Trump v. God and Roger Ailes

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Trump Tower in Manhattan

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Trump Tower in Manhattan

Trump Tower in Manhattan

Trump Tower in Manhattan

You’ve got to hand it to Donald Trump. He’s the guy who can go toe to toe with both God and Roger Ailes and still win the Republican nomination.

“Get rid of the bitch!” he says to Ailes, “or I’m not coming to the table.” “Pretty please,” begs O’Reilly. “It’s me or your ratings,” says Trump. “You know what you can do with that microphone?”

As for God, sure, Trump concedes that the Bible is way bigger than The Art of the Deal, and even totes the Big Book around on the campaign trail. But does anyone believe it? Americans (according to Pew) think he’s less religious than Bernie Sanders, and Bernie’s an outright freakin’ atheist. Little wine, little cracker, little Falwell, hah!

And yet, he’s up to 41 percent with GOP voters.

I’m figuring the evangelicals see Trump as your basic Old Testicle, uh Testament, Figure. Like Abraham.

“Yo, God, a guy like you won’t  destroy Sodom if it’s got 50 righteous people.” How about 45?” “Thirty-five?” “Thirty?” “Twenty?” “Ten?”

“Okay 10.”

Now that was a deal.

  • opheliart

    In this Rolling Stone interview, Bernie Sanders’ Political Revolution, he is asked:
    Do you believe in God?
    Yeah, I do. I do. I’m not into organized religion. But I believe that what impacts you impacts me, that we are all united in one way or another. When children go hungry, I get impacted. When kids die because they can’t afford medicine, I get impacted. We are one world and one people. And that belief leads me to the conclusion that we just cannot turn our back on human suffering.

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  • Scott Shaver

    This author seems pretty convinced he can see into the heart of Trump and clearly discern his value or detriment to both God and the nation?

    Wonder how God actually sees Trump?

    There’s a reason professors are kept in classrooms.

  • Jack

    Scott, I don’t think Trump is anything like an enigma. Do you?

  • Doc Fox

    What troubles me about Trump is that he’s really rather like a Mussolini or Hitler in that he’s extremely egotistical and has a favorite lesser race to pick upon. He might also be rather likely to see and ability to regulate around Congress in a way that makes Obama look meek in that regard. And might he round up and imprison in camps all those Latino trespassers?

  • Doc Fox

    Pardon the typo above … ‘see AN ability’ not ‘see AND ablity’

  • Scott Shaver

    Certainly not an enigma, Jack, like some of the “Christians” who criticize him prior to casting the beams from their own eyes.

  • Jack

    My point, Scott, is that Trump is Trump and is the precise opposite of what the Bible depicts as a God-fearing or even a minimally decent human being. Just read Proverbs and Psalms about arrogant, boastful, and cruel people who claim they don’t need repentance.

    Everyone is a sinner. Got it. But the one sin that cannot be forgiven is the sin that denies one needs to be forgiven for anything. It is the brightest of red lights for any Christian with their eyes and ears open and their head on straight.

  • Jack

    I don’t know that Trump is a Mussolini or Hitler type, but I will note that Christians in Italy and Germany were duped by these tyrants for the same reason Christians in America are being duped by Trump. They are putting fear of man and pride of nation ahead of the Gospel. I love America, and I am not afraid to stand up to politically correct critiques of America, but I certainly don’t worship America.

    Christians are not supposed to be panicky or fearful. They are supposed to be beacons of life in a fear-stricken world.

    The problem is that Christians became fat and happy in America and are afraid of losing what they have. Imagine being a Christian imprisoned or the Gospel in some tyrannical country like China or Iran, hearing about their bovine-like, Twinkie-eating, Biblically illiterate brethren in America flocking to Trump. It’s grotesque and disgraceful.

  • Scott Shaver


    My point is that nowhere does the Bible command or promise that rulers will be “Christian”. Are we not to treat all mankind (both saved and lost) with equal civility?

    Proverbs and Psalms, like the rest of The Bible, were written primarily for Christian instruction and so the faithful could trace the historical self-disclosure of God.

    It’s not a VOTER GUIDE Jack.

    I get it, you hate Trump for his theologically sub-par statements and his perceived “evilness”. But you darn sure CANNOT, from the standpoint of politics, convince me that your view is either biblical or Christian. Just saying.