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  • drwho13

    A Carthusian monk once told me; “never trust a monk with your wife, or a Jesuit with your wallet. Hope it’s well spent.

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  • patrick

    Drwho13 –
    I like your correlation esp about the Jesuits.

    e.g. –

    ”’ “It was a nice surprise that both she had the resources and that she wanted to give it to the Jesuits for their youth and ministry. “ said Byrne, her longtime pastor. ”’

    For the Jesuits – “ youth and ministry “

    From the “ Seattle Times “, Mar 31, 2011

    “NW Jesuits to pay $166 million to abuse victims”

    “ In one of the largest monetary payouts nationwide in the Roman Catholic Church’s sexual-abuse crisis, and the largest one by a religious order, the Jesuits in the Northwest agreed to pay $166.1 million to about 500 abuse victims as part of its bankruptcy settlement. “
    “ Of the 500 victims, about 470 suffered sexual abuse. About two dozen others were physically abused. “

    What a tragedy – there are so many ethical non-religious charities who could indeed use Ms Kurzweil’s generous bequeath for the alleviation of children’s suffering….

  • drwho13

    Patrick- That’s why the abuse cover-up has gone on so long. You have good- hearted people giving to an institution full of snakes. They simply can’t accept the immoral underhanded tactics used by RRC. Inc. I know a little about the inner workings of this outfit as I was once in a religion order, and left after three years in major seminary.

    Here’s just one more current example:

    “Some things appear not to change, don’t they? Just as I had finished reading Diarmaid MacCulloch’s Silence, news broke that abuse survivor and member of the Vatican commission on abuse Peter Saunders had been pushed off the commission — apparently, because he has been too outspoken. As Paddy Agnew reports for The Irish Times, Saunders has recently been vocally critical of Pope Francis for reneging on a promise to attend meetings of the commission and address commission members’ questions about his handling of the abuse crisis in the Catholic church” (Bilgrimage- William D. Lindsey).

  • joechia

    Don’t worry , the Church founded by Jesus Christ will not be destroyed as He has said that . Mother Mary has revealed that there are many Priests and religious in Hell too, so do not worry.
    In the Bible, Jesus has given the parable of the weeds and the wheat, when its harvest time, the weeds will be separated from the wheat and burned.. Let God not be mocked.
    Anna Kurzweil has discerned well to donate to the Jesuits as she knows that a few rotten apple does not mean the whole barrel of apples is dammed. God will bless her.

  • drwho13

    “Don’t worry, the Church founded by Jesus Christ will not be destroyed as He has said that” (joechia).

    But I am worried because the Church is made-up of “The People of God” (including children), and they have already been destroyed by the priests that raped them and the bishops who have covered for them, so sad.

  • Ted

    You are right and Satan will have his influence, even to the point that it looks like he has won. But fear not, the Lord has victory. We need to never stop keeping our eyes on him and doing his will. We need to stop being influenced by people and their failures, that doesn’t change the authenticity of Christianity. The church will go through the passion just like our lord. We don’t quite understand this but it will happen. We need to stay and not run off like the apostles!

  • Ronnie

    Enough already. Yes, the church homosexual sex abuse scandal was an abomination and for that we must forever repent but the former Pope Benedict has assured us with his prohibition of men with deep seated homosexual tendencies (and the numbers prove him right with an average of just 8 accusations for the last five years) has rooted out this sin on our Church. And truly the ‘gates of Hell’ will never prevail against it no matter the sickening sins of some of it’s members.

  • patrick

    “ I know a little about the inner workings of this outfit as I was once in a religion order, and left after three years in major seminary. “

    In addition to studying the institutional RCC for 50+ yrs, I also know a priest, Fr Lorenzo (Larry) for 40 yrs. He was formerly #3 man at the Vatican Mission to the UN. I also got to know his boss, the Archbishop (later Cardinal) ,who was the Papal Nuncio to the UN.

    I learned a great deal about the inner workings of the Church up-to and including the Vatican from the above stated association.

    During the early yrs of Larry’s priesthood in northern Italy, his confessor was the Bishop of Vittorio Veneto, Albino Luciani. You may recognize the name – he went on to become Pope John Paul I.

    Below is a 1988 article (2 page) from the LA Times. Larry has had a rather colorful priesthood – and is still a priest in good standing with the Church. We communicate regularly.


  • patrick


    Sorry – the address didn’t print.


  • dana

    Ya,sure, maybe you would of prefered that she leave it to the animal shelters. I know of someone that did that, left ( $9 million ) to a dog shelter. This world is so sick! Those homo priest that molested children and teens were infultrated into the catholic church to do that and to try to destroy our Holy Catholic Church. May God have mercy on their souls and thank God for people like Ms Kurzweil.

  • drwho13

    Thanks Patrick, very interesting.

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