Supreme Court will wade back into abortion debate

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abortion roe v. wade

Photo by Ryan Rodrick Beiler via Shutterstock

An anti-abortion protester holds a stop sign and the Ten Commandments on the sidewalk in front of the U.S. Supreme Court on May 14, 2001 in Washington, D.C.

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WASHINGTON — The justices will decide whether tough new restrictions placed on abortion clinics and doctors in Texas constitute an "undue burden" on women seeking legal abortions and should be struck down.

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  • Larry


    For the better part of 2 decades states have created onerous bad faith restrictions on abortion under the phony pretense of alleged:
    medical licensing issues
    informed consent issues
    hospital privilege issues
    public safety issues
    patient safety issues

    All of these measures opposed by medical professional organizations. People who actually understand the reality of the conditions involved of both the facilities and procedures. Doctors are being countermanded and hobbled by laws designed to make their jobs intentionally difficult. Medical professional ethics are being attacked by politicians who are seeking any means to stop abortion by foul means and dishonest pretense.

    This case is a long time coming.

  • Bernardo

    And the agonizing issue of abortion is mostly preventable if men and women would practice safe and responsible sex. Details previously presented.

  • Those “onerous and bad faith restrictions” are most often the identical restrictions placed on other, non-abortion medical facilities and practices. The opposition by medical professionals and organizations are due to costs, as is all opposition to standards.
    That politicians would rally against the same “safety” requirements for abortion that they impose for appendectomy or cosmetic surgery is the highest form of pandering and disregard for health in pursuit of ideology.

  • Larry

    That is a flat out lie. If it were the case there would few ambulatory surgical centers or outpatient clinics in those states. Abortion clinics are being singled out intentionally to create a de facto abortion ban.

    The chief critic of the restrictions are professional medical organizations due to the interference with their work. Your assertion concerning costs is complete garbage. The idea that one disregards the people responsible for setting standards of medical ethics, necessity and standards or care on such matters is arrogant and dishonest.

    These politicians involved have their total lack of concern for safety of abortion clinics clear. They have said flat out they want to make abortion as difficult as possible just because they oppose abortion.

    They are trying to encourage the return of the back alley abortions.

  • Larry

    Thanks to the birdbrains in various conservative states, the back alley abortion may be making a comeback