The Slingshot:  Trump and Muslim profiling, Orthodox Council and displaced people



Need to know: 06/20/2016

Targeting religion

Trump suggests ‘profiling’ Muslims

“I hate the concept of profiling,” Trump said but added: “we have to start using common sense.” More from Religion News Service

Not quite pan-Orthodox

Orthodox Churches council opens on Crete despite Russia’s absence

The Russian Orthodox Church’s decision to stay away highlights longstanding divisions among Orthodox Christians. More from BBC News

Running on empty

Record 65 million displaced by global conflicts, U.N. says

While most are displaced within their own countries, an unprecedented number seek political asylum in safer countries.  More from

Interfaith challenged

Pastor harassed over sign supporting Muslims

One caller to the Dallastown, Pa., church called Islam "godless" and the church’s “blessed Ramadan” sign "despicable." More from USA TODAY

Struggling for acceptance

Muslim attitudes about LBGT are complex

After Orlando, some Muslims say they see an opening to address anti-gay attitudes. More from Religion News Service


Bonus tracks

Guardian angels

Angels quietly block Westboro protesters at Orlando funeral

Anti-gay signs were met by counter-protesters who blocked them out with a powerful symbol: angel wings. More from NBC News

A sense of unease

In Fort Pierce, some Muslims are anxious about what comes next

People yell obscenities at Muslims going in and out of the Islamic Center Omar Mateen attended, and kids who used to play soccer are urged indoors. More from

An end to terror?

Bangladesh police shoot dead militant who allegedly murdered bloggers, gays

A militant, known only as Sharif, killed two gay rights activists, four other bloggers and a publisher, police say. More from Religion News Service

Hanging by a thread

A prayer to the Supreme Court: Keep immigrant families together

In a ruling due this month, the U.S. Supreme Court could dash the hopes of thousands we should be proud to claim as Americans, says a Catholic nun. More from Religion News Service

Not just Iran

Israeli mayor ordered to remove offensive ‘modesty signs’ once and for all

Some signs in Beit Shemesh instruct women to wear long sleeves, long skirts and no tight-fitting clothing. More from