Beyonce in Montreal - Photo courtesy Nat Ch Villa via Wikimedia Commons (

Beyoncé and the State of your Soul

Because she is the most amazing human specimen ever to walk the earth, Beyoncé dropped an entire album yesterday with no warning, marketing, or pre-sale hype. “Beyoncé” is her fifth solo LP, including collaborations with Drake, Michelle Williams, and Frank Ocean, among others. Bey being Bey, this isn’t just any old album. “Beyoncè” is a “visual album:”  for each song, there is an accompanying video released simultaneously. The album doesn’t bring much new in terms of Bey’s sound–electro-synth R&B dominates, and it is (mostly) eminently danceable.

Black Friday sales

Black Friday: craving bargains and the desire to be whole

This craving, this desire to fill ourselves with “things” is often a mask, a recognition that we are hollow on the inside, that there is something in us that is calling out to be fulfilled. That craving, however, is often not about things, but an opening in the heart that can only be filled by the love of another that makes us whole.