East-West Travelblog: From ‘atheist’ to ‘Christian’ over breakfast

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Megan Barry gets a layong on of hands. Photo from The Tennessean

Megan Barry gets a layong on of hands. Photo from The Tennessean

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (RNS) City officials would have us believe all is harmony in Music City. But with the country's largest community of Iraqi Kurds and sizable groups of Latinos, Somalis and Bhutanese moving into "the Buckle of the Bible Belt" that isn't always the case.

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  • Be Brave

    If this article were any more anti Christian it would have been written by Sat_n himself.

    But quite to be expected now that I’ve gotten to know what RNS is all about.

  • Larry

    So what is anti-Christian about drawing attention to organized bigotry and violence against minorities?

  • Be Brave, I understand what you mean. But RNS is what it is. God is needed on RNS. There is a lot of talk about God but how many people here really know Him? That is amazing isn’t it? For those of us who do know Him, we have a chance to help others learn of Him and possible to receive Him into their lives. For those who do NOT know yet, Jesus is The Way, the Truth and the Life, and NO ONE comes to the Father but by Him. Receive Him as Lord and Savior. Turn away from sin. Abide in Him through His Word and His Holy Spirit. Then you can truly tell others of your personal relationship with the Creator of the Universe. How awesome is that? God Bless

  • Richard Rush

    Mark, I’ve accepted reason as my personal savior. No more allowing ancient writings by ignorant Bronze Age men rule my life. No more waging war on science. I can now allow the concepts of evidence, logic, and reason to be relevant in my life. And no more having to go through life walking on eggshells. You should try it.

    Now, if you will excuse me, I going to climb into bed with my husband.

  • dmj76


    I respect your view, but for some of us “Life is chaos” (Steve Jobs quote)

    Reason is the best tool we have, and is often wondeful, but most of the time it seems like stuff just happens.

    best wishes

  • Diogenes

    How is the remark, “climb into bed with my husband,” even remotely relevant to the discussion? Marital and sexual status are not at issue here. As for Reason being a “personal savior,” the appeal to Rationality over Faith led directly to the “Reign of Terror” in late 18th century France. It is but a short step from Reason to Insane Irrationality. As for Bronze Age ignorance, those folks came a long way from zero, and are no more ignorant than many today who live shallow lives of Hedonism; unlettered libertines who can scarcely string together a grammatically correct declarative sentence, nor think in critically constructive ways, but merely repeat the mindless pap they’ve been spoon fed by the highly compromised Public Education System and the vagaries of the Internet.

  • Greg1

    Actually “reason” is why most people come to Christianity. But for someone on the outside looking in, it must be very confusing: i.e., which one is right??? Unless Christians can reunite, it looks like a scandal in the making for those who are considering it.

  • Pete

    That would be “flawed reason” there Greg1.

    Fixed that for you. You’re welcome, dummy.

  • Greg1

    At least you got your contractions correct, Pete. So your calling your self dumb me, should be reviewed.

  • Richard Rush

    You’re right, lots of stuff just happens. And responding to such stuff with reason is much more productive than responses grounded fallacies, myths, and superstition.

  • Richard Rush

    Blaming the concept of reason for the Reign of Terror is nonsense. That isn’t to say that reason cannot be corrupted in to promote preconceived objectives. I’d say it’s the inverse of religion. While reason/evidence/logic are the forces that brought humanity out of the Dark Ages, religion has tried mightily to keep us there and is still trying to return us to the Dark Ages. And while religion can occasionally motivate people to do good things, reason can occasionally do the inverse.

    I would never defend the violence used in the efforts to Dechristianize France during the Reign of Terror, but maybe it would not have happened if the Catholic Church had not been in bed with the oppressive French monarchy and nobility. And I understand that the Church had taxing authority in France!

    While I agree that Bronze Age people were a long way from zero with respect to ignorance, the fact is that humans today are light-years beyond that, and the mountains of evidence are all around us.

  • Diogenes

    If I’m not mistaken, so called “rationality” was also the impetus behind communist philosophy which lead to the death of (conservatively) 70 millions of people in the 20th century. I don’t fault the legitimate processes of “reason,” I object to “Reason” exalted over “Faith” as a means of coordinating and establishing a proper social order. And I’m not ashamed to declare that Christianity is the transcendent and exclusive development of the faith process. Charges of Bronze Age thinking, notwithstanding.

  • Ben in oakland

    RNS is a service that reports religious news. It is not a proselytization tool or an echo chamber for conservative, right wing Christians. If BB is so seriously upset by the variety of religious views expressed herein, perhaps you want to find another place to post is diatribes against people he doesn’t know it knows nothing about. You could do the same.

  • Ben in oakland

    That’s a whole load of nonsense. It wasn’t reason that led to the reign of terror, it was some peoples fascistic tendencies that led to it. All the enlightenment did was bring an end to authoritarian divine right of kings. Just like it wasn’t reason That led to the inquisition, and the burning of witchs, it was religion.

  • Ben in oakland

    You are mistaken. Read a history book. It will help you immensely.

  • “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean NOT on your own understanding.”…Solomon Why would the wisest man who ever lived (aside from Jesus Christ of course) say such a thing? Solomon understood that man has a very limited perspective. Whereas God’s perspective is unlimited. He sees well beyond what we see. It is very reasonable (from a Biblical perspective) to trust God. Just as child trusts his father or mother more than himself, so it is with us. In fact Jesus told us, unless we come to Him like children, we cannot inherit the kingdom of God. When the rebellious atheist speak of “reason” thats really not what they are talking about.. They are just showing their self-will against God. Their hostility towards Him. Their refusal to submit to Him. We must come to God on His terms not our own. Turn away from such attitudes.. Turn away from sin an rebellion. Receive Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and know God’s peace and blessings in this life, and in the life to come.

  • Bill

    Gee, Ben, if you confess the Reign of Terror was the result of “people with fascistic tendencies,” why don’t you likewise attribute the Inquisition and witch burning to “people with fascistic tendencies” who happened act in the name of religion? Seems only fair and reasonable not to blame all religion for the acts of a
    some zealots.