• Jack

    Laura is correct, but the best people to convey that message are genuine evangelicals who really do take the Bible seriously in other aspects, not just the part about loving and caring for the stranger. Laura, like David Gushee, appears on those other issues to care more about political correctness than the Bible.

    As much of a wuss as Russell Moore of SBC is in terms of engaging the enemies of the Gospel, at least he is a credible evangelical advocate for refugees because he does take the Bible seriously on other issues.

  • Larry

    “who really do take the Bible seriously in other aspects, not just the part about loving and caring for the stranger”

    AKA the ones who use their religious belief as an excuse to act badly to others without the risk of social sanction. Such people are more common than dirt and give Christianity a bad name. Russell Moore and the rest of the SBC leadership is a perfect example of such people. They constantly act as if they have a religious duty to attack others in the name of their faith.

    But you point to something important. Religion is a poor guide for those looking to act morally. Those who only act with compassion and generosity because they expect divine rewards upon death are just going through the motions of moral actions. If you have to justify acting in a humanitarian through interpretation of scripture, then all you have done is outsourced your morality to clergy or whatever spurious interpretation serves your purposes.

  • alison

    I agree. Laura is too PC. Surprising, considering who her father is. Whether they are right or wrong, these governors are attempting to protect their states.

  • Bernardo

    Obviously, global citizens are at risk and the governors are acting to protect us as they should. And Jesus, well he could care less as he is still is a-mouldring in the ground outside of Jerusalem. Details about the life and death of Jesus were previously presented.

  • Jon

    First, while I think that any caring human being should welcome the refugees, I don’t think that we should candy-coat this or that Bible. The New Testament doesn’t support accepting them.

    2Jn 1:10 has:
    “If anyone comes to you and does not bring this teaching [Jesus is the son God made flesh] , do not take them into your house or welcome them. Anyone who welcomes them shares in their wicked work.

    Plus, in Mark 7, we see that Jesus is not accepting of those in another religion, call them “dogs”.

    The Bibles from front to back condemn those in other religions, stating often that they are to be killed. Jesus says in Jn 14:6 that he’s the only right way.

    I think all these verses are harmful, but I don’t pretend that they don’t exist.

    Can someone make a case the other way? Sure, as Laura did above. That only goes to show that a Bible can’t be used as a clear guide to life.

  • my understanding is that the concern is that instead of there being just refugees in the group, there are many ISIS rebels in the group and there is no way of vetting any of these people to know who they are and where they are actually from. our govt. officials are trying to do their jobs and protect our country from enemies.

    it does seem irresponsible to let large groups of people in from a country where these dangerous people live without figuring out a way to vet them in some way. i don’t think this is a hysterical concept.

  • Larry

    “there is no way of vetting any of these people to know who they are and where they are actually from”

    That is largely untrue. Due to the vagaries of geography, the US is hardly the first stop these refugees make when fleeing Syria. They are generally kept in host countries which can vet the refugees to some extent.

    The main problem being that the Syrian embassies/consulates in many nations has been turning itself into fake documentation factories for anyone showing up claiming to be from that country.

    People always raise these complaints when there are large numbers of refugees coming to our shores. In the overwhelming majority of cases, they are really refugees. Usually when the US dithers during a refugee crisis, bad things happen to lots of people.

  • Kristine Rowland

    If your wedding has a Shakespearean theme, can I come?

  • Deacon John M Bresnahan

    They are already finding that terrorists are hiding among the refugees and the situation is likely to become worse as they pledge to destroy Washington DC. No nation has a duty to endanger the lives of its own citizens to help refugees. We can help refugees with food, clothing. and shelter while they are overseas without bringing Trojan Horses to our shores.

  • Karl Miller

    I like how you claim this without any Biblical quotes of where Jesus says people should be killed if they don’t worship him. Might want to dig a little deeper into the person of Jesus before you write him off.

  • alex nichols

    If you bring in large populations of people into your country that don’t speak the language, and have an entirely different culture, you can expect problems. Their poverty will also contribute to their possible bad behavior. I’m not saying you cannot let them in, but you need to provide for the differences.

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  • Larry

    So thanks to IS boasting, we are going to make it harder for people to flee their grasp? That not only doesn’t make a lot of sense, it is precisely the reaction they are trying to invoke here.

  • Larry

    These are not people fleeing poverty, they are fleeing war, persecution and enslavement. All developed nations have a duty to help them and if possible to give refuge/asylum to them. This is a big difference both factually and legally from your typical people crossing the border looking for work.

  • Bernardo

    For the sake of being thorough:

    Luke 16:16 = Matt 11:12-14 (all pass rigorous historic testing)

    /16:16/ “The law and the prophets were in effect until John came; since then the good news of the kingdom of God is proclaimed, and everyone tries to enter it by force.

    = Matt 11:12-14 /11:12/ From the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven has suffered violence, and the violent take it by force. /13/ For all the prophets and the law prophesied until John came; /14/ and if you are willing to accept it, he is Elijah who is to come.

    But then there is this:

    JC’s family and friends had it right 2000 years ago ( Mark 3: 21 “And when his friends heard of it, they went out to lay hold on him: for they said, He is beside himself.”)

    Said passage is one of the few judged to be authentic by most contemporary NT scholars. e.g. See Professor Ludemann’s conclusion in his book, Jesus After 2000 Years, p. 24 and p. 694.

    continued below:

  • Bernardo

    Actually, Jesus was a bit “touched”. After all he thought he spoke to Satan, thought he changed water into wine, thought he raised Lazarus from the dead etc. In today’s world, said Jesus would be declared legally insane.

  • John

    Max sure seems sincere and his points make sense, Charley. How can it be that your incredibly powerful creature can’t talk to us in a way that can’t be taken “out of context”? It’s because your god doesn’t exist.

  • MarkE

    Why didn’t the Founding Fathers explicitly say that we are or are not a Christian nation? Because broader concepts don’t lend themselves to a bullet list of legalisms? Or perhaps it allows us some freedom in contextualizing a principle.

  • David Scott

    Add NC Governor McCrory to this list.
    For God’s sake, I wish these people would stop referring to themselves as “Christians”!

  • John

    No, it was because we aren’t, and were not, a Christian nation.

  • John

    There are No True Scotsmen…

  • @Charley Lawson,

    “If God doesn’t exist Max, why so vehement against Him?”

    What a question!
    Just ask Paris what happens when certain people pretend these gods are real.

    Religion is about chasing non-existent bogey monsters and blowing them up under the beds of real children! You seem to think this is a harmless endeavor?

  • A’ishah Amatullah

    The vetting process for refugees from Syria (or Palestine or the vast majority of other Arab countries) to come to the United States takes months, often two years, during which every aspect of their life and their previous associations is examined precisely to prevent this sort of thing. The refugees who come to the United States are most often already living in refugee camps in another state (such as Jordan) where conditions are horrible but they have to stay there while they are vetted to move here by people with plenty of training to identify those who would be a potential harm to the U.S.

  • Matt

    I’m an atheist, and I’m still a better Christian than any of these despicable hypocrites. If you love and adore Jesus so much, walking the F’ing walk. Your fear betrays your faithlessness, and your cowardice betrays your callousness.

  • @A’ishah Amatullah,

    Bring these refugees to the USA as soon as possible! I agree that the vetting process is ridiculously long and needless.

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  • Nakia

    I am all for these Governors saying that they are protecting their states. But at election time they will say that they are Christians and they believe in a Christian America and their constituents always say they vote by the Bible. I would love them to say that they are not acting as Christians but as politicians, this way they don’t taint the Word of God and keep using religion as a right wing conservative ticket into office. The Word calls that we follow all the Bible not some we can’t pick and choose when to follow if we are Christians.

  • Nakia

    The Bible says we should not be swayed by false teaching and accept outside doctrine into the Church as with Papal infallacy or allowing gay marriage in the church. This is different than extending kindness and hospitality as with the Good Samaritan … love your enemy, feed them, cloth them and offer them drink, do not be overcome by evil, love overcomes evil. We are to love sinners without loving the sin

  • “Jesus Would Welcome Syrian Refugees”

    Is a ridiculous thing to say. Jesus – in his own words – dismisses that possibility. Has nobody ever heard of the Armageddon? The Parousia? The claim that Jesus will end the world and punish the non-believers?

    “execute them” – JESUS (Luke 19:27)

    Of course I don’t believe it. But Christians do. And if you think it is true you cannot simultaneously thing Jesus would accommodate anyone who is a non-believer! It is fatuous.

  • Doug

    All Christians pick and choose from the bible. Otherwise they would as violent as the worst of the Muslims.

    And there are No True Scotsmen either.

  • Doug

    That’s also known as waffling.

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  • Jack

    Total nonsense, Doug.

    While the Bible is hardly devoid of passages that we as finite, fallible human beings would view as problematic, there is nothing in Scripture which corresponds to the Koran’s call for perpetual jihad.

    There is nothing within the pages of the Bible that constitutes a perpetual command to the Christian or Jew in every time and place to topple by force any government in the world that either is not Christian or Jewish or is deemed insufficiently Christian or Jewish.

  • Jack

    Doug, how is it “waffling” to love the sinner but hate the sin?

    Parents do it all the time with kids. And people from all walks of life do it with each other constantly, without even thinking about it.

    Or haven’t you heard the old sentiment, “I don’t hate you but I hate what you’re doing.”

  • Jack

    Bernardo, Jesus’ tomb was empty and 20 centuries later, we still have no natural explanation for what happened to the body — though not for lack of trying. Every attempt to come up with a natural explanation that fits the surrounding facts has fallen flat on its face.

    That is a remarkable fact that you cannot dodge, no matter how hard you try.

  • Jack

    You’re wrong about Armageddon, Max. Maybe if you read Revelation through rather than ransacking it for propaganda purposes, you wouldn’t be.

    Armageddon is a climactic battle and war that is first mentioned in Revelation 16. It commences when a worldwide dictator gathers the nations of the earth and convinces them to create one enormous army to hurl at Israel with the intent of destroying her.

    IN Revelation 19, we find out what happens to that evil army. Jesus returns to Jerusalem and destroys it.

    Good for Him. Tyrants and their armies belong in graveyards, not menacing the world.

    But you lefties historically have had a soft spot for totalitarian dictators, especially those dressed in populist garb.

  • Jack

    Only kooks of the sort that believe the moon landing or Holocaust never happened say that Jesus never existed. The overwhelming majority of scholars believe he did exist. You have to come up with wild and bizarre conspiracy theories to contest the claim that Jesus existed.

  • Larry

    “There is nothing within the pages of the Bible that constitutes a perpetual command to the Christian or Jew in every time and place to topple by force any government in the world that either is not Christian or Jewish or is deemed insufficiently Christian or Jewish.”

    Other than various passages calling for the death of idolators and polytheists, of how being in the presence of such people is inherently wicked and likely to bring divine wrath. Nothing at all whatsoever. /sarcasm.

  • Philip

    WHACK! It’s yet another attack from nasty Ad Hominem Jack!

    “avalanche of ignorance”, how pleasantly Christian…

  • Jack,

    1. Muslims get enough harassment from Christians – they never will have to worry about me.
    2. Religion is the entire cause of their suffering, not only ISIS but the Christians who object to their entry!
    3. I have as much right to a sandwich board as the Christians like yourself.
    4. The refugees coming to America will be free to leave their religion for the first time in their lives – and they will be grateful for the relief.

  • “Tyrants and their armies belong in graveyards”

    Neither would exist without religion. A Tyrant needs two things to achieve power and Religion provides both:

    A messiah with a pure and simple message.
    A population taught to relentlessly seek a messiah.

    Jesus, Hidden Imam, Angel of God, Son of man…they are all the same.

    Want proof?

    “He is the answer we have been waiting for as God is my witness”
    – Trump Voter, Worcester Massachusetts, Nov. 18, 2015

    Doesn’t matter that Trump once said he didn’t believe in god. He will believe in god as long as he can ride it into the White House. Yet another price we pay (like GW Bush) when a religious population gets to call the shots.

  • Jack,

    It is very unlikely Jesus existed.

    “The Gospel of Mark” is a rip off of the Homeric Epics. Mark is a word for word repeat of the story of Odysseus. Mark was even written first in Greek for goodness sake!
    Are you going to tell me Odysseus was not real but Jesus was!!?
    All the other gospels used Mark as a guide. Even John (written 100 years later) somewhat.

    The first Christian writings are by Paul (who was probably Philo of Alexandria). He insisted he never met a real Jesus. His Jesus character came straight out of the Jewish Septuagint – AND PAUL ADMITS IT!
    “We only find our Jesus in the scriptures” – Paul

    Jesus is an ancient Jewish revenge fantasy and nothing more.

  • Dominic

    Why use the Hallmark analogy that Jesus would welcome the Syrians? It is so soliticitous and banal.
    Jesus condemned the hypocritical hierarchy of 1st Century Jews, and would hardly have welcomed them to live amongst his followers without a change of their heart.
    This idea that Jesus was Mother Goose, and without common human sense degrades His Reality. Jesus is perfect wisdom, perfect judge, perfect mercy, and perfect knowledge. Do not portray Him as a mindless optimist.

  • Jack

    Wrong again, Larry….and again, you’re without excuse because I’ve gone over this several times with you and either memory fails you or you’re just not getting it:

    I’ve said repeatedly that atheists are no more or less moral in their conduct than are theists. Rather, the problem with atheists is that their atheism leaves them powerless to make cogent arguments in support of the universal human rights that most of them thankfully favor. Philosophically speaking, without belief in a transcendent, objective moral standard, the argument for human rights collapses when a foreign tyrant tells a human rights activist to butt out of his country’s business and culture.

    As for the Bible, you’re confusing general revelation (or natural law, common grace, the Noahide laws, or self-evident truths) with special revelation. Look up those terms and you’ll learn something for a change rather than flapping your arms like a chicken and just squawking.

  • Jack

    Larry, try to focus mentally on the immediate issue at hand. It’s not whether there are Biblical passages that most of us as finite, imperfect people find morally problematic. Of course there are. Instead, it’s whether there is anything in Scripture that corresponds to the Koranic teaching on jihad, ie a command to be on a permanent war footing vis a vis governments deemed to be opposed to God. And the clear answer is no. There is nothing there that corresponds in any way to jihad.

  • @Jack,

    How about staying on the subject of the above article
    and addressing the matters at hand? America is only a great country because of its Constitution. I really don’t have patience for a broad conversation about your pet prejudices against non-believers.

  • Jack,

    “crackpots who deny Jesus existed..”

    I didn’t deny Jesus existed. I said there is plenty to doubt.
    1. The Gospel of Mark is an UNDENIABLE reboot of Odysseus.
    2. The Sermon on The Mount is a WORD FOR WORD PLAGIARISM of the DHARMA which existed 300 years before the supposed character of Jesus.

    “John describes with detailed accuracy the towns, villages, and physical structures of first-century Israel”
    So by that logic Spiderman must be real. Because it describes New York City which is real!

    Paul says Jesus did things “according to the scriptures”
    NOT: “According to this guy” or “to these witnesses”.
    Paul never mentions a single miracle and has no knowledge of an earthly Jesus nor any disciples!

    Paul hallucinated ‘a savior’ (Jesus means ‘savior’) along with a few other people they called ‘apostles’. Then after 69 C.E. some greek guy incorporated it into a revenge fantasy called Gospel of Mark.

  • Larry

    The issue at hand is the author believes Jesus would welcome refugees. But it is clear from several reactions, many people claiming to be followers of Jesus would not.

    Fundamentalist Christians and apologists in general like to make the phony claim that their religion is above use in justifying atrocity. Like all apologia, its based on ignoring, misrepresenting or qualifying history to a ridiculous and intellectually dishonest degree.

    All religion provides the groundwork for justifying atrocity and has been used as such throughout history.

    “Instead, it’s whether there is anything in Scripture that corresponds to the Koranic teaching on jihad”

    The genocide of the Canaanites comes to mind, the war with the Philistines, the entire notion that all who are not saved will face the wrath of God either in death or Armageddon. Plenty of examples for those willing to look.

  • Larry

    When have you stopped 1ying? You constantly try to associated atheists with the cults of personality of communist dictators and claim they have no basis for morality. You do so now, with snide backhanded remakes.

    Atheists are far better at expressing universal human rights than the overwhelming majority of religious believers. Your claim they are unable to do so is especially galling considering you frequently use your religious belief as a basis for supporting legalized discrimination. You are well aware of the Humanist manifesto, a coherent description of universal human rights from an entirely secular perspective. But being one who never drops a dishonest argument, you will repeat such nonsense ad nauseum.

    As for the Bible, I am being far more objective in how it is employed than you are willing to accept. Proof-texting scripture can always be used to justify self-serving ends and pretend an illusory moral basis for any actions. It is a poor guide for moral thinking.

  • @Jack,

    “No natural explanation for the empty tomb…”

    There never was a real Jesus. This naturally explains why there wasn’t even a tomb, let alone whether it was empty.

    We have also never found the The Big Bad Wolf. Are you going to tell me that proves the Three Little Pigs killed him?

  • Crystal

    Actually Jesus was very real….There are non-Christian descriptions of Jesus from the late 1st to 5th Century. And even in the quran Jesus is mentioned 25 times. You may not believe he is God but there is no question that he actually existed.

  • Dear Christians,

    Saul of Tarsus met Jesus on the road to Damascus (the capital of Syria).

    And he was a terrorist who hated Christians.

    He became the Apostle Paul after a Syrian welcomed him into his home and healed his blindness.


    The Bible

    Read More: http://www.happysonship.com/the-bible-and-the-syrian-refugees

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  • Dirk

    Jesus would welcome Christian ruegees too. Not a priority in the current secular government’s stance on the matter…facts are stubborn things; 10% of Syrians are Christian yet only 2% are represented in the Syrian “refugees”. That is a death sentence to the ones who remain there. Create a safe zone and they will live, continue and they will carry a martyrs crown to our Lord and King, while we will be culpable for the wanton loss of life of our brethren in the mid-east.

  • NSA

    You have misunderstood the passage where Jesus refers to non-Jews as dogs. Jesus healed a gentile woman’s daughter after she responded to His loaded question about why He should help her, a gentile. This passage clarifies that Jesus came to save ALL people, not just the Jews. It is one of the most important passages in the bible. And you forgot to mention that He healed her daughter just as she requested.

    As for being called a “dog”…He gave that woman a chance to show her wit and humility. That was not a convenient coincidence. He knew exactly what He was doing, He always did.

    There is another seemingly controversial passage in the bible where Jesus tells his disciples to buy a sword. Then in the next chapter, when he is arrested by the Romans, Peter uses that sword to cut the ear of one of the soldiers. Jesus quickly rebukes Peter then heals the soldier. Jesus knew what He was doing. He orchestrated this situation to teach another important lesson.