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  • Amazing “short notice” speech. President Jack Kennedy was born and bred to be a leader. At Harvard, Kennedy had Shesenger, Salenger and Teddy White writing his term papers, later his speeches. I wonder who wrote this memorable address for Bernie Sanders? correction Ted Sorenson and Robert Schesinger. TK

  • William Douglas

    Dear God,

    I don’t think this is how we are meant to live, watching all the people who serve us coffee, or help us at the check out stand at the grocery store, or our neighbors … living in worry and fear that if they get sick, they will be alone, they will go bankrupt when they can’t work and have to give all their money for any shred of dignity and healthcare as they whither away … and their spouse or children will lose their home … and the world will fall apart around them, leaving their children bewildered and alone in a hard hard world that will not care about them either when hardship befalls them.

    I pray we wake up, and turn to one another, and realize that profits and gain and the dream of vast wealth are a disease, not a way of living. I pray we wake up and see that only in sharing and caring for one another will we find any meaning in the world.

    I pray that we will not all feel so alone, so on the edge of disaster every day when we pull ourselves out of bed to…

  • J

    Bernie writes his own speeches.

  • God bless those who stand up for the weakest among us! Elect this man – he is the only true servant of the public – indeed the majority – on the ballot.

  • Larisa Lindemann

    Hmmm, maybe Bernie wrote it! If not it would still have to reflect his sentiments. This invite was short notice as u say so no surprise if he had assistance. Does not de-legitimize his message.

  • Kathy Bernfan

    As a proud Vermonter I am willing to bet that Bernie wrote that speech himself. If you enter his name on YouTube you will be able to see many of his speeches. His message has never changed. Since college he has been an activist, most especially as it pertains to income inequality, global climate and environmental issues, discrimination in every form, and is anti war. He walks the talk, and the speech sounds just like all of his speeches. He’s a wonderful man….I’ve met him on many occasions, as he has always made himself available.

  • ellunk denned

    That was a beautiful prayer.

  • ellunk denned

    This election cycle is making me wish I’d met Sanders a long time ago. He’s really the candidate I’ve been hoping for since I became “politically aware” as a young teen, decades ago. The more I learn about his record (which the media viciously distorts), and the more old C-SPAN videos I see of this eminently reasonable and honest person, the more I recognize how long overdue we are for this kind of change.

  • Bernie Sanders Is Liked by Many from other than the USA. The Pope has an Interest for those in the entire Planet. Sanders speaks his mind and without concern of Special Interest. You can disagree with him but at the same time I find him easy to help find solutions.

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  • Sam

    I am willing to bet Bernie wrote all of it. This is very much like one of his regular stump speeches.

  • ABC printed news report had Bernie Sanders working on his “yellow pad” speech as he flew to the Vatican. TK

  • M. DeVries

    Our duty in this world is to help others not ourselves. I am so pleased the Vatican saw fit to ask Senator Sanders to speak to this topic. I am highly saddened that the news media has marginalized this important moral event by nearly ignoring it. I had to do a search as the headlines are enveloped with Donald Trump (ugh!) and the Clinton dynasty. I am praying for Sanders to win as I believe he is of high moral character. This is why I voted for Barack Obama and cheered happily upon the selection of Pope Francis. We need strong moral leadership to save our world from spiraling into a taskmaster abyss abiding to a few self indulging mega-wealths. We also need to, as individuals, do our part to help our own situations and rally around good causes. God bless

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  • Excellent. It appears the art of oration is not lost. I will not be watching this speech. I prefer to have read it and can hear ny internal voice speaking eloquent words. I don’t care much about Bernie Sanders, however, I do love his ideas, platform, and vision my beloved country.


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  • Emily


  • Walter

    This man is amazing. And no matter how this election goes he has changed the landscape of the political field. He has changed our perception of what a politician should be. Bernie started the revolution but there are many young people that will pick up his torch if he falters and make his dreams come to fruition sooner than later. I’m proud to be a Vermonter and I’m proud to have voted for him many times because it shows that I have the compassion and ideals that Bernie has and that puts me in pretty good company.

  • roger

    can I copy this and paste it…so others can read your words?