• Tim

    It sounds like they are trying to live within their convictions on Halloween, but I’m with you on hoping that if they are handing out tracts they are taping them to jumbo sized candy bars.

    There’s freedom in Jesus to celebrate it or not, I figure.

  • alison

    It sounds like it’s along the lines of Judgement House. I’m not sure which is worse.

  • “So the good folks of JesusWeen have set out to reclaim the holiday and turn it into an evangelistic opportunity.”
    No. They can’t “reclaim” it since it was never theirs to begin with. Instead, in the long tradition of Christan triumphalism, they are trying to destroy a cultural and spiritual holiday that belongs to an ancient faith tradition that pre-dates theirs by millennia. Ignorance at work.
    Then the author of this article closes with this equally ignorant statement:
    “Celebrating a particular holiday with a Christian theme is not a bad thing! The JesusWeen website is really earnest, and not at all partisan or shaming. It’s got a kind of sweetness in that way; when so many Christian events and websites are meant to make Christians feel bad that they don’t believe or act properly, this one simply wants to encourage people to share their love of God on Halloween. I just hope, for everyone’s sake, that they include some candy with their tracts.”
    What? Not partisan or…

  • Elledra

    Well, technically speaking, you actually CAN argue that this specific holiday belongs to Christians too, since “Halloween” is “All Hallows Eve”–I.e., the evening before the definitely Christian All Saints (All Hallows) Day. ( I am also aware that this time of the year is important to pagan faiths.)