Special coverage of the life and legacy of Billy Graham

COLUMBIA, Mo. — In the wake of the death of Billy Graham, America's most famous evangelist, Religion News Service is offering a comprehensive array of stories and commentary on his extraordinary life and more than half century of ministry.  

“Billy Graham literally went to the ends of the earth to preach the Gospel for over 50 years,” said Tom Gallagher, CEO & Publisher, Religion News Service.  “And preaching the Gospel was simply the air he breathed,” Gallagher said.  For decades RNS editors and writers covered Graham and his peripatetic ministry.

RNS, a trusted name in religion reporting, has assembled a package that explores — in words and photographs — all aspects of Graham’s pioneering career in evangelism and Christian media.

Beyond a nuanced obituary, RNS reporters have written about Graham's interfaith work, the music of his ministry, his relationship with his family, and more. Commentators remember their personal experiences with Graham, and assess his legacy.

RNS is still adding to its list of stories and commentaries about Billy Graham, which are collected as they are published at religionnews.com. Here is a sampling:

RNS-GRAHAM-OBIT: Billy Graham, America’s pre-eminent evangelist, dies at 99
(RNS) — Billy Graham, a religious phenomenon who became a household name and preached to multitudes of people across the globe, died Wednesday (Feb. 21) after more than a half-century of ministry. By Adelle M. Banks and Alicia C. Shepard.

RNS-GRAHAM-REACT: Graham recalled as fearless preacher, media pioneer
(RNS) — Clergy, lay leaders and others react to Graham’s death in the hours after his passing. By Adelle Banks.

RNS-GRAHAM-TIMELINE: Timeline of Billy Graham’s life
(RNS) — A timeline of key dates in the life of Billy Graham.

RNS-GRAHAM-CITIES: Billy Graham, evangelist extraordinaire
(RNS) — A list of cities where Graham had significant crusades, including New York, Los Angeles and London.

RNS-GRAHAM-HYMN: ‘Just As I Am’ was Graham’s signature hymn
(RNS) — For evangelist Billy Graham, it all came down to the “invitation,” the climactic point at the end of his crusades when he invited people to leave their seats and “make a decision for Christ.” And it wouldn’t be a Billy Graham invitation without “Just As I Am,” the slow-moving, soul-moving hymn that accompanied millions down the aisle and became Graham’s signature anthem and title of his 1997 autobiography. By Kevin Eckstrom.

RNS-GRAHAM-INTERFAITH: Graham’s interfaith legacy: bright, few blemishes
(RNS) — When the National Archives released audiotapes in 2002 that revealed evangelist Billy Graham making anti-Semitic remarks during a conversation with President Richard Nixon, the incident slightly tarnished an otherwise rosy history between Graham and non-Christian colleagues. By Holly Lebowitz Rossi.

RNS-GRAHAM-DALLAS: In Dallas, remembering Billy Graham as fellow congregant
(RNS) — The legendary evangelist was born and died in North Carolina, the state that is still home to his Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. But Texans know that he was also a proud member of Dallas’ First Baptist Church for more than 54 years. Why did Graham maintain his ties with a church so long, and so far from home? By Bobby Ross Jr.

RNS-GRAHAM-INSIDERS: Graham ministry was a team effort
(RNS) — Evangelist Billy Graham may have been the name and face behind the microphone on many a crusade stage, but the “team members” who joined him on and off that stage were an integral part of his ministry. Some of the principal members of his team reflected on their experiences with Graham in interviews with Religion News Service. By Adelle M. Banks.

RNS-GRAHAM-RUDIN: Graham, an evangelistic `Lion in Winter’
NEW YORK (RNS) — Politicians have a “Last Hurrah.” Athletes take a “Victory Lap.” For Billy Graham, who announced his 2005 New York crusade would be his last, it was a “Last Hallelujah.” Graham was a “Lion in Winter” who did not easily surrender to the inevitable. By A. James Rudin.

Because of Billy Graham, the world will never be the same
DALLAS (RNS) — Today we mourn the passing of Billy Graham, whom we remember as a man who faithfully and fervently served God in his generation. As a result, the world — and countless millions he reached — will never be the same. By A. Larry Ross.


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