Reality!”

    Just one question…
    Who created God? Ever think about it? your whole premise sits on the argument that everything NEEDS a creator.

    Look in the mirror.

  • steve

    You’re probably right. Of course illiterate goat herders in the desert 1000’s of years ago knew more about the universe than today’s scientists. My bad. Galileo and Copernicus were idiots.

  • dmj76

    Dear Greg1
    Please explain to this religiously ignorant person what the comment about the mirror means.

  • mike

    It’s unfortunate that Christianity has been turned into the idolatry of God and God has, therefore, been turned into an idol or god. We seek the illusion of happiness or fulfillment from this crutchy approach to something that in it’s raw form – subverts the entire paradigm and turns it on it’s head.

    No wonder so many thinking-people reject it. God rejects it, too.

  • treedweller

    Atheists don’t hate God. It is a struggle sometimes, though, not to hate some of his spokesmen.

  • Re: “Sounds like a typical God hating atheist; divorce, adultery, abortions, tattoos, children are hurt, many lies, lots of grief.”

    Are you suggesting Christians never do any of those things? Why, of course they do! With as much relish as anyone else!

    Maybe it’s just me — cynical, godless agnostic heathen that I am — but I seem to recall your own Jesus having said something about the mote in another’s eye and a plank in your own (Matthew 7:3-5 & Luke 6:42). Maybe you ought to try obeying him, for once. Or like most Christians, do you excuse yourself from the obligation of having to obey the founder of your religion? http://www.agnostic-library.com/ma/scriptural-passages-christians-need-to-read-know-and-obey/

  • treedweller

    Amazing! You chose just the right religion. You chose just the right amount of education. You chose exactly the right list of “important” sins and know just which sins are minor. Are you related to Goldilocks?

  • Susan

    I object to the idea that God sides with team. Does God care who wins the Superbowl? I don’t think so. I also object to using the NFL to proselytize. No, you didn’t make it to the NFL, because God helped you. Your parent’s genes and your hard work did. If you didn’t make it to the NFL does that mean, God didn’t want you to? If you do believe in God, you should object to the way NFL players misuse their faith.

  • Larry

    “That is why I stopped after getting my Bachelor’s. But I do love my Chemistry.”

    So you got just enough education to be familiar with the subject but not enough to do anything with it. An undergrad degree in the sciences without any kind of follow up is more or less useless. Kind of a lazy way to deal with education.

  • Susan

    Be Brave, Hilary Clinton is a believing Methodist. You make not like her positions, but state the facts. How do you know these people you claim are atheists are really atheists. You don’t know. Believers have created many horrible things over the centuries, not just atheists.

  • Greg1

    dmj76, they deleted a bunch of rude comments and left mine there for people to wonder what they mean, Effectively they were calling me words like “stupid” and such… They should have just removed the whole thing so to keep the thread making sense.

  • Greg1

    Larry, I have been more successful in my field than many of my PhD co-workers. Theory only goes so far.