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David Yonke

David Yonke is the editor and community manager of ToledoFAVS. A veteran reporter, editor, and author, his name is familiar name to many area readers for his many years at The Blade newspaper including the last 12 years as religion editor.

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Christian group to turn former abortion clinic into memorial garden

By David Yonke — October 14, 2014
(RNS) The new owners bought the center at a real estate auction for $61,000 and plan to demolish the building and turn the grounds into a green space with benches and possibly a waterfall or fountain.

After battling addictions, Creed frontman Scott Stapp renews his faith

By David Yonke — April 11, 2014
(RNS) Creed frontman Scott Stapp speaks with enthusiasm about reclaiming his life and his relationship with God. He is overjoyed to have escaped death and seeks to “pay my experience forward by helping others.”

Thrivent Financial is no longer for Lutherans only

By David Yonke — March 28, 2014
(RNS) The company chose to use the Apostles' Creed -- a statement of Christian belief dating back to the 4th century -- as the determining factor in whether a person is eligible to join Thrivent.

Pope Francis’ Conn. appointment draws criticism

By David Yonke — November 4, 2013
TOLEDO, Ohio (RNS) With little more than six months on the job, Francis has named nearly a dozen bishops in the U.S., and because bishops are charged with implementing a pope's vision for the global church, many observers are looking to see who Francis names as bishops and cardinals.

Exonerated inmates push Ohio to scrap the death penalty

By David Yonke — October 23, 2013
TOLEDO, Ohio (RNS) As a state task force reviews the administration of the death penalty in Ohio, a man who spent 15 years on death row said lawmakers “should not be looking at fixing the death penalty; they should be looking to get rid of it.”

Cancer diagnosis gives second life to Carman’s music career

By David Yonke — May 31, 2013
(RNS) Once one of the biggest names in Christian music, Carman had been rejected by every Christian music label in the last 12 or 13 years. It was only after he went public about his terminal illness that the 57-year-old singer-songwriter discovered he still had an audience.

Mosque arsonist Randolph Linn sentenced to 20 years

By David Yonke — April 17, 2013
TOLEDO, Ohio (RNS) An Indiana truck driver was sentenced to 20 years in prison and ordered to pay $1.4 million for setting fire to a Toledo-area mosque, a crime that the judge likened to Monday’s Boston Marathon bombings as “assaults on the American spirit.”

Judge rejects bid to withdraw guilty plea in mosque arson

By David Yonke — March 22, 2013
TOLEDO, Ohio (RNS) A federal judge said an Indiana man was fully competent when he pleaded guilty to federal arson charges related to a Sept. 30 fire at the Islamic Center of Greater Toledo.

Indiana man seeks to withdraw guilty plea in Ohio mosque arson

By David Yonke — January 23, 2013
TOLEDO, Ohio (RNS) Randolph Linn, the Indiana truck driver who pleaded guilty last month to federal arson and related crimes committed at the Islamic Center of Greater Toledo, has asked to withdraw his plea.

Truck driver pleads guilty to setting Ohio mosque on fire

By David Yonke — December 21, 2012
TOLEDO, Ohio (RNS) An Indiana man who said he gets all his information about Islam from talk radio and Fox News has pleaded guilty to setting fire to a mosque in September, but local Muslims voiced concern there may be more people like him out there. By David Yonke.

Racing reverend puts faith into 750-horsepower dragster

By David Yonke — November 26, 2012

BOWLING GREEN, Ohio (RNS) Until his recent retirement, the Rev. Dale Schaefer spent most Sunday mornings wearing vestments and leading worship services at St. Mark's Lutheran Church. Whenever he had a day off, the soft-spoken preacher would slip a helmet over his gray hair, don a racing suit, and climb into the cockpit of a 750-horsepower dragster he built from the ground up. By David Yonke.

Female Lutheran pastor mounts uphill bid for Ohio congressional seat

By David Yonke — October 31, 2012

TOLEDO, Ohio (RNS) The Rev. Angela Zimmann is an ordained Lutheran minister and is believed to be the only female minister running for Congress this year. By David Yonke.

‘Extreme Makeover’ family has a call to ‘change the world’

By David Yonke — October 10, 2012

TOLEDO, Ohio (RNS) Aaron and Jackie Frisch had more than their 15 minutes of fame when ABC's "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" built them a dream home four years ago. Ever since then, they've been carrying out an extreme makeover of their own, with 25 children in the extended brood. Call it Extreme Makeover: Family Addition. By David Yonke.

Mosque in Toledo, Ohio scorched by arson

By David Yonke — October 2, 2012

TOLEDO, Ohio (RNS) Muslim worshippers are reeling from an arson fire at the Islamic Center of Greater Toledo, but are grateful for an outpouring of support from the local interfaith community. By David Yonke.

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