Pray to God and pass the ammunition

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Dec. 3 Cover

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Dec. 3 Cover

Dec. 3 Cover

Dec. 3 Cover

Republicans in the U.S. Senate had an excellent opportunity yesterday to give the lie to that Daily News cover. They did not avail themselves of it. With the exception of Mark Kirk of Illinois, they all voted against an amendment to prevent those on the FBI’s terror watch list from purchasing firearms.

Calling the measure unAmerican, John Cornyn (R-TX) said it would violate the constitutional rights of someone who was improperly put on the list. It presupposed “that the federal government is omniscient and all-competent,” Cornyn said.

“[W]e have to make sure that we’re not violating a person’s civil liberties or their rights,” said Speaker of the House Paul Ryan.

These expressions of constitutional propriety would be more impressive if there was evidence of equal Republican concern for the due process rights of Americans killed by drone strikes in the Middle East. As it is, what they show is loyal foot soldiers of the National Rifle Association, which wants as many Americans as possible to buy guns.

Dec. 3 cover

Dec. 3 cover

Did I mention that the Senate also voted down (once again) a measure to expand background checks for firearms purchased on line and at gun shows?

OK, you say, but the Republicans want to lessen gun violence by improving mental health treatment. And I eagerly await the legislation promised by Speaker Ryan, complete I’m sure with substantial funding for treatment centers and enhanced coverage under the Affordable Care Act. But — and I’m not making this up — the idea is to make it possible for the mentally ill to get back into the firearms market.

In the meantime, as prayers for the victims of terrorism rise to the Almighty, we are left with the message of the New York Post‘s December 3 cover. A message that won’t detract from  gun sales.

  • Glenn Harrell

    Republican Democrat power play aside, tell President Obama to do the right thing and spend some of his last political play money and assure that non-USA citizens and no-fly vetted people may purchase fire arms in this country. Do it now and take on any and all ensuing law suits as he must.
    It may well have some effect to the reduction of murder. We can pray and work to that end.

    And what if it doesn’t slow down the evil doers?
    Anyone so possessed as to kill on rampage in the name of Allah or any other proclaimed deity towards the punishment of “immoral” people have this going for them: They are like a drug addict who will stop at nothing to get their drug. None of our laws will impede their panicked quest. They will get their guns and bombs and to hell with our laws.

    We are dealing with people whose religious zeal for dominance and “moral purity” see nothing but moral purity and reward from Allah as they kill in his name. Death is their reward, not punishment-a virtual…

  • Larry

    What, you don’t like the 2nd Amendment? You want the government to control the flow of firearms and take guns away from people? What are you a commie? (/sarcasm)

    Of course conservatives only start squawking about gun control when they talk about guns in the hands of non-white, non-christian types.

    When people oppose sane regulation of firearms ownership, they invite whatever criticism will follow well publicized mayhem caused by mass shootings.

  • Fran

    Only God’s kingdom or heavenly government will soon intervene in man’s affairs and put an end to all terrorists and wicked ones on our planet (Isaiah 11:4), whether they are religiously inclined (2 Timothy 3:5) or not.

  • MarkE

    I’d be more inclined to give Republicans the benefit of doubt regarding their honest concern for victims and families, those needing mental health care and those “unjustly” losing their civil rights IF they took the Second Amendment seriously – that is, the ENTIRE Second Amendment, including that conditional phrase “A well-regulated militia being necessary to the national defense,…” Doesn’t it pass the “DUH” test that the entire freedom to bear arms rests on the need for those who possess such arms be recorded, trained, equipped, and willing to answer the call to defend the nation?

  • Glenn Harrell


    Republican Democrat power play aside, tell President Obama to do the right thing and spend some of his last political play money and assure that
    non-USA citizens and
    no-fly vetted people may purchase fire arms in this country.

    I left off the extra little word no.

    There can be no good reason for these categories of people being allowed to purchase fire-arms. Political posturing does not qualify for a good reason but that won’t stop the lot of them.

  • Renee

    “…they all voted against an amendment to prevent those on the FBI’s terror watch list from purchasing firearms.”

    The people on that list have not been convicted of anything. The Second Amendment is a RIGHT. Due process.