Poll: 29 percent still think Christian Obama is Muslim

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President Obama is set to address terrorism in the United States, speaking from the Oval Office at 8 p.m. Eastern Dec. 6.

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President Obama is set to address terrorism in the United States, speaking from the Oval Office at 8 p.m. Eastern Dec. 6.

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"Birthers" also hold sway with some. New survey finds 20 percent don't believe or are unsure Barack Obama was born in the U.S.

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  • Bernardo

    So much of the US educational system!!

  • Dominic

    I can’t think of one sane reason, in this day and age, why Obama would lie about his birth or religious affiliation. I wish he was never President, but believe he is basically a good, honest man.

  • Richard Rush

    29 percent is within the range I would expect. Polls repeatedly show that somewhere between 1/4 and 1/3 of Americans apparently believe that ignorance is next to godliness, and that knowledge is of-the-devil. They largely reject reality, and gobble up imaginary facts like they would greasy/salty junk food.

  • Andy

    Michael Youssef is probably most right:


    Even other Muslim converts to Christianity say that Obama is still likely Muslim.

  • We live in a truly astonishing age where information is vast and cheap.

    “29 percent of poll respondents said they still believe he is Muslim — including 43 percent of Republicans.”

    The same Republicans who hate Obama’s CHRISTIAN PASTOR, Jeremiah Wright – are calling Obama a MUSLIM.
    You can’t fix that kind of stoopidd.

  • “43% of Republicans” think Obama is Muslim.

    I’d bet many of those same Republicans
    don’t like Obama because of his once close connection to his CHRISTIAN PASTOR Jeremiah Wright.

    FYI – Muslims don’t have Christian Pastors.

  • Debbie Snowcroft

    Obama is possibly the most maligned president in US history, History will judge the so-called “Christians” of the Republican Party harshly for the role they have played in bearing false witness about this good man. Not only are they guilty of lying (a grievous sin, according to the Bible) they are guilty of putting their petty hatred and racism above their loyalty to America.

    With recent examples of evangelical “Christians” who openly tread the Constitution under foot (e.g., Kim Davis) we should be less worried about having a Muslim president (which we don’t have) than the possibility we will end up with an evangelical “Christian” who will throw away the Constitution and use the presidency to enforce the evangelical version of Sharia Law on America.

  • Larry

    Onenewsnow.com is the propaganda wing for the ultra right wing American Family Association. Honest appraisal of facts is not what they do.

    I doubt Michael Youssef has even brushed up against a Muslim, let alone asked their opinion.

  • Jimmy Mac

    About the same percentage who fawn over
    Mr. “I an great because I am rich because I am great because I, I, I.”

  • Gongtao Yang

    You can’t fix this kind of ignorance.

  • Larry

    Onenewsnow.com is the propaganda arm of the right wingnut American Family Association. A group known for making stuff up when it suits their agenda. Not a reliable source by any stretch of the imagination.

    Michael Youssef has probably never even brushed up against a Muslim, let alone ask them what they think. The guy is known for making hysterical claims of American Christians being persecuted because violations of the establishment clause are being called out in public.

    “Likely Muslim” feeds into the ridiculous paranoid narrative that Obama is a “secret Muslim”. Either someone is of a given faith or not. It is not a point of conjecture. It is one declared by the person themselves.

  • The Great God Pan

    “We live in a truly astonishing age where information is vast and cheap.”

    The problem is that all kinds of information is widely and freely available. The Birthers have plenty of information to back up their claims. It happens to be incorrect information, but the internet puts true and false information on a level playing field (at best. It may give the advantage to the false).

    Ironically, the general public was arguably better informed when information was more controlled. Freedom is only as good as what you do with it.

  • Reality Check

    And the other 57% don’t think at all!

  • Reality Check

    Spot on, well said.

    Keep religion out of politics and let the man get on with governing, free from religious labels.

  • Jack

    He is not a Muslim but I don’t think he’s a Christian, either. I saw him in an interview during his first term where he was really struggling to articulate the bare-bones basics of the Gospel. He ended up sounding like an outside observer of Christianity trying to sound like he was on the inside.

    I think he has cultural roots in both the Muslim and Christian communities, but he is probably an agnostic or atheist in real life.

  • Jack

    Debbie, I think that fair and objective historians will simply just Obama on his record as president and will neither demonize nor deify him.

    The bottom line about Barack Obama is that he had all the intellectual and personality tools to be a truly great president but in the end was a prisoner of his own far-left ideology, leading him to advocate policies that just don’t work in the real world. Thus his basic talents went totally to waste, and he was a failed president as a result.

  • Jack

    Debbie, try reading the Constitution before commenting on it. Then try reading the people who were behind the Constitution to understand the mindset that brought it into being. The Federalist Papers are a good beginning.

  • Jack

    Muslims generally aren’t in favor of abortion all the way to birth — and generally are for laws which protect the lives of late-term abortion babies who live.

    Muslims generally oppose same-sex marriage as well.

    Those are just two issues, both of them correlated strongly albeit not totally with religion, where Muslims are mostly on one side and Obama on the other.

    But beyond that, I see every evidence that Obama has no strong religious bent of any kind. He is far more likely to be a deist, an agnostic, or an atheist than a Muslim.

    Culturally he has a soft spot in his heart for Islam partly because of his years in Indonesia, and partly because, like many other people on the left, he romanticizes Islam as the religion of the Third World. But that’s not the same as saying he adheres to the Muslim God. He clearly does not. He strikes me as stand-offish at best toward any deity.

  • No – start at John Locke and the Social Compact.
    Then Thomas Paine and “The Rights of Man”

    These are the ideas that started America.

  • Oscar

    Let us hope that President Obama is indeed an Agnostic. Not having to believe in something because of fear or pressure, but being honest enough to say “I don’t have all the answers”. Then he can get on with governing the country without being bogged down with the trivialities of arguing religion.

    The world needs more agnostics 🙂

  • Loren Haas

    The 29 percent who believe Obama to be a Muslim are not doing so on the basis of facts. They believe it because it justifies their political and racial prejudices,
    It just feels better and facts get it the way.
    Reality has a well known liberal bias.

  • Larry

    It nice you pointed out how close Muslim Sharia law is to the reactionary Christian version of Sharia Law. Almost identical on most substantive issues. The material differences being the houses of worship where their theocrats hang out.

  • George Nixon Shuler

    Oh, please. He knows more about the gospel than any of those phony Christians running for the GOP nod this time.

  • Neon Genesis

    Is “probably most right” your gibberish way of saying “dead wrong”?

  • George Nixon Shuler

    So much for armchair theological inquiry.

    One wonders about those who demand the President be a “Christian.” This is a nation of laws not of men, and religion is a private matter, no thanks to the theocrats trying to dismantle the wall between church and state.

  • George Nixon Shuler

    Couldn’t have said it better myself. Two kinds of people believe that kind of malarkey, rubes and manipulators.

  • Bernardo

    Not to mention those born and raised by red–ne-cks.

  • Greg1

    Obama will always be a mystery man. He still has not unsealed his college records, and who really knows why he was attending that so called Christian church in Chicago, where the pastor was by and large a racist. Obama in my opinion is a generically religious person, and I say that with tongue in cheek. He believes in religion only insofar as any one religion agrees with his worldly set of beliefs, which trump any religious doctrine. When I see him, the word strange comes to mind.

  • Larry

    That is why you move from
    Locke to Paine. Paine saw the glaring problem of Locke’s religiosity. But the real credit to our religious freedom goes go Roger Williams. America’s first secularist philosopher.

    The man who understood reactionary theocratic nonsense damages both political freedom and religious faith.

  • Larry

    What makes any sane and honest person think that if fundamentalist Christians had absolute power, they would not run amok? They have before. It’s not that Christians are better people. It is that they are held in check more strongly.

    Muslims have lived in the US since its inception. Claiming their entire US population is poised for mayhem is paranoid garbage. Most come here to flee theocratic nonsense.

    To attack an entire faith, to deny a right to free exercise of religion, because you think that faith is evil, is unamerican.

  • George Nixon Shuler

    The Federalist Papers were selling points for the federal constitution to a nation of diverse states wary of government. It was certainly no blueprint for official Christianity.

  • George Nixon Shuler

    Obama’s hardly far left. He’s more conservative than Jimmy Carter. The failure to stimulate the economy in 2008 was the result of the ideology of the center-right Wall Street Democrats of which he is one.

  • George Nixon Shuler

    With all due respect you have no way of knowing that. I would submit that you are unfit to be judging Obama or anyone else. You need to look in the mirror not out the window.

  • George Nixon Shuler

    Obama’s strange in the same way Spock in Star Trek is strange, which is remarkable only if one demands the old “I want a President I can go have a beer with” crap which gave us George W. Bush. As to your second to the last sentence I would submit that everyone believes that, most especially those who claim they don’t.

  • Eric Charles Smith

    I’ve always said that ignorance is curable with education; but stupidity is a life-long disease. Besides, it is more than mere conjecture and suspicion that “birthers” are generally racists and xenophobes. It is sad so many of them exist, but it is a sort of blessing that they form Trump’s ceiling.

  • Be Brave

    “And the other 57% don’t think at all!”

    – Reality Check

    And voted for Obama.

  • Jack

    George, don’t be ridiculous. You don’t believe that any more than I do.

  • Jack

    I would add Samuel Rutherford’s Lex Rex, a 17th century political tract that was said to be the second-most-read piece of literature in the colonies before the Bible.

  • Jack

    George, he was tongue-tied. I watched him try to articulate what any Sunday school child could say. It was very revealing. Either he didn’t know or he couldn’t accept the core message of the Gospel.

  • Jack

    I mean it in a descriptive, not a pejorative way, although all things being equal, I prefer presidents to be theists — albeit the kind of theist who sees religion as a friend and not a foe of democratic governance and individual liberties.

  • Jack

    Religion is not just a private matter; it’s a belief system that has implications for every nook and cranny of life. In the public square of a constitutional democracy, the right to religious expression is just as protected as the right to non-religious expression.

    Your view, a French view called “laicite,” dramatically differs from our American view.

  • Jack

    It’s the other way around — liberals often have an anti-reality bias. They confuse prescriptive and descriptive.

    People believe Obama is a Muslim because so many of his moves abroad fit with the agenda of political Islam. Since most black people are not Muslim, your allegation of racism makes no sense at all.

    I don’t believe Obama is a Muslim and those that do are guilty of careless and sloppy thinking, but there is no question that his policies have advanced Islamism around the world.

  • Jack

    George, Obama is strange because he appears to lack the normal instincts and feelings for his own country that every other president has exhibited spontaneously and naturally. He seems to think the nation-state and those who love their own country are responsible for conflict in the world, and he also seems to think that western democracies have too much power which must be surrendered to smaller and weaker nations. He doesn’t seem to care that the small countries are often run by tyrants who need less, not more, power.

    What’s missing is any sense of moral distinction between freedom and tyranny. A normal person doesn’t want a tyranny to have equal power with a democracy. Normal people want tyrannies to remain underdogs for obvious reasons.

    And a normal person sees tyrannies, not the nation state itself, as the cause of wars.

  • Larry

    But I would really emphasize that you specifically read up on Roger Williams. The man whose works are embodied by our 1st Amendment religious freedoms. One of two figures (William Penn being the other) who are the bedrock of modern American ideas of secular government and religious freedom

    The term “separation of church and state” comes from paraphrasing Williams’s speech concerning the need to protect religious belief by avoiding entanglement with government. That government cannot be used to bolster or endorse religious faith if it is to remain respected and free. What you have playfully and erroneously referred to as “The French version of religious freedom”

    Time and again, you come out in favor of violating religious liberties by official government endorsement of sectarian beliefs.

    Debbie has it right. We have a sizable number of elected officials who have similar disregard for 1st Amendment religious freedoms. Seeking their own brand of Christian sharia.

  • Larry

    Its funny, what you call “religious expression in the public square” generally amounts to a government official abusing their position to state government supports their sectarian beliefs.

    It is the very opposite of protecting religious expression. Such abuse gives a clear sign to those outside of the official’s faith that they will be subject of discrimination.

    The separation of church and state protects the integrity and freedom of both. It is not some French view. It comes from our soil! Roger Williams (Founder of Rhode Island) in the early 17th Century.

  • Larry

    “I don’t believe Obama is a Muslim and those that do are guilty of careless and sloppy thinking”

    But you are willing to excuse their behavior and pretend their motives are more socially acceptable and rational than reality has permitted.

    “but there is no question that his policies have advanced Islamism around the world.”

    Like what?!?

    -Drone strikes on Islamicists in Afghanistan and occasionally Pakistan?
    -Killing Osama Bin Laden?
    -Keeping Guantanamo Bay open?
    -Continuing extraordinary rendition policies?

    Other than leaving Iraq, which was planned going back to GWB, I can’t think of anything that meets that criteria.

  • SarahGeer

    Big problem there- most atheists and agnostics in America have (a) already been Christian at some point and (b) know more about religion than the religious, according to multiple studies.

    While it’s true that just being nonreligious is enough to get you ostracized in this country (and especially politics), I think the poor man was just looking for a way to answer a question on a very personal topic without giving fuel to the morons who think he’s a Muslim.

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  • I Respect Barack Hussein Obama’s Muslim Heritage.

  • Atheist John

    Well, Max, if you are an atheist we have that in common. But as to whether Obama is a Muslim OR is more sympathetic to Muslim causes than to others, you should carefully consider the points (or “dots”) covered here: http://www.onenewsnow.com/perspectives/michael-youssef/2014/06/20/connecting-the-dots-of-president-obama
    There has been enough of this kind of behavior to in my mind make it more probable than not that Obama is either a Muslim or he is agnostic or atheist with loyalties to Muslim traditions learned in his youth or preferences to Muslims over Christians. As to Muslims without Christian Pastors, if you think “Reverend” Wright is a Christian, then you know zero about what he teaches. Also the “Reverend” says he sees the Christian and Muslim religions as equals. Find me another “Christian” Minister who holds that view. People lie about themselves for personal gain and acceptance, but by their actions, you know them.

  • Atheist John

    Max, The Phamphlet “Common Sense” was the most credited “fuse” that began the revolution.

  • American

    Obama is no doubt, A MUSLIM out to destroy AMERICA!! That my friends is a FREAKIN’ Fact!!! Bunch of Weak Ass Politically Correct Fools….Get out of the way….We AMERICANS Are Taking back our Country!!!!

  • Todd L Lyon

    Jeremiah Wright is not a Christian – he is exactly why people do not think Obama is a Christian. Look up his church and what it actually stands for.

  • Todd L Lyon

    Really? How about Politics and public perception as a reason. Quite frankly I doubt half of the Candidates running for President are actually Christian. Do you really think Trump is a Christian? Of course not, he is most likely agnostic. Obama is culturally a Muslim (before you respond with one of your stupid uneducated retortes know that unlike you I have actually frequented Indonesia and lived in SE Asia for more than 10 years), beyond that he is certainly not what most people view as a Christian. He has an extremely flawed moral compass and cant make that claim. He is most likely an Agnostic or Atheist. You cant be a Secular Humanist and a Christian, they are polar opposite views.

  • Dean Maropoulos

    I totally agree with you. Barack Obama is a closet Muslim and I think the birth certificate was fabricated.

  • Dean Maropoulos

    Obama invites a clock maker but never made a move to contact the Military men who were killed in Tennessee nor has he ever attempted to contact the Steinle family with condolences. He only backs his black brothers. The man is a racist along with his trampie wife. I am wondering how far he is going to let Putin go before we step in. Unfortunately he will be around much longer to allow more world problems for the USA.

  • N P

    I think the blame for this lands squarely on the shoulders of conservative media, not the US education system.