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  • Ed

    I still think it’s all a lot of hot air. The planet goes through normal cycles of warm and cold. There are people who will benefit by all this and are pushing for it.

  • JimmyChonga

    You should see all the fossils of sea crustaceans on my Texas ranch 250 miles from the coast – I guess the pre-historic SUVs at the time weren’t much for gas mileage. (I was always told, “you know where liars go when they die, so don’t tell a lie.” If these people think THIS place is hot . . . )

  • Ed,


    “Ignorance is not only what you do not know. It is also what you Won’t know.” – Aron Ra

    In the last 70 years Carbon in the atmosphere has climbed from 250 parts per billion, to 400 parts per billion. This is directly from burning fuel – a Man Made Event.
    The Global temperature IS RISING in direct proportion to the increase in Carbon and Methane – two gases which trap the heat of the sun into the atmosphere.
    Additionally, the oceans are absorbing Carbon which is turning into Carbonic Acid – a substance which is destroying coral reefs and shellfish.

    These are measurable events. Ignorance is inexcusable.

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  • Science not in

    We’ll see how Americans feel once their electric bills quadruple, and we all have to pay carbon taxes on just about everything. Meanwhile the elites and their U.N bureaucrats will live in luxury, as the rest of us are driven to live in squalor. This is what happens when the elites and certain government officials collaborate with grant-hungry sycophantic “scientists” and media lackeys to perpetuate their propaganda (see the “Climate Gate” Copenhagen e-mails of 2009). This is all in the name of ushering in a “post-industrial age,” which for most of us means regressing to the Dark Ages.