• Ted

    I have to say, when I was dating Liz and Marilyn, their religions were the absolute number one thing on my mind. No, really…

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  • Steve

    Ted, thanks for almost causing me to choke on my morning coffee. Good one. ROFL.

  • H A Tieta Ate Used TP Michelle

    I’m H B Sloane Michelle Tieta or whatever my name is today and I’m here to drunkenly spam you with run-on sentences of buybull spam and about my delusions and you should Repent because I used to be the Repent bot but my mouth got stuffed with used TP for doing that so now I spam you more with buybull spam hourly and you should report all my spam posts as the abuse that they are and I want to marry my thesbian partner Fran and you should still Repent and Bring Out Your Dead but there’s no god so it doesn’t matter anyway.

  • Michael

    Sammy Davis Jr. was a satanist. It’s a shame and disgrace to even mention his name in reference to Judaism, God and faith.

  • larry

    It was Anton LeVey’s Church of Satan. That doesn’t count. That church was an excuse for short unassuming types to hook up with proto-goth women and bored housewives.

  • Dominic

    Taylor and Monroe became Jews to appease their soon to be husbands, all of whom they divorced anyway. I don’t believed the Jews should be particularly proud of these converts. Not the most intelligent females in Judaism.

  • Garson Abuita

    Dominic, did you even read the article? The evidence demonstrates that both women took their Judaism seriously, whatever their original reason for converting was. We should be proud of them and we are.

  • Dominic

    Proud of them for what ? You’re silly.

  • Garson Abuita

    Proud of them for taking their Judaism seriously. Do you have anything other than kindergarten insults?